Crosman M4-177 - Airgun Reporter Episode #83

Unfortunately, we ...
Tue Feb 18 16:57:18 EST 2014

Unfortunately, we are not able to send scopes to Canada, but you can call Airgun Source and they will be able to help you - (1-800-565-9527) 
By pyramydair

Hey this gun doesnt ...
Sun Feb 22 00:04:32 EST 2015

Hey this gun doesnt suck if you get a scope ive killed foxes with this thing it is amazing ive killed foxes within a range of like 45 to 60 yards yours just might not have been maufactured cporectly
By ashadowardon aghostly

Tried 4 different ...
Fri Mar 20 18:41:52 EDT 2015

Tried 4 different kind of pellets in mine so far and it wont even group 1 1/2 inches at 15 yards, through two different scopes that shoot fine on my buddy's powerline 880.Bought it just to play around with while deciding on what rifle i really wanted. Bought a Benjamin 392, and regularly hit small spinners and empty shotgun shells at 20 yards with open sights. Maybe my m4-177 is a lemon.If you cant even count on hitting a starling at 15 yds, then its junk. 
By GWP53

Can I add extra ...
Sun Sep 28 23:21:24 EDT 2014

Can I add extra picatinny rail on top of the forearm?
By KyranSparda

Pyramydairs Website ...
Tue Mar 17 05:29:24 EDT 2015

Pyramydairs Website is confusing to me. Its so easy to order from Airgun Depot.
By Pikeman50

Cool gun 
Sat Mar 07 22:44:19 EST 2015

Cool gun 
By Alex Palma Day

I purchased one for ...
Sun Apr 26 18:16:03 EDT 2015

I purchased one for myself for Christmas. It actually feels very "AR" compared to my real ones, aside from the weight. I can confirm that the Predator Pellets are BY FAR, the most accurate out of all the pellets I've sent through it. So much so that they will handle all my pest needs exclusively. This review is right on the money based on the rifle I received. It's a great multi-pump.
By bigdogbuc

Guys this ...
Thu Dec 25 01:14:39 EST 2014

Guys this particular gun has half of the real M4 parts inside,here is the prove:
By Alexander Xristov

So if your shooting ...
Sun Sep 07 14:32:05 EDT 2014

So if your shooting bbs do you need the 5 Clip added on
By Rory Stadler

์No good
Sun Aug 10 06:10:07 EDT 2014

์No good
By Rongz Patcharins

I have this air ...
Mon Feb 23 12:54:49 EST 2015

I have this air rifle and i think its great for the price, i bought mine for $50 in the tan/black version as a kit and even though the kit was missing the pellets, i contacted Crosman and they sent the missing pellets, Great customer service! I've been getting quarter sized groupings with the iron sights, but then again i'm still a beginner
By vtvinny333

You don't have to ...
Tue Aug 12 11:25:35 EDT 2014

You don't have to put in the pellet clip to fire bbs
By Redneck 4600

Já vendeu este ...
Wed Apr 09 09:12:41 EDT 2014

Já vendeu este produto para o Brasil sem problemas?
By Adilson Hobby

Only D-bags roll ...
Mon Dec 15 21:49:45 EST 2014

Only D-bags roll their sleeves up!
By Turd Cutter

Shooting bb's with ...
Tue Aug 12 11:30:56 EDT 2014

Shooting bb's with the Corpsman M4-177 it can kill a rabait with 10 pumps. 
By Redneck 4600

Great review, I had ...
Fri Aug 08 14:30:25 EDT 2014

Great review, I had no idea this was such an accurate, capable air gun. I was fortunate enough to get one on sale at Canadian Tire last week for a mere $59! Still haven't tried it yet as I need to make room in my basement first. Apparently Calgary cops are gung-ho in playing cowboys at anyone using even an air gun at their yards. Not the sort of experience I want my kids to witness. Anyone think cops are allowed too much power to play cops and robbers? That they use an excuse to play cowboys/swat/war hero on someone shooting pellets at targets in his backyard? Anyway, if shooting these in my basement will keep some "hero" from stepping on my neck while pointing a real gun at my head and terrifying my kids, so be it. Thanks for a great review. Now gotta locate a cheap scope and a laser pointer.
By Slakass55

VERY accurate with ...
Thu Mar 27 21:57:47 EDT 2014

VERY accurate with BBs and pellets!! I have shot over a 1000 shots with this rifle...People complain about it being all plastic.. ITS AN AIR RIFLE! I wouldn't want local law enforcement to think it was real
By Greg Inman

This gun is plastic ...
Wed Mar 12 22:10:04 EDT 2014

This gun is plastic & feels cheap, but I have fun with it and have killed squirrels at 13 yards. 
By Joe King

The accuracy, ...
Mon Mar 24 00:02:31 EDT 2014

The accuracy, especially with the Predator Polymags, was really impressive. The polymags are my favorite pest killers, but they group pretty large. Nice.
By bigdogbuc

If only my arm ...
Mon Feb 10 05:09:39 EST 2014

If only my arm would allow me to pump it. Guess I've got to stick with pcp's.
By Ryan Bennett

Minecraftmaniac ...
Thu Jan 30 22:36:31 EST 2014

Minecraftmaniac only Steel bbs screw up the rifling in the the barrel not copper bbs I thought u would know that 
By Paul Coker

muito bom!!!
Sun Nov 17 18:48:35 EST 2013

muito bom!!!

nobody uses pump ...
Tue Jul 01 20:41:41 EDT 2014

nobody uses pump rifles anymore maybe 20 years ago

its a nice looking ...
Tue Jan 07 21:46:13 EST 2014

its a nice looking air gun but the biggest drawback is that you have to pump it 10 times just to fire it 1 time it just too much work to fire and enjoy. I have the older brother to the new M4-177 its the Crosmen 66 POWERMASTER use's the same platform of BB's and pellets. the pellets load the same way through the side of the body and the BB's load the same way this gun is a good starter gun for young kids like 11 to 14 years of age . I bought mine along time ago for me its a good gun to mess with then give it away to some 1 who's willing to pump it 10 times per shot after shooting this gun for 45 mins. to an hour and 15 mins. you start to feel it in your arm. its pretty accurate for a cheap multi pump with a plastic stock and body I currently am in to using the single pump pellet guns they offer more power and come in .177 cal. and .22 cal. . you fire 10 rounds through the M4-177 and in the same amount of time I can fire 21 to 26 through my GAMO Varment Hunter and bearly feel it after an hour of shooting. I would give this gun a rating of 3 comparing it to other air guns but in its own class of multi pumps I'd have to give it a rating of 10.
By WCC paintboss BULLIT

Paul, great reviews ...
Fri Mar 14 00:18:02 EDT 2014

Paul, great reviews! Some of plinkings best. In your safe shooting practices you mention not to point *air* guns at anyone.. Please add "or real firearms as well." It would also be great if you ask people to not point guns at *pets* either! There are many unsupervised kids (young and old) who think it might be "fun" or "harmless" to shoot cats and dogs :( Lets not shoot ANY ANIMALS unless there is a *REAL NEED* for pest control and/or hunting!! Try shooting yourself in the foot. IT HURTS!! I should know, I have ;) Thanks Paul. Great reviews!!
By Mr Nice

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