Colt Combat Special - Airgun Reporter Episode #84

Yah n it cost $ ...
Thu May 22 16:11:08 EDT 2014

Yah n it cost $99.99 on their site lol
By Eren Yager

What a piece of ...
Sun Aug 17 14:03:34 EDT 2014

What a piece of crap
By gearman

You CAN put a scope ...
Thu Jun 19 14:06:33 EDT 2014

You CAN put a scope on it!!!
By Jan S

Yea quite possibly ...
Tue Aug 28 19:08:26 EDT 2012

Yea quite possibly a bad batch couldnt find much on the net about the fault at the time, as said i was very disappointed. Simply because of how much i liked the pistol and i was reluctant to return it because of that. Shame really.
By GTRaiDer

@Pyramydair, What ...
Wed Mar 27 16:47:15 EDT 2013

@Pyramydair, What are the compatible accessories (flashlights, lasers, etc) for this pistol on your website??
By Manny Cruz

you guys should do ...
Mon Aug 27 23:59:49 EDT 2012

you guys should do a review of the crosman phantom 1000x.
By 33masong

Hi. I love to watch ...
Tue Aug 28 22:31:47 EDT 2012

Hi. I love to watch your videos but I feel like the older videos were more natural and informative. I sort of feel like the new ones are becoming sales pitchs. Just my opinion.
By SCX427

if you like your ...
Wed Nov 07 01:06:39 EST 2012

if you like your 1911 in metal and wood go for the Colt1911 100 Years edition... thats some pellet gut...
By 37238315692

Fri Jun 14 20:45:29 EDT 2013

By cameron roach

Logitech z-5500 ...
Tue Jul 16 14:38:15 EDT 2013

Logitech z-5500 spotted :D
By TheJoe971

how much kick does ...
Wed Jun 12 20:19:16 EDT 2013

how much kick does it have
By cameron roach

You probably wont ...
Tue Aug 28 10:55:22 EDT 2012

You probably wont hurt yourself while adjusting your rear sight. Inexperienced people might, though. The torque required is not even the important part. You can slip very easily off any slotted screw, and you will probably be having your other hand right next to the sight while adjusting it, causing risk of injury. It not neccessary to be having that risk, and thats why they are obsolete.
By Account3of7

i was thinking the ...
Sun Sep 16 14:32:47 EDT 2012

i was thinking the same
By megalizardfreak

I like your pellet ...
Tue Aug 28 06:34:56 EDT 2012

I like your pellet trap. Using the spray insulation. I prefer a metal buit gun.
By rob kuhnke

Wed Aug 29 07:16:47 EDT 2012

By SCX427

Sorry you feel that ...
Wed Aug 29 01:29:55 EDT 2012

Sorry you feel that way. I am an independent producer. My opinions as always, are my own. If you have any questions about the products I review, don't hesitate to ask here. -Paul
By Paul Capello

well they are ...
Tue Oct 08 13:44:47 EDT 2013

well they are airgun dealers there jobs are to sell not to bad there products...what would you say if that was yours and someone reply to your ad on craigslist for example....its shit dont buy it! lol atleast hes giving up the triggers not proper on it
By Larry Williams

this is not a 1911 ...
Tue Aug 28 03:43:31 EDT 2012

this is not a 1911 trigger
By Μαριος Ζ.

I haven't shot the ...
Tue Aug 28 11:58:55 EDT 2012

I haven't shot the Tangfolio, but maybe I'll get ny hands on one soon.
By Paul Capello

Which would you say ...
Tue Aug 28 11:45:19 EDT 2012

Which would you say is better. This colt or the full metal tanfoglio witness 1911?
By Chris Davis

Why would one still ...
Tue Aug 28 07:10:13 EDT 2012

Why would one still use slotted screws!? Get with the times and use hex, torx, or Philips screws, that reduce the risk of slipping and damaging your stuff or hurting yourself. No wonder these are discontinued, at least in Germany.
By Account3of7

I what that gun so ...
Mon May 06 17:23:20 EDT 2013

I what that gun so bad
By Dominic Dunion

is it all metal???
Tue Nov 06 18:14:44 EST 2012

is it all metal???
By alex garcia

Personally I'd ...
Tue Aug 28 11:42:31 EDT 2012

Personally I'd rather have a sight I can adjust easily in the field with the dull side of a pocket knife than one needing a Torx® driver or a jeweler's Phillips.
By Paul Capello

Aww i had this ...
Tue Aug 28 12:08:09 EDT 2012

Aww i had this pistol is a beauty. Only problem was the valve on the top of the magazine was faulty an kept getting stuck open allowing all the co2 to escape after only 4/5 shots. Despite numerous replacments the problem remained. In the end i ended up returning it an getting my money back. Was very disappointed as i really liked the gun. :(. Nice review tho!
By GTRaiDer

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