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    ASG STI Duty One - Airgun Reporter Episode #85

    4.739999771118164(39,576 views)

    You do a superb job ...
    Thu Sep 06 08:34:29 EDT 2012

    You do a superb job reviewing air rifles and pistols. Significant points are well and fairly covered. Well done !
    By NSNorfolk

    Great job Paul. I ...
    Wed Sep 05 11:19:10 EDT 2012

    Great job Paul. I think I am doing a good job with my channel. Then I look at yours and feel like a complete amateur again. ATB Malc CPTV
    By CountryPursuitsTV

    I removed my last ...
    Sat Sep 08 00:37:54 EDT 2012

    I removed my last reply, because I don't want to clutter up this comment section with stuff that should go in other areas. Cheers
    By Katfellow

    nice blowback ! ...
    Wed Oct 10 10:13:39 EDT 2012

    nice blowback ! ougta get one too :D
    By JHead82

    Wed Sep 05 08:58:18 EDT 2012

    By Funaki .Chidori

    I ordered some ...
    Thu Sep 06 13:23:44 EDT 2012

    I ordered some stuff from you guys last week. How long does it take to process orders & get them delivered?
    By Katfellow

    I picked this gun ...
    Tue Sep 17 07:38:20 EDT 2013

    I picked this gun up a few months ago it's pretty nice.
    By miketheknife2

    Thu Sep 06 19:21:29 EDT 2012

    By theytubemania

    See im not gonna ...
    Sat Jan 05 20:13:39 EST 2013

    See im not gonna buy a weak bb shooter Right now there's only one pistol BB gun that shoots 550 fps , its the strongest co2 bb gun im not gonna buy a real looking co2 pistol that shoots 300 or even 400 fps when there's one that shoots 550.
    By TruthLoverofgod

    How can I ...
    Thu Apr 18 15:35:15 EDT 2013

    How can I dissasemble it?
    By pcgamer154

    You guys should ...
    Sun Oct 07 04:37:01 EDT 2012

    You guys should review the Daisy Avanti Champion 499.
    By TheMickmerciless

    what is that model ...
    Fri May 17 23:08:15 EDT 2013

    what is that model ? (550 fps)
    By Mark Hamilton

    It's not so much ...
    Thu Sep 13 21:04:54 EDT 2012

    It's not so much that they are "bad"...You have to remember that the trigger pull of BB repeaters is serving two functions: Feeding a BB from the mag into the chamber and releasing/cocking the hammer. HTH -Paul
    By Paul Capello

    The best trigger ...
    Wed May 08 20:53:23 EDT 2013

    The best trigger you will find is on the Tanfoglio Witness 1911. This is by far the best Co2 replica .177 on the planet. Way better than the STI,
    By Vince C

    looks awesome!
    Wed Sep 05 18:54:16 EDT 2012

    looks awesome!
    By Craig Banach

    Thank you Paul for ...
    Wed Oct 02 22:45:26 EDT 2013

    Thank you Paul for this awesome review really helped me with picking the right gun
    By Ullmans9

    In the video, he is ...
    Thu Aug 29 15:06:48 EDT 2013

    In the video, he is using 5.1 grain BB's. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team
    By pyramydair

    perfect ...
    Wed Sep 05 09:14:08 EDT 2012

    perfect presentation!
    By dannythedog79

    it means it will ...
    Wed Sep 04 09:56:12 EDT 2013

    it means it will shoot more than 400 fps if 4.0 grains used. thanks
    By scandi navus

    is it just me or ...
    Sat Sep 08 14:43:24 EDT 2012

    is it just me or doe these co2 pistol have realy realy bad triggers
    By Roland Colavizza

    Review was great as ...
    Wed Sep 05 14:21:58 EDT 2012

    Review was great as usual, but summer is very near to ending, and hunting season is starting soon so why not review a bunch of hunting rifles like break barrels pcps underlevers etc. instead of any co2 guns.
    By Airgun Hunter

    first thing i want ...
    Wed Sep 05 12:47:21 EDT 2012

    first thing i want to know is FPS!...........if i don't like the fps,all those stats,facts,details,etc.,are meaningless to my search....1st.fps. 2nd.ft.pounds of energy 3rd.price. 4th.the stuff you said 1st......thank you!
    By Phil Richey

    does anybody know ...
    Mon Aug 12 05:15:30 EDT 2013

    does anybody know the Daisy bb weight he uses?
    By scandi navus

    As always great ...
    Wed Sep 05 21:11:26 EDT 2012

    As always great reviews !!!
    By Little Holmes

    A great gun i got ...
    Sun Jul 21 13:28:26 EDT 2013

    A great gun i got it yesterday and the results seemed similar to me. But the only down falls are that it shreds through the CO2 and the trigger is hard to pull but it is very powerful for a handgun!
    By Sozzy Muncher

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