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    Walther Lever Action air rifle - Airgun Reporter Episode #89

    4.820000171661377(78,809 views)

    has anyone tested ...
    Mon Feb 23 18:10:15 EST 2015

    has anyone tested the proton 3x 88g air replacement cylinder for the 88g co2 cylinder. i am using one in my walther lever action rifle. i dont like co2. i never shoot over 300 shots. the co2 leaks out over night. i like the 3x. the cylinder can be pumped to 200bar. but it seems the walther wont operate with a pressure over 95bar. i get about 60 good shots at 95bar.. has anyone got the walther to work with over 100bar?
    By robert fletcher

    will it kill a bird ...
    Fri Jun 06 19:01:20 EDT 2014

    will it kill a bird?
    By Theodore .Redwolf

    Very good gun, i ...
    Thu Dec 18 10:43:47 EST 2014

    Very good gun, i have shot maybe 250 rounds through mine now, 0 problems mechanically, except that for some reason i could not use my old 88g CO2 flask i had laying around, it is maybe ten years old and has a muzzle that is too short to fit the rifle The only thing that could make this gun better is a larger magazine and slightly taller fiberoptic sights Also i sort of want a straighter stock with a soft butt
    By VicariousReality7

    Hi Sir. At 5:58 or ...
    Wed Nov 12 15:07:35 EST 2014

    Hi Sir. At 5:58 or so, you say something that sounds like "I removed the globe on the front side". English not being my first language and as I dot know the first thing about rifles, could you explain to me what was removed? Thank you.
    By Luce Sainte-Marie

    Dear Santa....
    Wed Aug 27 20:41:42 EDT 2014

    Dear Santa....
    By Mile-Hi Aviation | HD Aviation Content

    Make it PCP... And ...
    Wed Nov 26 19:47:23 EST 2014

    Make it PCP... And Sweet Jesus...
    By KyranSparda

    Sat Oct 04 00:13:33 EDT 2014

    By Santiago Linares Alfonso

    What kind of rest ...
    Mon Mar 31 22:05:46 EDT 2014

    What kind of rest do you use in your videos? where can I get one?
    By Daniel Flynn

    Very nice review! ...
    Tue Jul 29 13:08:11 EDT 2014

    Very nice review! The only thing I do not like about this rifle is it's tiny appearance (especially the mid parts). I was looking forward to it very long, but when I saw it in the store it looked like a toy next to some brake barrel rifles. Does it have the scale of the original one?
    By DistillersChoice

    I have a winchester ...
    Wed May 21 01:44:37 EDT 2014

    I have a winchester 30-30 that is exactly like this except it shoots bullets
    By Branson Stewart

    if buying as im in ...
    Sun Jan 12 11:25:25 EST 2014

    if buying as im in the uk, what advantages has the 88grm over 12 grm; ie; do they leak less if not used a while,Are the newer ones made better, less problems ? 
    By Alan Higgins

    2:15 Oh good, i was ...
    Sun Jul 13 18:08:24 EDT 2014

    2:15 Oh good, i was afraid it was chinese crap, it seemed so cheap Based on this and the very positive reviews... and that i have a useless 88g bulb lying around i will get one soon
    By VicariousReality7

    i have a real 1894 ...
    Mon Dec 02 10:12:14 EST 2013

    i have a real 1894 in 45 70 gov
    By james burke

    We do not carry ...
    Mon Jul 22 14:30:49 EDT 2013

    We do not carry those. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team
    By pyramydair

    Awesome! I've been ...
    Thu Mar 28 14:49:37 EDT 2013

    Awesome! I've been waiting for you guys to do a review on this gun!
    By truepaganini

    Another great video ...
    Mon Apr 01 11:15:45 EDT 2013

    Another great video! Keep up the good work...
    By TheRuralBiker

    how many shots ...
    Sun Jun 23 14:56:17 EDT 2013

    how many shots would you get from a new 88 g co2 captuel?? and how much does the 88g co2 captuel cost??
    By charlieminecraft1999

    Its one stunning ...
    Sat Mar 30 08:15:34 EDT 2013

    Its one stunning gun but overpriced
    By Brahma Astra

    Why would this gun ...
    Thu Mar 28 16:01:37 EDT 2013

    Why would this gun cost $500 its not even a pressure air gun
    By Brandon Greenday

    Wow, I guess some ...
    Wed May 15 22:30:43 EDT 2013

    Wow, I guess some people will pay anything if they want it huh? I can get a fucking Sig for that price. What a joke.
    By phantomshtter

    Do the weihrauch ...
    Thu Mar 28 12:55:12 EDT 2013

    Do the weihrauch HW90. In .22 cal. No one ever does gas rams
    By Wv Airgunner

    did Pyramydair sell ...
    Mon Jun 24 19:42:39 EDT 2013

    did Pyramydair sell the 2x 12g co2 adaptor? The adaptor that replace the 88g capsule? it as the same shape as the 88g, but can contain two 12g co2 bottles
    By cadwarrior

    This review is ...
    Thu Mar 28 19:24:36 EDT 2013

    This review is exactly what I had asked you, especially for this steel finish version...thanks so much Paul!
    By Valerio Minora

    It's pronounced ...
    Sat Jul 06 20:11:58 EDT 2013

    It's pronounced wall-ther, but other than that great review of a very well crafted rifle
    By Brady Moore

    VALL ther??
    Mon Jul 22 03:01:13 EDT 2013

    VALL ther??
    By Jacob Magnuts

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