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    ASG Bersa Thunder 9 Pro BB Pistol - Airgun Reporter Episode #92

    • 5   ( 10,652 views )

    • Can you do a review ...
      Wed Apr 24 17:46:33 EDT 2013

      Can you do a review on the official gamo bull whsiper

    • Do you ship to uk? ...
      Thu May 09 14:11:53 EDT 2013

      Do you ship to uk? Because i know buying is usually face to face here, And are your guns legal here as I know there is certain fps limits before a license Is needed to own them, thanks! P.s I love your videos, they are very informative

    • Awesome video
      Wed May 08 10:52:23 EDT 2013

      Awesome video

    • I had the MP40 and ...
      Fri Apr 26 18:49:49 EDT 2013

      I had the MP40 and its a pretty accurate. Its also cheap. But its made entirely of plastic. I sold it a few months ago for $30. Its very accurate which is suprising.

    • can you review the ...
      Wed Apr 24 13:57:24 EDT 2013

      can you review the s&w m&p40? I am planning on buying it and wanna see how it performs before I buy it.
      ByAlex Lovato

    • Paul i like your ...
      Thu Apr 25 16:24:32 EDT 2013

      Paul i like your voice... somehow smooth
      ByGlobe Trotter

    • Pyramid air do you ...
      Thu May 02 20:03:13 EDT 2013

      Pyramid air do you think you can check out my latest video about my air rifle that stopped working? I need some help, I appreciate it.

    • Hi Paul, This is ...
      Thu Apr 25 19:03:23 EDT 2013

      Hi Paul, This is one of the best reviews I've ever seen. Great details and video. SUBSCRIBED. GOING TO VISIT YOUR SITE. Hook me up.
      ByRichard Tartaglia

    • Use your special ...
      Fri Apr 26 18:42:20 EDT 2013

      Use your special pyramyd air powers to get the Crosman GI 1911. I have been waiting for Crosman to release that forever now. They said April 15th. Its now the 26th. Its a very nice looking replica. I hope its as good as what little I have read about it. Get it and do a review ASAP please.

    • Hey paul can you ...
      Mon May 20 20:48:05 EDT 2013

      Hey paul can you check out the Hatsan Model 25 SuperTact Air Rifle & Air Pistol when it comes out?
      ByGabriel Llado Mendez

    • Hatsan Galatian ...
      Sun Apr 28 20:33:45 EDT 2013

      Hatsan Galatian review :) love the videos btw
      ByJames McGall

    • Review The Gamo Cfx ...
      Thu Apr 25 01:43:44 EDT 2013

      Review The Gamo Cfx? Pleas'

    • Nice.
      Wed Apr 24 17:59:11 EDT 2013

      Bywolffenhaus Merry

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