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    AirForce Condor SS - Airgun Reporter Episode #95

    • 5   ( 96,334 views )

    • where the hell is ...
      Wed Apr 02 04:38:16 EDT 2014

      where the hell is part 2? did yall forget?
      ByPatrick Munson

    • These are know as ...
      Tue Dec 17 20:33:44 EST 2013

      These are know as the GUNPOWER XS here in the UK. We have sold a few GUNPOWER rifles mainly the Stealth. They are a bit rough and ready, I dont like the safety catch myself but man they have some power and are simple by design costing almost 1/3 the price of a Gaystate oops I meant Daystate and more power plus better shot count from a bottle of air! 

    • how many decibels ...
      Sat Nov 16 20:20:41 EST 2013

      how many decibels is it?
      ByShawn Joens

    • Mate this seems ...
      Thu Apr 17 15:39:23 EDT 2014

      Mate this seems like a classic case of all power and not as good accuracy. Accuracy is even more important with Air Rifles due to the general low power compared to centre fire and rimfire rifles. I can group three quarter of an inch using my 12/ft/lb Airwolf .177 Some call them Gaystates I call them attention to accuracy 

    • Just got mine ...
      Thu Apr 17 02:01:17 EDT 2014

      Just got mine yesterday! Happy happy happy!
      Byjorge cantu

    • Hi when the part 2 ...
      Fri Jan 24 18:13:04 EST 2014

      Hi when the part 2 ?¡ ...,fps for the "eujins" 32.4 grs?¡ Thanks
      Bylucas silva

    • i have a part 2 to ...
      Tue Nov 12 18:28:07 EST 2013

      i have a part 2 to my condor ss review. still waiting on yours

    • Fuck jesus
      Tue Mar 11 21:36:24 EDT 2014

      Fuck jesus
      Byabdomen sabah

    • Sooo ... where is ...
      Sat Jan 25 05:38:11 EST 2014

      Sooo ... where is part 2??????
      ByJohn Doe

    • kinda misleading, ...
      Fri Nov 15 16:13:58 EST 2013

      kinda misleading,editing you shooting,making it seem as if you knocked down them cans one after the other. that said,i realy like this gun, but a single shot jus wont do it for me. though it would be a saver on air.
      ByRoy Poud

    • My pleasure! The ...
      Fri Jun 07 08:57:36 EDT 2013

      My pleasure! The Recluse I have really likes the H&N round ball, I've yet to try the JSB's in it---that rifle is a lot of fun to shoot. As for the Sound-Loc Noise Reduction System, it really is the most advanced tech for quieting the Air Force Condor, and its legal!. I plan on getting a kit to silence my Talon SS even further.
      ByPaul Capello

    • do u sell tanks for ...
      Fri Jun 14 20:57:40 EDT 2013

      do u sell tanks for this particullar gun please reply
      Bycameron roach

    • What camera do you ...
      Mon Aug 05 15:23:55 EDT 2013

      What camera do you use to film this?

    • We sell .177, .20, ...
      Mon Jul 22 14:20:33 EDT 2013

      We sell .177, .20, .22, and .25 calibers for the new Condor SS. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team

    • I'm sorry. I didn't ...
      Wed Aug 07 16:27:46 EDT 2013

      I'm sorry. I didn't fully understand your question, but YES! You can interchange calibers. You just need to be sure that the barrels are 18" in length. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team

    • Great review of the ...
      Thu Jun 13 08:40:34 EDT 2013

      Great review of the Condor SS. Do you have an idea when part 2 of the Condor SS review will be out? Thanks.
      ByMichael Clos

    • Paul: for part II ...
      Sun Aug 25 20:00:47 EDT 2013

      Paul: for part II could you do some testing with the Micro-Meter tank? I'm trying to understand how I can get 12-15fpe from the Condor SS for rat-type pests with lots of shots per charge. I need these low-power shots to be accurate and consistent. How many shots can I get with the MM-tank at 12-15fpe in .22? In .177? Thanks. It might seem like I should be starting with the Talon SS; but with the MM-tank on Talon SS, AF tells me I'll get only 10fpe with a 12" bbl. (.177 or .22 ?)

    • I'll be using ...
      Thu Jun 06 23:57:44 EDT 2013

      I'll be using different pellets such as JSB's, Eun Jins, etc in Part 2. I'll also show velocities/accuracy at varying pressures. -PC
      ByPaul Capello

    • @ Paul Thanks man, ...
      Fri Jun 07 00:04:03 EDT 2013

      @ Paul Thanks man, I love your tests, very thorough and cover almost all concerns I can imagine having. I'd love to see more on the recluse trying the new JSB 9mm pellets. Pondering one of those. How well do you like the sound-loc kit? (from a shooters pov, not a retailers pov :P)

    • How many consistent ...
      Thu Jul 18 01:23:48 EDT 2013

      How many consistent shots in .22 caliber with baracuda 21.3gr at 930fps gives this rifle per fill? Cheers!!!

    • How about the ...
      Wed Jun 05 15:27:18 EDT 2013

      How about the Cometa Lynx MKII? Nice vid, as always :D

    • wow... a .25 condor ...
      Tue Jul 09 17:44:37 EDT 2013

      wow... a .25 condor ss must be an amazing little powerhouse. Im impressed with the engineering and effectivness of the supressor.
      ByVan Calloway

    • Will there be a ...
      Thu Oct 31 23:56:06 EDT 2013

      Will there be a repeater model in the works for future release? Thanks!

    • How is the noise ...
      Mon Jun 10 11:47:34 EDT 2013

      How is the noise level of the .177 compared to the .22 or the .25?
      Bycasual watcher

    • It's been 3 months!
      Thu Sep 26 21:23:09 EDT 2013

      It's been 3 months!

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