Crosman MTR77 Nitro Piston - Airgun Reporter Episode #97

How about an MTR77 ...
Sun Jun 21 03:41:10 EDT 2015

How about an MTR77 based on the FN SCAR? I'm just thinking it'd be pretty BA. 
By Quentin Smith

Is it accurate bc I ...
Thu Dec 18 22:53:14 EST 2014

Is it accurate bc I want one for hunting squirrels. Should I get one of theses or a gamo or remington air rifle???
By Kolby Becker

For the most part,I ...
Fri Dec 05 13:13:51 EST 2014

For the most part,I like an air gun to llok like an air gun.this gun looks like "holy shit,hes got an ar15,call the cops"
By bill smith

fuckin paul castelo ...
Mon Dec 29 17:17:42 EST 2014

fuckin paul castelo, ughhh, I hate you for having the most awesome dream job in the whole wide world, Grrrr !!!!!!!
By Mojo Clov3

Another quality ...
Sat May 16 06:45:38 EDT 2015

Another quality review paul, just like to add a couple of points for anyone over the pond here in the UK considering buying one. Firstly forget the 45pounds effort required to cock the rifle thats the spec for the American version putting out 18ft pounds of muzzle energy, that would be classed as a firearm in the UK. We only get the sub 12ft pound (UK legal limit) think about that the USA version is what 70% more powerfull ? I would say its no harder to cock than a standard springer even with the short barrel. I would also suggest not adjusting the trigger till 150/200 pellets have been shot as I found the trigger did bed in quite nicely.
By brian john

If only that was ...
Tue Nov 25 22:43:09 EST 2014

If only that was fully auto pellet shooter.
By Random Spot

so many whiners,I ...
Sun Aug 24 19:04:28 EDT 2014

so many whiners,I have no complaints about this airgun,love it.How the hell you gonna break a metal trigger?
By Jamokai

Is the plastic ...
Fri Sep 26 14:23:04 EDT 2014

Is the plastic solid or is it creeky and shitty?
By MilitaryMontage

I love this gun so ...
Tue Jul 29 01:04:29 EDT 2014

I love this gun so much but when I was practicing shooting it then the trigger got broken so fast and it wasted my $140 just for that gun 
By hmongBoYz

Love your videos ...
Sun Mar 30 16:32:56 EDT 2014

Love your videos paul as an ex infantry soldier from uk had me giggling you messing with the position and hold military style are damn awkward unkess your trained but once you suss the grip and hold accurate as accurate does , would ya thino this rifle could have a gas ram mod on it and the barrel switched to a walther match class if so id live this kit just for fun wook look great in the old gun caninet
By ian77efc

Is the plastic ...
Sat May 24 07:20:32 EDT 2014

Is the plastic cheap
By Brandon Davis

Man I have this ...
Mon May 12 01:13:33 EDT 2014

Man I have this same gun I used for hunting n training. But I hate the sound lol any way to slow the sound down 
By Mikey Davies

Just My Experience ...
Fri Feb 21 07:58:40 EST 2014

Just My Experience with My Purchase. I got this and when I pulled it out of the box my first thought was Heavy and felt a bit False/Fake not sure the right word. OK Second thought was it looks great, anyone standing in front of you will want and probably Need to make contact with it to know it is Not a real AR15. The Carry Handle Connects with picatinny rail and also felt very crappy which brings me here. OK, it is Powerful but, I had to take 3 Shots to sight it in with the Open Carry Handle style sights. Each shot required a Major Adjustment to bring it to target. Started out WAY off to Right and Very Low. Just so you know I am a "Bring it up to target and Shot" style shooter. I do not need sights to hit a baseball at 20. That said I DO Sight in All Guns before I shoot them so I know they are accurate. Once Sighted in ?????? I felt like I was not even aiming at the target. Might as well been a "Duck Hunt" arcade gun. Returned for refund. Afraid to try again. I am very good at getting the Bad apple from any barrel I reach into so my results might not be but my result. Hope you have better luck.
By Xro

Justin you're such ...
Thu Dec 19 12:40:31 EST 2013

Justin you're such a noob, how old are you? You never heard that pellet gun can be used for pest control and critter hunting? What do you use the airsoft ar15 for? Only kids playing right? So you're just a kid. Remember: airsoft =/= airpellet
By Max Sterling

Man this shit is ...
Fri Feb 14 21:17:08 EST 2014

Man this shit is sukz man
By Aaron Posada

parabéns pelo vídeo ...
Sun Nov 17 18:35:54 EST 2013

parabéns pelo vídeo!!!

I love your reviews ...
Tue Dec 31 20:54:55 EST 2013

I love your reviews! keep them coming.
By Voxguitarsrock

So.. the pellet ...
Tue Nov 26 11:27:21 EST 2013

So.. the pellet holding magazine is just fr show? Or taking some extra pellets with you.. not to fuel them into the rifle itself?
By LeempyThaBoss

Well its not like ...
Fri Jul 05 09:53:10 EDT 2013

Well its not like that they do this all the time... You might wanna complain about the scopes they ship it with
By noodle050

The Crosman MTR77 ...
Wed Aug 07 16:21:25 EDT 2013

The Crosman MTR77 can actually be used for small game hunting. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydair

Just sayin. When a ...
Fri Jul 05 00:47:21 EDT 2013

Just sayin. When a company dont listen to what the people ask for they stop buying. All your guns are the same just a diff stock and same lame trigger. "Made In China"
By havocmaster69

We have added this ...
Wed Aug 07 16:11:38 EDT 2013

We have added this to our que. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydair

Looks pretty cheap ...
Thu Jul 04 21:20:12 EDT 2013

Looks pretty cheap but it's probably pretty expensive
By Ger Rabenlehner

Do want! probably ...
Tue Oct 08 08:19:27 EDT 2013

Do want! probably the closest thing I will ever get to a real AR in this pacifist country
By refusist

It's hard to find ...
Sat Jul 13 08:50:02 EDT 2013

It's hard to find good reviews for this rifle since it's so new. This is by far the best one I've seen. Well done.
By JaximusDecimus1

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