Walther LGV air rifle - Airgun Reporter Episode #98

After weeks of ...
Thu Feb 05 15:29:47 EST 2015

After weeks of research I decided on buying LGV Challenger in .177 cal.Right out of the box with very minimal sight adjustment ,I was shooting 1/2 inch groups from a distance of 20 meters.I understood for the first time why 3.8kg weight of the rifle was so important;The comfort ,and stability was fantastic,smoothness of cocking amazing,honestly the rifle sounded like shooting a gas ram rifle not a springer.With a scope, I can imagine that from 30 meters I will achieve similar accuracy.The only thing was that the gromet covering 1/2-20NF thread at the end of the barrel was getting loose after several shots.I bought a rubber o-ring and it solved the issue (the idea came from my Hatsan air pistol).I wish the trigger was metal not plastic,but even top German manufacturers start cutting corners these days.I am very happy with a rifle mostly because the accuracy and consistency of a shot.
By expressyourselfist

Best break barrel ...
Sat Dec 20 06:47:41 EST 2014

Best break barrel I've ever had was an English made in Birmingham Webley Longbow. Fantastic thing and I wish I still had it. 
By 70Mack

suck on a butt
Fri Nov 07 09:32:53 EST 2014

suck on a butt
By Shantra Mulani

Thinking about ...
Fri Aug 22 03:26:34 EDT 2014

Thinking about getting the challenger ultra in 177 for some target and bunny hunting what you think Paul?
By CubGrylls

Good air rifle but ...
Fri May 02 13:56:39 EDT 2014

Good air rifle but weak
By konstantinos .Damoulis

A great trigger ...
Tue Apr 29 18:39:54 EDT 2014

A great trigger makes it possible to make a great air rifle really sing in the accuracy department.
By JaleelJohanson62

But Paul, price no ...
Mon Dec 16 21:32:25 EST 2013

But Paul, price no object, which is a better gun in your opinion, the Walther LGV Competition Ultra or the Air Arms TX200?
By oling2812

That's a tough ...
Wed Aug 28 11:25:52 EDT 2013

That's a tough choice! All three are among the best spring rifles I've tested, so you can't go wrong with any of them.
By Paul Capello

With a springer, ...
Sat Aug 10 16:55:53 EDT 2013

With a springer, nonetheless!
By James Moreau

Great review. Mind ...
Wed Aug 07 13:25:00 EDT 2013

Great review. Mind linking to the scope and mount, please? Thanks!
By James Moreau

With a springer, ...
Sat Aug 10 16:57:04 EDT 2013

With a springer, nonetheless!
By James Moreau

When coming a nice ...
Wed Aug 07 15:59:23 EDT 2013

When coming a nice review of the hw50s? you have from R7, R9, but not the hw50 than stay at the midle!
By Nuno Francisco

It isn't good for ...
Fri Aug 09 16:06:14 EDT 2013

It isn't good for accuracy to squeeze out every last fpe.
By 2lbsTrigrPull

Quite welcome! The ...
Thu Aug 08 04:35:23 EDT 2013

Quite welcome! The weight of the LGV reminds me of my love affair with the 350 Magnum, Air King, and Mod 460. I'd rather have to do extra push ups and forearm curls than give up shooting those awesome rifles. I like a good PCP, but mastering springers is like fishing...You need patience, a little luck and humility. *Zen & the Art of Spring Piston Rifles*
By Paul Capello

With a springer, ...
Sat Aug 10 16:55:58 EDT 2013

With a springer, nonetheless!
By James Moreau

great review Paul! ...
Wed Aug 07 13:48:22 EDT 2013

great review Paul! txs
By tiago47

Thanks for watching ...
Wed Aug 07 15:27:25 EDT 2013

Thanks for watching folks! had a great time with the LGV-she's a keeper for sure.
By Paul Capello

A 12 ft/lb air ...
Wed Aug 07 19:04:25 EDT 2013

A 12 ft/lb air rifle? Why bother? This isn't England.
By Iam TheOsprey

Right? I knew I was ...
Wed Aug 07 14:38:30 EDT 2013

Right? I knew I was pushing it, but when I shot that group at 50 yards, I was like: "It's a wrap!, strike the down range camera I'm not gonna do better than that today!"
By Paul Capello

Those groups at 45 ...
Wed Aug 07 13:30:27 EDT 2013

Those groups at 45 and fifty yards were tasty!
By James Moreau

Paul, if you had to ...
Tue Aug 20 01:52:44 EDT 2013

Paul, if you had to choose, would it be the Walther LGV or Air Arms TX200 or Pro Sport?
By kevhoc

I would have to go ...
Wed Aug 28 15:18:19 EDT 2013

I would have to go with the Colt 1911, PY-2777-5417, or Walther CP88, PY-110-367. If you search for the code after each gun, starting with PY on our website, you will find those airguns. :) Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team
By pyramydair

What is the most ...
Fri Aug 09 00:25:53 EDT 2013

What is the most powerful air pistol that is based off a real pistol?
By ncs2824

Ruger superhawk
Fri Aug 09 04:54:45 EDT 2013

Ruger superhawk
By Jacob Mohr

I’m looking at ...
Wed Aug 07 18:01:44 EDT 2013

I’m looking at getting a Springer . This will be at the top of my list
By airgunner1966

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