Air Arms Pro Sport - Airgun Reporter Episode #99.5

Awesome rifle, put ...
Sat May 23 22:00:42 EDT 2015

Awesome rifle, put a 14.9mm ETE group in with mine 10 shots, 38 yards on my first ever go with the rifle! Mines walnut and it's a beauty, and British even better! 
By VerminSniperUnit

Great review. ...
Sun May 31 06:24:45 EDT 2015

Great review. Thanks Paul. Air Arms Diabolo Fields work well in my Pro Sport. Lovely bit of frailed banjo on the soundtrack, by the way. All the best from England.
By Laurie Harper

I can't get my head ...
Mon Apr 13 19:12:12 EDT 2015

I can't get my head around the 9 inch barrel. That is pistol length. No wonder the fps is sub 600.
By Dasdfjkl

Can i use this ...
Tue Jun 23 11:32:45 EDT 2015

Can i use this rifle for shooting targets at 70-100 yards?
By Rudy Rinia

No question about ...
Sun Mar 08 10:36:57 EDT 2015

No question about it, very accurate, which is the name of the game. Perhaps with a hydraulic piston it might even reach the 900 ftps in a .22 caliber, but for the time being, it's difficult to justify in a spring system. Just a thought.
By Lone Puma

I got mine three ...
Thu May 14 08:45:37 EDT 2015

I got mine three weeks now and i must say i'm a little disappointed. i was expecting it to be better if not just as good as my hw80k. yes it looks amazing and handles well but shoots nothing like the 80 or even the 95k which i also own and the two are break barrel.
By 007 MarMite

air armes pro ...
Sat Mar 29 07:43:48 EDT 2014

air armes pro aspoort
By أحمد صقر

I just finished ...
Mon Apr 21 14:37:43 EDT 2014

I just finished trying some H&N FTT 14.66 gr. through my .22 cal. Pro Sport. I consistently got 3/8 in. groups at 20 yrds. 20 yrds is all I got in my back yard.
By Daniel Delgadillo

pleaseee paul i ...
Mon Apr 21 02:08:21 EDT 2014

pleaseee paul i need to know asap. is that a high bkl mount also??
By ktownwarrior1

plzz i need an ...
Sun Apr 20 22:21:53 EDT 2014

plzz i need an answer i know its a hawke but what model 
By ktownwarrior1

what scope is that ...
Sun Apr 20 20:35:30 EDT 2014

what scope is that i have the same bkl mount and none of my scopes git because theres no room from any of my scopes except my gamo one that came with it 
By ktownwarrior1

It doesn't matter ...
Sat Feb 01 00:20:48 EST 2014

It doesn't matter if one hits his target accurately out to fifty yards, if there is hardly any muzzle energy left. This rifle is "packing" some 13 ft/lb for a .22. This might be well and good for a Thurston Howell.
By whiff1962

Just love that AA ...
Mon Sep 23 22:43:29 EDT 2013

Just love that AA Prosport. Just a damn shame that we will never see them Downunder, or anything else that has a shroud for that matter.
By Unca kikki

Looking for the ...
Sun Sep 22 02:13:19 EDT 2013

Looking for the most powerful, accurate, 25 cal PCP Repeater now... Still needs to be quite thinking in the 3 for a 1-5 scale Benjamin marauder, Air Force condor ss. I don't own a PCP Yet, and I'm staying away from springers due to noise level. Let me know if you have any suggestions in the 1000-1300 fps ranger
By Craig Nelson

i have the gun in a ...
Mon Aug 19 18:58:18 EDT 2013

i have the gun in a walnut stock 177 as accurate as any pcp gun best with air arms pellets
By littlenipper100

The Octane is on my ...
Sat Sep 14 01:59:13 EDT 2013

The Octane is on my testing bench, it's the next AGR I'll post.
By Paul Capello

That gun is ...
Mon Aug 19 18:15:10 EDT 2013

That gun is beautiful. I just wish the stock was more ambidextrous.
By Saint Dick

Thanks for a great ...
Tue Aug 20 13:09:15 EDT 2013

Thanks for a great review. I own a .177 TX200 in left hand configuration with a walnut stock. Its on the heavy side but it adds to the accuracy. Does anyone know if the pro sport and TX200 have the same internals?
By MrSafaritruck

I own a .177 air ...
Tue Aug 20 07:47:07 EDT 2013

I own a .177 air arms prosport and the accuracy is dramatic! I can hit a 20mm killzone consistently at 80 yards and the rifle is so smooth to shoot :) pcp is fine if you are an amateur but a world class springer like the pro sport is so rewarding once you learn how to shoot them consistently
By rallyeluke

I would have liked ...
Sun Aug 25 05:25:17 EDT 2013

I would have liked to see the operation of the underlever.
By tkarlmann

it is silky smooth ...
Sun Aug 25 15:58:43 EDT 2013

it is silky smooth like a knife through hot butter
By rallyeluke

Way to much money
Tue Aug 20 00:13:14 EDT 2013

Way to much money
By havocmaster69

Paul, I just got my ...
Fri Oct 04 14:59:27 EDT 2013

Paul, I just got my Pro Sport 2 weeks ago and it shoots amazing! I just wanted to know if the Pro Sport you tested was an FAC version? I only ask because Pyramid Air states that the FPS is 750 in .22. I know it depends on pellet. I don't have a Crony. Thanks for the video, the reason I purchased this rifle.
By Derrick Haynes

Good question ...
Fri Oct 04 22:59:35 EDT 2013

Good question dhgumbo..I thought the same TX 200 is 17 ftlbs and I shoot AA field at 16 grains. I only use the cuda match 21 grains in my SAG JET, I thought they might damage the TX? Great review as always Paul :) your comments please?
By Marco Nixon

To eddie, I have ...
Wed Aug 21 02:47:44 EDT 2013

To eddie, I have tried my 3yr old pro sport against a 'run in' lgv, and it's definitely more accurate. With a much better trigger. I've shot my pro sport in the field, hunter field target and in the back garden and it has never failed to put a smile on my face.
By gurtwurz

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