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    Airgun Reporter Bloopers - AGR Episode #100

    4.940000057220459(8,721 views)

    The gun at 5:12 is ...
    Tue Feb 18 16:26:33 EST 2014

    The gun at 5:12 is the Beeman RX2. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team
    By pyramydair

    Made me laugh, ...
    Sat Aug 23 03:31:27 EDT 2014

    Made me laugh, Thanks
    By Enrique Pabalate

    😀 paul you are a ...
    Fri Sep 26 15:00:26 EDT 2014

    😀 paul you are a great teacher m8 
    By dragon celt

    Excellent! Tanks ...
    Thu Jul 24 15:00:46 EDT 2014

    Excellent! Tanks for the fun!
    By Jason Connelly

    Love the reviews.
    Sat Sep 13 20:35:49 EDT 2014

    Love the reviews.
    By bglk2310

    paul you a the No.1 ...
    Thu Sep 04 10:26:39 EDT 2014

    paul you a the No.1 and the best!
    By SHOOTER3258

    ummmm..... that was ...
    Sun Mar 23 06:09:48 EDT 2014

    ummmm..... that was some, ummm..... good ummm, editing, LOL! great video!
    By 007tallguy

    if you have ever ...
    Wed Mar 26 01:58:20 EDT 2014

    if you have ever played Fallout 3 you know where this comes from " its a waser wifel". thats what he reminded me of at 5:40. I laughed so hard I had to pause the video. Thanks Paul I need a laugh like that.
    By John Brewer

    Nice one Paul :-) ...
    Sun Mar 16 11:27:02 EDT 2014

    Nice one Paul :-) many thanks for posting, keep up the good work.
    By Malc Tulloch

    1:43 duh
    Thu Feb 13 12:55:51 EST 2014

    1:43 duh
    By Jon Kim

    50 caliber dragon ...
    Thu Feb 13 18:02:51 EST 2014

    50 caliber dragon slaww 
    By Larry Williams

    You're still the ...
    Fri Mar 14 17:08:47 EDT 2014

    You're still the best and the most professional Paul. Your videos usually make me laugh and are very informative. Keep doing these excellent videos and we'll keep coming back to watch you.
    By Kito Grova

    Your reviews are ...
    Thu Mar 06 14:00:37 EST 2014

    Your reviews are the best, most consistent and reliable. Your blooper reel wasn't that bad. I'd like to see times when you left the safety on, forgot to put in a CO2, or the wind blew down your target. 
    By Mike Krpan

    Good laughs are ...
    Tue Nov 05 10:08:04 EST 2013

    Good laughs are still free in Air Gunning ;)
    By Billy Crum

    Great vids Paul. ...
    Tue Feb 04 19:22:50 EST 2014

    Great vids Paul. Thanks for sharing. LOL Funny!
    By Fx RoyalePain

    Your rich!
    Thu Dec 19 22:47:19 EST 2013

    Your rich!
    By Mustafa Malikzada

    Great videos Paul. ...
    Tue Nov 26 18:02:14 EST 2013

    Great videos Paul. Please keep doing what you do. You're always informative and often entertaining.
    By Dan Markel

    What gun is on the ...
    Sat Feb 08 14:25:11 EST 2014

    What gun is on the the video picture? or at 3:18
    By GPGremlin1974

    It looks like a ...
    Sun Oct 13 11:44:10 EDT 2013

    It looks like a Beeman Rx-2. It's about 1000$ on PyramidAir.
    By Tim K

    The amazing ...
    Mon Sep 30 05:43:06 EDT 2013

    The amazing unflapable , er..umm. wasculeee, wabitt!!! weaver wail. No matter what, it take guts to talk to a camera, and most people freeze up, just look at some wedding video and you know what I'm talking about. You are human, I hope and I think you videos are the best, and you a are great. You keep making them and I'll keep watching them, keep up the awesome work, congrats to you and your crew great job. Eric G. in NJ.
    By Eric Giorgiantonio

    Fiber optic socks ...
    Mon Oct 21 10:18:46 EDT 2013

    Fiber optic socks lmfao
    By TBLUNTZ420

    Paul, I feel your ...
    Sat Sep 21 10:34:00 EDT 2013

    Paul, I feel your pain. I too am in the communicating business but I don't get to redo my errors. Not much of a way to touch-up a botch-up from a pulpit! Thanks for the enjoyable 100 episodes.
    By David Tiner

    i think it's lead ...
    Sun Sep 22 10:40:21 EDT 2013

    i think it's lead poisioning from all the pellets lol
    By rubesrjc6927

    One word; ...
    Thu Oct 24 19:26:05 EDT 2013

    One word; Teleprompter!!
    By vasmikey

    It's good to know ...
    Sun Sep 22 01:07:21 EDT 2013

    It's good to know you can still laugh at yourself !
    By gizmohawaii

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