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    Umarex Octane - AGR Episode #103

    • 5   ( 45,090 views )

    • Joshua - I would ...
      Tue Feb 18 16:43:21 EST 2014

      Joshua - I would suggest the .22 caliber Umarex Octane. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team

    • Hi Glen, velocity ...
      Tue Feb 18 15:41:23 EST 2014

      Hi Glen, velocity is usually stated at the highest possible FPS. As stated on our website, 1450 fps w/alloy pellets, 1250 fps w/lead pellets. Also, the heavier the pellet, the lower the FPS, and in this video a very heavy pellet was used. Thanks, Pyramyd Air Team

    • Cool T-shirt. ...
      Mon Apr 07 09:25:11 EDT 2014

      Cool T-shirt. Great video. After some time now, what are your overall thoughts on the Reaxis system? If price was not a factor, which would you choose between this Octane, or the Benjamin Trail NP XL1100 .22 Cal ? Thanks

    • Sweet!!
      Fri Jan 10 23:17:41 EST 2014


    • +Pyramyd Air LTD ...
      Fri Apr 04 14:46:50 EDT 2014

      +Pyramyd Air LTD im looking at a umerex octane and a umerex surge. What would u pick? thanks
      ByAustin Gross

    • Thats funny him ...
      Mon Dec 09 15:14:29 EST 2013

      Thats funny him talking about that air riffle having so much recoil it might throw the scope off lol I use a shooter's edge 50mm witch is 69 bucks never failed me so this air gun must have more recoil than my 300 or it is a really really cheap scope

    • How many shots ...
      Thu Feb 20 19:08:17 EST 2014

      How many shots until it's broken in? 
      Bymason coleman

    • Between umarex ...
      Sun Feb 16 14:13:40 EST 2014

      Between umarex octane and Hatsan 125 sniper vortex???

    • Great video ...
      Wed Feb 05 13:17:32 EST 2014

      Great video production. On thing that confused me: powerful recoil from the Octane? What kind of scope couldn't handle a pellet gun? I guess I'm just used to real guns, but even a cheapo scope would hold a zero on a .22LR

    • nice review, I'm ...
      Mon Jan 13 22:22:12 EST 2014

      nice review, I'm thinking this Octane will be a good choice in .22 cal and then for the .25 I think I will go with the Hatsan 125 Sniper, i enjoy my PCP .22 rifle but the springer is so much less hassle in the field, so I'll always enjoy the springers...

    • Best airgun review, ...
      Wed Jan 29 16:50:06 EST 2014

      Best airgun review, maybe best gun review I have ever seen. New Subscriber ;o)
      ByMatthew P.

    • ive narrowed my ...
      Tue Dec 03 22:44:52 EST 2013

      ive narrowed my search down to this gun and the benjamin trail NP. Which would you choose and why?
      ByKha Nguyen

    • great video man ...
      Mon Jan 27 01:59:26 EST 2014

      great video man liked it a lot, very professional 
      Byjose Gil Cecilia

    • than i love my ...
      Sat Dec 14 15:28:14 EST 2013

      than i love my father for teaching me a 12 year old safety how did u zero the scope
      Byjesus ulloa

    • Thanks, man! Those ...
      Tue Oct 01 23:03:44 EDT 2013

      Thanks, man! Those groups don't come easy, but I practice all day with the big guns like the RX2, 350 & Talon Magnum. I love the challenge!
      ByPaul Capello

    • Which rifle do you ...
      Wed Oct 02 01:03:41 EDT 2013

      Which rifle do you believe is of better quality, the hatsan 125 or the umarex octane??
      ByZack Protz

    • WOW 0 views O.O ...
      Tue Oct 01 14:34:42 EDT 2013

      WOW 0 views O.O Nice vid, as always :D

    • Rick said that the ...
      Tue Oct 01 18:42:45 EDT 2013

      Rick said that the trigger was pretty good but indeed the guard is too close

    • hi paul, could you ...
      Mon Oct 28 22:41:40 EDT 2013

      hi paul, could you review, or mabey tell me an estimate, of the kind of speed the .177 cal of this gun would get with 10 to 13 grain pellets? im thinking of buying the gun, but now im not sure which caliber after looking at airgunwebs vid of the .177 cal. I understand they used 5.56 grain h&n's, I would like to know the speed at which the gun would produce with 10.65 grain barracuda match, and jsb monsters at 13.43 grains. thank you for replying if so.
      ByGlen williamson

    • Looks to be a great ...
      Tue Oct 01 16:58:21 EDT 2013

      Looks to be a great product. If I'd seen this before I bought my Hatsan 125TH, this is the one I'd be shooting now. Guess it's time to start saving coins again. :) BTW, I love the new format. Looks very slick, and, professional. Well done.
      ByMike Uman

    • The trigger needs ...
      Tue Oct 01 23:00:00 EDT 2013

      The trigger needs improvement, but it's usable. It's curious that he would think otherwise.
      ByPaul Capello

    • Definitely !
      Wed Oct 02 21:50:31 EDT 2013

      Definitely !
      BySulemaan Bokhari

    • Joshua, the .22 is ...
      Fri Oct 04 09:19:37 EDT 2013

      Joshua, the .22 is going to have the knock down power for game up to the size of raccoon & rabbit. It all depends on the type of quarry you're interested in. .177 is plenty for birds and squirrel.
      ByPaul Capello

    • hey Paul, just ...
      Sat Oct 26 17:44:52 EDT 2013

      hey Paul, just wondering if u have tried the Winchester 1028.if u have whats your opinion?

    • Love your vids man.
      Tue Oct 01 19:04:47 EDT 2013

      Love your vids man.

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