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    Crosman Vigilante review - AGR Episode #104

    • 5   ( 13,994 views )

    • I got this gun too, ...
      Fri Nov 29 01:35:24 EST 2013

      I got this gun too, for the price, this is the TACTICAL crosman 357 with rails and stuff, but ya it is really bang for the bucks, shoots really hard too, good gun! I would not use BBs in this gun though, pellet is the way to go for accuracy!

    • Sun Oct 20 17:34:55 EDT 2013


    • which program are ...
      Tue Nov 26 20:31:58 EST 2013

      which program are you using for making those awesome 3d animated shiny text?, verry well done, verry clear hd video!, good work!

    • Great review :-)
      Wed Jan 15 16:53:38 EST 2014

      Great review :-)
      ByLaura Elkins

    • What is the scope ...
      Wed Jan 15 17:03:55 EST 2014

      What is the scope you have on that gun?
      ByLaura Elkins

    • thank you for a ...
      Wed Nov 13 00:40:22 EST 2013

      thank you for a video i was looking for ever for a reveiw with this gun
      ByTomas Alejos

    • you will ruin a ...
      Mon Oct 21 12:18:04 EDT 2013

      you will ruin a rifleg barrel if you shoot bb's with it

    • Excellent video ...
      Sun Oct 20 21:14:22 EDT 2013

      Excellent video review as always Paul thank you and I would like to see you reviewing Hatsan Sb or Rb Elite BT65 25 caliber
      ByZeus Greek

    • Please show some ...
      Sun Oct 20 18:29:46 EDT 2013

      Please show some cool new hunting pellet guns! Preferably of the .22 caliber variation :)

    • Hi Paul, im ...
      Wed Oct 23 11:42:20 EDT 2013

      Hi Paul, im waitingr the airforce condor SS PART 2
      ByRaschid Kafie

    • Looks nice!
      Tue Oct 22 16:34:47 EDT 2013

      Looks nice!
      ByDerrick Haynes

    • too much plastic!!!
      Mon Oct 21 07:27:31 EDT 2013

      too much plastic!!!
      Bynick agel

    • Paul, I just want ...
      Thu Oct 24 21:17:34 EDT 2013

      Paul, I just want to let you know all crosman revolver systems shoot faster in DA then SA. Because the hammer goes backfarther in double than single. Although minimal.
      ByAndre Gross

    • Not really then how ...
      Tue Oct 22 06:41:12 EDT 2013

      Not really then how do you explain the crosman 2100 it can shoot bbs through a rifled barrel and it is reccomended
      ByNick Shumar

    • Girl friend got me ...
      Fri Jan 24 21:19:16 EST 2014

      Girl friend got me this for Christmas,,,, a month to wait for 5 different stores to restock C02.....could not believe it !!! set up a target in garage can't see the target at all at 15 to 20 feet....Thinking of getting a Centerpoint 2x32 pistol scope, because I'd like to shoot 50 or so feet. Any ideas from anyone?????

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