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    Crosman GI Model 1911 - AGR Episode #105

    • 5   ( 13,934 views )

    • I have this gun and ...
      Fri Nov 29 01:27:55 EST 2013

      I have this gun and I must say that Paul did a good job with the targets, showing us not to use Crapperheads bbs unless you want that kind of groupings. With Daisy bbs, he can get a nice grouping with THIS gun is already a miracle, given that the horrible trigger is really not easy to handle VS any other 1911 models in 4.5mm.... good vid! Nice improvements with the audio part too!

    • Glad I went with ...
      Thu Nov 21 03:24:16 EST 2013

      Glad I went with the Black Water/Tanfoglio witness.

    • i have to say when ...
      Wed Nov 20 04:12:00 EST 2013

      i have to say when i heard about this gun coming out i couldnt wait...and what a dissapointment! i mean as a big collector i had to get it anyways after getting use to the tw 1911/ the kwc/cyberguns blackwater and the tac 1911 you feel spoiled and let down with this i really like the daisy winchester model better though the key for tightining the co2 on this gun is very cool i have to say as a bb gun its great on co2 for a blowback with high fps if your looking for a bb gun this is for you if your going for a replica its not
      ByLarry Williams

    • hi paul, I'm glad ...
      Sat Oct 26 02:24:28 EDT 2013

      hi paul, I'm glad to see you back. One suggestion, you always should test your gun at 10 meters ; 12 rounds on a tin can for exemple, and see how much the gun hit. That's a real test of what a gun is capable of. Who agree?? Bye, and shoot safe! Greg

    • Paul . . wow the ...
      Fri Oct 25 13:06:58 EDT 2013

      Paul . . wow the quality of your videos is stunning . . .very professional . . .i always look to you on all of my investigations for air guns . . .very cool program AGR sound lab so cool
      ByBruce Hubbell

    • Andre, I'm ...
      Sun Oct 27 07:57:15 EDT 2013

      Andre, I'm currently building the "Air Lodge 2" . I just moved to the beautiful Finger Lake region of NY State and have a nice chunk of property. For the remainder of 2013, heated indoor testing will be limited to 25 yards, while in the Spring/Summer of 2014 that range can be expanded to 75+ yards. I'm really looking forward to it!
      ByPaul Capello

    • full length travel ...
      Sat Oct 26 08:49:15 EDT 2013

      full length travel during blowback. Similar too the Winchester Model 11. For many Air Gun Hobbiest & collectors they look for 'Realistic' looking, feeling & functioning 'Replicas' of the air guns real life counterpart. 'Cyber Gun's' 'Tanfoglio Witness 1911' is the best replica of a true 1911 currently on the market. I wish as a collector many other air gun manufacturers would start producing this level of realism, functionality & quality. Not just on a 1911 replica, but on many other popular

    • Very good video. As ...
      Sat Oct 26 08:18:35 EDT 2013

      Very good video. As too the gun tested, It looks nice & the FPS seems good. But I would not buy it for these reasons; I do not like the trigger. They should have used a more traditional 1911 style trigger. I also do not like their choice of the safety mechanism. Again, they should have stuck with the traditional 1911 style grip & thumb safeties. Additionally, I don't care for their choice of double action firing. A true 1911 is 'single action' only. It also appears this gun does not have

    • gun models. Such as ...
      Sat Oct 26 09:21:38 EDT 2013

      gun models. Such as a 'Realistically' branded & built Beretta or Glock just to name a few. Can this new Crossman be 'Field Stripped' like the real gun for example? That is another Realistically appealing & useful function that can be done on a few much better built air gun replicas. This new Crossman appears too be a good BB gun if you don't care about realistic features & functionality.

    • I would be ...
      Fri Oct 25 16:30:27 EDT 2013

      I would be appreciated if you put the weight, lenght and other features in grams, centimeters... Nice Review ;)

    • I've always like ...
      Fri Oct 25 15:56:40 EDT 2013

      I've always like the Winchester model 11 better. It's more authentic and in my opinion it's better.
      ByBubba The Squrrel

    • What happened to ...
      Fri Oct 25 12:05:21 EDT 2013

      What happened to the air lodge?
      ByAndre Gross

    • Have the folks at ...
      Thu Jan 30 22:22:59 EST 2014

      Have the folks at Crosman even seen the KWC 1911? I don't know what's going on over there...but they are seriously out of touch
      ByKapitan Kaput

    • Guys go check out ...
      Sat Dec 28 23:58:00 EST 2013

      Guys go check out the daisy model 11 it's the same but working hammer,lighter trigger pull, and working safety. In other works it's about 30 dollars cheaper and looks,feels and performs better. But don't leave copper heads in there for to long.
      ByBryan Bustamante

    • 2:42 the Gun ...
      Tue Apr 01 10:36:12 EDT 2014

      2:42 the Gun Doesn't Blow Back AT aLL

    • Fri Oct 25 11:37:19 EDT 2013


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