Gamo Whisper Fusion IGT air rifle - AGR Episode #106

Mon Oct 28 00:53:03 EDT 2013

By pyramydair

I'm looking for air ...
Tue Jul 21 19:50:58 EDT 2015

I'm looking for air gun, but other kind. It is without broke, like FX royale 500 air gun, other kind , I am looking for smaller but made fro USA , ? Anyone here can give me like that kind? Name of any company for ire gun , has like that kind.
By Abdullah Alazemi

mine pisses me off ...
Sun Jun 14 19:36:00 EDT 2015

mine pisses me off with the accuricy but everything is good other than that
By Brianna Gunnarson

never buy GAMO ...
Wed May 13 15:28:06 EDT 2015

never buy GAMO riffles, they are very inaccurate and very loud ! shitguns, definately a waste of money
By swordbutcher

Dear Sir, I have ...
Thu Apr 02 20:52:20 EDT 2015

Dear Sir, I have the Gamo viper igt and I am in need of help. I got the best scope ring you can get at my local Cabela's. (Burris Signature rings.) I mounted them and after 30 shots the back one was about to fall off the edge of the rail. I made sure the rings were as tight as I could get them with a screw driver. Still it moves back on the rail. Please help. $45 for scope rings is a lot and I would rather not return them, thanks.
By Samuel Lynch

Just saw this thing ...
Sat Dec 13 02:25:48 EST 2014

Just saw this thing at Walmart. Total impulse buy but I'm glad it's a good product! Looking forward to trying this bad boy out once the sun comes up!
By JDMricist

All of your videos ...
Sun Aug 10 23:30:50 EDT 2014

All of your videos are great and are great quality, thanks.
By 787theninja

I really enjoyed ...
Tue Oct 07 03:21:48 EDT 2014

I really enjoyed this review, even if I didn't already love GAMO guns. I think I want to get this gun to replace my .177 Bull Whisper Extreme.
By David Geiger

Great video
Tue Jul 29 18:25:28 EDT 2014

Great video
By Anthony Davis

A review of some ...
Wed May 14 11:32:51 EDT 2014

A review of some Gamo air rifles. We now have a full range starting at £79 for the Junior Delta Fox and £129 for the Whisper. Gamo Whisper IGT Fusion Pro - AGR Episode #106
By A Different Calibre Ltd

I really enjoy ...
Sat Oct 18 00:13:11 EDT 2014

I really enjoy stinky dumps when I'm hung over and flowers in the spring. Cats 2
By 5150santana

How did u make it ...
Fri Jun 13 23:21:15 EDT 2014

How did u make it ful auto
By shaliyah rodriguez

Hey Paul.. Great, ...
Tue Dec 03 21:53:48 EST 2013

Hey Paul.. Great, informative review, as always! I hope you have the new BSA GRT Lightning XL SE in .22, or .25 in your line up.. Very interested in it because of the price and features, but wondering about the performance of this little British rifle.. Keep up the great work, and I'm looking forward to your next review.. Thanks...
By Whistling Canine

so, which of the ...
Mon Mar 03 13:53:06 EST 2014

so, which of the whiper family of Gamo rifles is the best? Bone collector igt, bone collector bull whisper, whisper CFR, whisper fusion , Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro??? any thoughts ???
By luis schalch

Hello Good Good you ...
Fri Jan 31 13:00:52 EST 2014

Hello Good Good you happen to know if the caliber is better: 0.177 "(4.5mm) or 0.25." (6.35 mm). Thank you!
By Emanuel Calad

The title of the ...
Sun Jan 05 22:44:23 EST 2014

The title of the video is incorrect. This is the Whisper Fusion, not the WFP.
By whiff1962

Great production ...
Tue Mar 04 23:58:40 EST 2014

Great production quality with the pace, graphics, and music! Very competitive against other YouTube review videos.
By ishibi

Just the best ...
Sat Nov 09 13:26:47 EST 2013

Just the best digital presentation I don't know who's doing your stuff but of all the sites the way that you're presenting all of the features is just so very visually pleasing
By Bruce Hubbell

Tue Feb 11 08:08:14 EST 2014

By adilson bernardi

can you do a review ...
Thu Dec 12 16:00:52 EST 2013

can you do a review on the Winchester M14 CO2 air rifle. I've been thinking about getting it but I don't know if it is a good starter gun
By MagicalBanana

Good video Paul. ...
Fri Dec 13 22:00:26 EST 2013

Good video Paul. Thanks for your work.
By Derrick Haynes

Your videos are ...
Tue Dec 10 19:07:54 EST 2013

Your videos are awesome Paul, I hope you have the BSA lightning xl in your review list.
By Mustafa Malikzada

Witch is better igt ...
Wed Nov 27 23:04:41 EST 2013

Witch is better igt or pro?
By Derick Cruz

Outstanding job ...
Sat Nov 09 13:24:23 EST 2013

Outstanding job presenting these guns I really appreciate your work Paul
By Bruce Hubbell

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