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    Gamo Whisper Fusion IGT air rifle - AGR Episode #106

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    • so, which of the ...
      Mon Mar 03 13:53:06 EST 2014

      so, which of the whiper family of Gamo rifles is the best? Bone collector igt, bone collector bull whisper, whisper CFR, whisper fusion , Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro??? any thoughts ???
      Byluis schalch

    • Witch is better igt ...
      Wed Nov 27 23:04:41 EST 2013

      Witch is better igt or pro?
      ByDerick Cruz

    • can you do a review ...
      Thu Dec 12 16:00:52 EST 2013

      can you do a review on the Winchester M14 CO2 air rifle. I've been thinking about getting it but I don't know if it is a good starter gun

    • The title of the ...
      Sun Jan 05 22:44:23 EST 2014

      The title of the video is incorrect. This is the Whisper Fusion, not the WFP.

    • Hi paul I have ...
      Tue Dec 31 08:32:39 EST 2013

      Hi paul I have evanix speed in 177cal. If i use heavy pellet like 12 or 15grain so i can hunt hog with head short what the velocity i got and what foot pound i got. Thanks
      Bysantosh pandu

    • Good video Paul. ...
      Fri Dec 13 22:00:26 EST 2013

      Good video Paul. Thanks for your work.
      ByDerrick Haynes

    • Great production ...
      Tue Mar 04 23:58:40 EST 2014

      Great production quality with the pace, graphics, and music! Very competitive against other YouTube review videos.

    • Your videos are ...
      Tue Dec 10 19:07:54 EST 2013

      Your videos are awesome Paul, I hope you have the BSA lightning xl in your review list.
      ByMustafa Malikzada

      Tue Feb 11 08:08:14 EST 2014

      Byadilson bernardi

    • Hello Good Good you ...
      Fri Jan 31 13:00:52 EST 2014

      Hello Good Good you happen to know if the caliber is better: 0.177 "(4.5mm) or 0.25." (6.35 mm). Thank you!
      ByEmanuel Calad

    • Outstanding job ...
      Sat Nov 09 13:24:23 EST 2013

      Outstanding job presenting these guns I really appreciate your work Paul
      ByBruce Hubbell

    • Hey Paul.. Great, ...
      Tue Dec 03 21:53:48 EST 2013

      Hey Paul.. Great, informative review, as always! I hope you have the new BSA GRT Lightning XL SE in .22, or .25 in your line up.. Very interested in it because of the price and features, but wondering about the performance of this little British rifle.. Keep up the great work, and I'm looking forward to your next review.. Thanks...
      ByWhistling Canine

    • Just the best ...
      Sat Nov 09 13:26:47 EST 2013

      Just the best digital presentation I don't know who's doing your stuff but of all the sites the way that you're presenting all of the features is just so very visually pleasing
      ByBruce Hubbell

    • Hi paul make a ...
      Mon Oct 28 04:32:41 EDT 2013

      Hi paul make a video of gamo hunter extream se.
      Bysantosh pandu

    • could you review ...
      Tue Oct 29 15:31:44 EDT 2013

      could you review the crosman vantage np?
      ByJon Kim

    • NORICA Air Rifles ...
      Mon Oct 28 04:43:58 EDT 2013

      NORICA Air Rifles Please :o)

    • Isn't there are ...
      Tue Oct 29 14:48:43 EDT 2013

      Isn't there are underlever whisperer as well?
      ByAndre Gross

    • "up to 1400fps" but ...
      Tue Oct 29 06:43:23 EDT 2013

      "up to 1400fps" but why?

    • Yes. This rifle is ...
      Tue Oct 29 00:56:45 EDT 2013

      Yes. This rifle is plenty powerful enough to take small game up to rabbits. I use a similar power .177 to take rabbits almost exclusively, now that .22 LR ammo is virtually nonexistent on store shelves. I also use the .177 on pest squirrels. Works like a champ, as long as you do your part. Am seriously considering staying with a pellet rifle now, since it's sooo much quieter than the rimfire. As always, shot placement is essential, no matter the gun one is using. Happy hunting!
      ByMike Uman

    • Very nice
      Mon Oct 28 00:56:01 EDT 2013

      Very nice
      BySquirrelCommander Miles

    • podria mandar los ...
      Fri Nov 01 17:37:58 EDT 2013

      podria mandar los valore de los sumatra y gamo fusion
      ByCristian Alcaino

    • do the spring ...
      Wed Oct 30 08:05:33 EDT 2013

      do the spring version
      Bynicklas salling

    • Could this rifle be ...
      Mon Oct 28 07:48:24 EDT 2013

      Could this rifle be used to take small game? I have some squirrels trying to dig their way in to my house, so they need to go.
      ByMatthew Lacaille

    • I really like the ...
      Wed Oct 30 17:52:29 EDT 2013

      I really like the production on this review, well done

    • I have the same ...
      Tue Oct 29 01:07:46 EDT 2013

      I have the same rifle and it really likes any domed JSB and H&N pellets. The JSB Exact 8.44 gave me about 930fps and the H&N Field Traget Trophy about 910fps I also tried JSB Rs pellets and they were very accurate and gave me about 965fps. Best rifle I have ever owned!
      Byjavier castle

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