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    Benjamin Marauder Synthetic stock PCP rifle - AGR Episode #107

    4.860000133514404(56,850 views)

    Your made always ...
    Thu Feb 19 18:53:10 EST 2015

    Your made always tests are 25 yards, but all the rifles which accurate at 25yards !
    By pcp airgun

    Did you adjust it ...
    Mon Jan 19 07:43:40 EST 2015

    Did you adjust it fully? The hammer spring and striker, 6 and 12 respectively?
    By Brad Edmund

    Hi Paul.... Nice ...
    Wed Nov 12 21:56:58 EST 2014

    Hi Paul.... Nice video on the synrod... I have a ??? Do You think the .177 cal could be used for Field Target with the proper tuning and adjustments? Please let me know your thinking. Happy thanksgiving Paul Roger
    By Paul Canting Rodríguez

    the intro of this ...
    Mon Nov 10 17:53:45 EST 2014

    the intro of this channel looks like a 90s history channel show
    By Jordan Morris

    Great review Paul. ...
    Wed Aug 27 20:47:15 EDT 2014

    Great review Paul. Bought mine last week from PA before seeing this; will be in my hands tomorrow. I'm surprised by the 92 db noise level though. I chose the Marauder over the Disco which is much lighter and less expensive, because the M is said to have a very loud report and I was concerned about the legality of a muzzle brake in Calif. which seems unclear at this point. Can't wait to start punching holes in paper and see what the chrono says! 
    By Tim X

    If u had to pick ...
    Sat Aug 30 14:26:35 EDT 2014

    If u had to pick between the synrod or a Air Force talon ss which would u pick for hunting I'm kinda leaning towards the talon cause if I'm just hunting sparrows I can use the .177 with cheap ammo and buy a replacement barrel in 20,22,25 or all and use for small game and pigeons but u have handled both which would u prefure for hunting
    By Backwoods Trapper

    Exceptional review. ...
    Sun Jul 13 11:33:59 EDT 2014

    Exceptional review. 60 shots per fill is good news as well.
    By schtals

    i love dogs paul!! ...
    Fri Aug 08 17:20:36 EDT 2014

    i love dogs paul!! nice video
    By SHOOTER3258

    If they made a long ...
    Fri Jan 03 19:09:48 EST 2014

    If they made a long lasting, trouble free hand pump they would sell more. I am not going to invest in a pcp until there are trusted quality pumps.
    By I'm Simon

    Nice work, Paul. ...
    Wed Jan 08 00:59:08 EST 2014

    Nice work, Paul. Really a great upgrade from the original, which was already great. 
    By James Moreau

    another great ...
    Fri Jan 31 17:48:21 EST 2014

    another great review of maruder.paul i salute u r doing a fine job.but it will be great to see in this video how the bolt changes for left handed to adjust the fill pressure upto 3000 psi. my last ? can we fill above 2000 psi with a hand pump..............thanks
    By Kashif Hameed

    hi Paul. great ...
    Wed Apr 09 21:19:03 EDT 2014

    hi Paul. great review there. but if this gun is regulated, why is this making a big group at only 30yards? what is the best group for this gun so far? out of the box hw100 even at fac power will make less than 1inch group at 50yards for beginner shooter. mine is making close to figure 8 at 35yards 10 shots. even my bt65 make making less than 1cm at 35yards. im interested in getting the mrod for small game and plinking but would like to know more about the accuracy. thanks in advance
    By kurucaci kinoko

    BTW the 25 Cal ...
    Fri Mar 21 00:24:12 EDT 2014

    BTW the 25 Cal version of this gun is dead accurate up to 100 yards. Been putting the local vermin down now for about a month with this gun, it just one shots most smaller varmints even if your off a little. Drops the California Coyote with ease at 50 yards not even a yip.
    By Doc No

    How much did you ...
    Sat Jan 11 04:33:55 EST 2014

    How much did you adjust the fill pressure adjustment screw to obtain 3000 psi?
    By L.I. Archer

    a video on ...
    Fri Jan 03 18:52:17 EST 2014

    a video on switching the bolt to left handed would be nice to see next 
    By dan b

    Is there an adaptor ...
    Mon Feb 17 20:44:58 EST 2014

    Is there an adaptor for a scuba tank to repressurize ?
    By gmakwa1

    I always enjoy your ...
    Mon Jan 06 11:55:03 EST 2014

    I always enjoy your videos Paul, but this one is indeed pro. This one is very informative as usual but you have reached the level of big budget large Corporation advertise. Great job. 
    By Kito Grova

    Sun Jan 12 14:58:27 EST 2014

    By Melanie George

    So does it have a ...
    Sat Jan 04 09:54:24 EST 2014

    So does it have a regulator? Or just do a good job at regulating the air flow released from the valve? 
    By Ryan Bennett

    Paul, still miss ...
    Fri Jan 10 12:39:51 EST 2014

    Paul, still miss you on American Airgunner. I have an FX Bobcat .30 caliber, but my .25 Marauder is still my most used.
    By Robert Moore

    I prefer a nice ...
    Fri Jan 10 05:43:54 EST 2014

    I prefer a nice looking wood stock. I own a .25 cal Marauder and I would like to see a review on the new version. Great review. I always enjoy watching. 
    By Mike Sanders

    have the life I ...
    Sun Jan 05 11:36:17 EST 2014

    have the life I have dreamed of since childhood ...... excellent video
    By Chris Muzo

    Thanks for the ...
    Fri Jan 03 20:36:46 EST 2014

    Thanks for the review!! 
    By Derrick Haynes

    In the air gun ...
    Fri Jan 03 16:43:44 EST 2014

    In the air gun academy, you were able to put 3000psi without any adjustment to the hammer spring tension or throw. What would a beginner such as myself look for to see if they needed to make adjustments to go up to 3000psi? I received a .22 synrod for Christmas and I can't wait to fire the first shot of my first pcp :-)
    By heloanp81

    I noticed you guys ...
    Sat Jan 04 10:41:01 EST 2014

    I noticed you guys have the Diana P1000 in stock, I would like to see a review of that rifle! :)
    By tacticalalltheway

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