SIG Sauer P226 X-Five CO2 Pistol - Airgun Reporter Episode #109

Thu Feb 20 08:10:16 EST 2014

By pyramydair

great vid and ...
Sun Apr 05 17:34:07 EDT 2015

great vid and review, looks like a pretty decent gun! but wow, it sounds like you're reading from a script.
By 007tallguy

Fri Jan 09 22:37:54 EST 2015

PLEASE HELP ME !! I need to replace the Loading Nozzle and also the Loading Spring I can only find both parts for the Marui P226 are these spare parts compatible ???
By IndustrialPallets

how do you smoothin ...
Tue Apr 28 18:53:14 EDT 2015

how do you smoothin / waxing this gun? any special waxing-gel?
By Mark Rosentreter

how did you polish ...
Thu Nov 13 00:50:29 EST 2014

how did you polish it and prevent rust?
By MrBonami2

pretty good gun, ...
Sun May 31 14:03:50 EDT 2015

pretty good gun, very accurate replica. only complaint is the finish is crap, right out of the box it had scratches and spots of missing paint. but it does not bother me a whole lot because I use this gun for training, I use the blackhawk holster from my real sig 226 and it fits perfectly.
By butthole checker

Nice video as ...
Fri Feb 21 08:38:39 EST 2014

Nice video as allways :) I have the same pistol and its great. I can highly recomend it :)
By MrRuneRebel

Would like to see ...
Fri Feb 21 02:43:21 EST 2014

Would like to see the two tone how to video.
By caddilacjim

Can you do a vid on ...
Wed Sep 17 13:43:49 EDT 2014

Can you do a vid on how to improve power on a Sig Sauer X Five? Please Thanks
By Kevins Mixed Bag

Just love full ...
Thu Feb 20 09:52:27 EST 2014

Just love full metal action pistols :)
By chindas12

I also have this ...
Thu Apr 03 19:46:02 EDT 2014

I also have this gun & I highly recommend it! I bought it from Pyramyd Air. :-) It's one of my favorites in my collection. I also agree that these AIRGUN/AIRSOFT manufacturers REALLY need to start putting BETTER PAINT/FINISHES ON THEIR PRODUCTS! Most of them make very good replicas (the more realistic the better). Only to slap a HORRIBLE paint job on them prone to very quick wearing & very easily scratched. For the amount of money these BB Guns, Pellet Guns & Airsoft Guns cost, they REALLY NEED TO DO BETTER IN THIS CATEGORY!
By A_P_O_C_1

A strip and polish ...
Fri Mar 07 22:39:47 EST 2014

A strip and polish video would be a great idea. Thanks
By Keith Wock

wow great video. ...
Wed Mar 12 09:03:30 EDT 2014

wow great video. please make the instructional two tone video. thanks
By Zach Halfter

Thanks for the ...
Sat Feb 22 05:04:29 EST 2014

Thanks for the video! I have been wanting to get this airgun for a while now.
By Austin Wright

I recommend you do ...
Thu Feb 20 19:16:14 EST 2014

I recommend you do a review on the hatsan 95. 
By Joseph Kolodny

I would love to see ...
Fri Mar 07 22:38:10 EST 2014

I would love to see a strip and polish video. Thanks
By Keith Wock

Thu Feb 20 19:39:59 EST 2014

By Ben Rob

Yes! Two tone video ...
Sun Feb 23 22:11:10 EST 2014

Yes! Two tone video please!
By stephane Guillot

you mean a fed ...
Thu Mar 13 00:53:23 EDT 2014

you mean a fed license to create it? ....still hard to believe there isn't a big public demand/desire for high-powered bb guns!...thanks for responding!
By Phil Richey

Would it be ...
Thu Mar 27 23:57:06 EDT 2014

Would it be possible for u to get your hands on the Winchester Mp4 co2 air rifle and do a review that would be great 
By Marcos Pineda

i plan on getting ...
Mon Apr 21 06:54:09 EDT 2014

i plan on getting my first air gun pistol I'm debating what to get the sig sauer p226 x-five or the tanfoglio witness 1911 a1. which one is better? i like a realistic look feel blowback action and more rounds on the co2. let me know asap so i could get one thanks..
By Howard Cundangan

Nice chronograph, I ...
Fri Feb 21 00:56:03 EST 2014

Nice chronograph, I got one for xmas, but waiting for spring to shoot. Between 1997 and 2007 I raced radio controlled electric cars and used Competition Electronics motor dyno, battery cell matcher, and battery charger. CE makes quality electronics and I'm surprised more airgun reviewers don't use that chronograph.
By ThePokerClueless

I have this BB gun ...
Thu Feb 20 10:00:15 EST 2014

I have this BB gun and like it. It's fun to shoot although it's still too damn cold to shoot outside.

......a plain,and ...
Thu Feb 20 13:35:07 EST 2014

......a plain,and simple,small as possible, repeater pcp bb gun WITH POWER!!!......THAT'S WHAT I WANT! why can't i find one anywhere on earth??? surely there must be 1000's of people looking for a powerful bb gun!!!
By Phil Richey

WHY???????????????? ...
Thu Feb 20 13:02:02 EST 2014

WHY?????????????????????????? why are there NO powerful BB guns???? TO HELL WITH WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!! design,and engineer a repeater that gets 900-1200 fps!!! ??
By Phil Richey

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