Beretta M84FS CO2 BB Pistol - Airgun Reporter Episode #110

Mon Feb 24 12:58:57 EST 2014

By pyramydair

Ide,rather this ...
Sun Jan 25 03:33:36 EST 2015

Ide,rather this pistol be non blowback.could expect 430,maybe 450 fops instead of 360.i like bob guns to shoot hard and far.
By bill smith

One of the best ...
Sat Dec 13 14:03:10 EST 2014

One of the best replicas made by Umarex. Not very precyse,but very beautiful, power ful and real.I recommend it to who wants a compact pistol.
By Eraldo Inches

Fwiw mine shoots to ...
Wed Oct 01 21:18:03 EDT 2014

Fwiw mine shoots to the right also. nice pistol for plinking though.
By kenstogie

I live in Canada ...
Sun Mar 30 10:35:32 EDT 2014

I live in Canada and I need a pistol rack like the one in this video. How can I buy one for my endlessly growing air gun collection. Currently I keep them in 4 gun cases. Very nice reviews Paul. Also I'd like to know how to get that high tech pro Chrony in Canada? 
By Mike K

Paul, I was ...
Fri Jul 04 14:43:08 EDT 2014

Paul, I was wondering why you haven't as yet reviewed any of the Hatsan rifles? I am mainly interested in the Hatsan Model 125 Camo Sniper .25 Caliber Air Rifle Combo w/Upgraded Hawke Scope, Lockdown Mount, Bipod, and Sling. This rifle seems to have a lot going for it so I would really like to see you review it and give us some practical and technical feedback on it. I have read that Hatsan states the muzzle velocity of its rifles using lead pellets and not PBA ammo, which is more realistic adn practical. Please giver this some though. Thanks, Jim Tanner avid pellet gun shooter and enthusiast.
By Jim T

sigo esperando el ...
Mon Feb 24 13:18:14 EST 2014

sigo esperando el episodio 2 del airforce condorss cuando sera ese episodio Paul ??!!
By Raschid Kafie

You should make a ...
Thu Mar 20 23:31:13 EDT 2014

You should make a review for the Makarov co2 pistol
By Mustafa Malikzada

im a huge collector ...
Tue Feb 25 20:09:19 EST 2014

im a huge collector and i pretty much own all of the umarex airguns im fast to get whatever new comes out and i have to say as a buyer not a sellers point this gun does belong with my top shelf what makes it you ask for 1 its a full metal replica 2 blowback 3 compact and great usage of co2 all my other blow backs im lucky to get 3 hard mags..things i didnt like i would preffer a allen key then a co2 thumb screw knob and its not backyard friendly its a very loud gun it would have been better if it fully field stripped and the magazine could have been less plastic the trigger is a very long pull it takes few mags to get used to other then that its a all around great pistol from umarex you would think it would have been more high price so great bang for your buck must have 
By Larry Williams

Ok haha sorry I ...
Thu Mar 13 02:13:03 EDT 2014

Ok haha sorry I didn't notice, my bad
By clint cross

Do you think you ...
Tue Feb 25 18:54:46 EST 2014

Do you think you talk Paul into doing a review of the chronograph he's using now?
By MrCauphy

Dude, your trigger ...
Thu Mar 06 01:19:00 EST 2014

Dude, your trigger pull sucks, your putting your finger to far in side the trihger gard, this makes you pull your shot to the left/right depending on if your left or right handed, you shouldnt be testing any kind of gun accuracy if you cant even shoot it right.
By clint cross

Thank you soo much ...
Mon Feb 24 16:56:32 EST 2014

Thank you soo much for this epic review. This is just what I was looking for. :)
By Creepy Pea (Creepea)

great stuff Paul
Mon Feb 24 15:22:04 EST 2014

great stuff Paul
By JW's BulletsNBlades

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