Evanix MAX ML - Airgun Reporter Episode #113

not impressed, ...
Thu May 29 01:25:24 EDT 2014

not impressed, looks like they need fix a few things. no de-pinger for example and that trigger
By XDevilsChariotX

And there's the ...
Wed May 13 12:23:42 EDT 2015

And there's the problem. The magazine will only hold a 105 gr pellet max. because some engineer made it TOO SHORT. That makes this gun a mere plinker and not suited for med. game. The 9mm Bulldog on the other hand will hold a 145 gr. pellet. I know what my choice would be.
By TheMuffdivr

Hello people, Im ...
Thu May 07 14:42:34 EDT 2015

Hello people, Im searching for a good, silent airgun such as Gamo Whisper etc. Which would you recommed ?
By Piotr Olejniczak

I was unimpressed ...
Mon Oct 27 20:14:07 EDT 2014

I was unimpressed until the round ball. Wow!
By Joshua C

Why not 3000 PSI? ...
Sat Dec 20 00:43:21 EST 2014

Why not 3000 PSI? because the recommended pressure is 200 BAR, which is equal to 2900 PSI and not 3000 that is why. Anyway, great review.
By yamyam60

Trigger looks ...
Sat Oct 11 10:43:46 EDT 2014

Trigger looks absolutely horrible. Still accuracy doesn't seem all that bad 
By tmright18

Nice pup, Paul. Now ...
Fri May 30 02:40:40 EDT 2014

Nice pup, Paul. Now please, please, please come back to American Airgunner. For obvious reasons.
By monkeydad1969

bullet drop must be ...
Thu May 29 06:12:36 EDT 2014

bullet drop must be a bitch.
By TheHiddenPart

Howdy from Texas ...
Thu May 29 18:09:38 EDT 2014

Howdy from Texas Paul. Besides a great and thorough, technical report, your production of this video was fantastic. Audio and video both are world class and very enjoyable to watch. Keep'em coming...
By Tony King

Love the videos ...
Mon Oct 27 12:23:24 EDT 2014

Love the videos Paul keep them coming. Do you think you can do a review on the Evanix 3D bullpup .25 cal I was thinking about getting one but there is no good video reviews on it thanks.
By tattooJ83

Paul... great to ...
Fri May 30 23:58:17 EDT 2014

Paul... great to have you making these vids again! I missed them! Mahalo for the review.
By Aloha 808

Excellent review ...
Thu May 29 02:47:47 EDT 2014

Excellent review again, with phenomenal production standards. I cant imagine the amount of hours that goes into these kind of reviews. Kudos!
By Timothy Klok

That's a great ...
Thu Aug 28 12:39:10 EDT 2014

That's a great bullpup but why don't we see the more common popular makes and models offered in a bullpup version? A Benjamin Marauder bullpup springs to mind!
By HarryWebb46

Where did you get ...
Fri Jun 20 23:41:50 EDT 2014

Where did you get those Air Venturi 105 grain pellets. The 105 grain ones I see look more like cast bullets instead of the more traditional shuttlecock looking ones you are seen loading at the 3:50 mark of your video. Right now I am using JSBs in my Evanix 357 sniper because all the cast 357 Air Venturi's I have tried so far did not group well even at 30 yards. But the JSBs grouped well out to 80 yards.Just looking for something a little heavier for hog hunting though.
By Rashad Goff

Sadly in my country ...
Thu May 29 07:42:59 EDT 2014

Sadly in my country (Hungary) I can have airguns with a maximum energy of 5.5FPE (7.5J) without a license, and around 11-12FPE (16J) with a license. I love airgus and like long range target shooting, but it's impossible here. At least I can watch your great videos like this one!
By Pedropal Hu

Great review. It ...
Thu May 29 01:49:22 EDT 2014

Great review. It would be nice to see them a little more frequent if possible. 
By Robocorps2

Hi paul.look im ...
Sun Jul 13 23:46:25 EDT 2014

Hi paul.look im lookg at that optisan u have on ur gun.how is it workg out for u.cause im also lookg at the falcon menace.whic is a ffp scope.whic seems real nice.please try to get bac to me.alex
By Alex Miura

Thu May 29 01:10:21 EDT 2014

By pyramydair

Как такую купить в ...
Thu May 29 01:34:19 EDT 2014

Как такую купить в России ...
By Роман Кузьмин

Don't want to go on ...
Thu May 29 02:28:00 EDT 2014

Don't want to go on a rant about the horrible accuracy, since everyone know that it takes a long time to find the perfect match. But evanix makes high quality stuff. I'm a owner of the evanix rainstorm and it gives me sub inch groups at 50 yrds when I instaled a regulator and that beauty. That's the only thing missing on evanix air rifles though... but you cant blame them, since they are making those rifles for hunting purposes.
By Jerry Man

how do u like ur ...
Thu May 29 18:08:45 EDT 2014

how do u like ur scope.alex
By Alex Miura

I love the design! ...
Fri Jun 06 15:09:49 EDT 2014

I love the design! But I think the neighbors would not appreciate the report since it sounds very firearm-ish from a distance away, Something I already hate doing when my break barrel diesels after cleaning.
By GrOuNdZeRo7777

Evanix ML 9mm - ...
Thu May 29 08:03:37 EDT 2014

Evanix ML 9mm - Airgun Reporter Episode #113: http://youtu.be/exPuMpvVJrQ
By JW's BulletsNBlades

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