Date: 29/5/2017 15:21

Air Venturi Rail Lock Airgun Spring Compressor

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  • Matthew from USA asked:

    How secure is this product on an airgun that has only an 11mm dovetail to mount it to? The video showing how to use it specifically displays it being used on a gun with an integral Weaver/Picatinny styled accessory rail, but virtually 90% of all spring airguns do not have such a rail.

    • Tyler from USA:

      The rifle used in the video has a dual rail, 11mm and picatinny. The rail used in the video was the dovetail. So as you can see from the video, it will hold just fine.

  • Norman from USA asked:

    I have 2 Benjamin air rifles one Trail NP XL nitro and one BE1500 BTW converted to nitro gas spring. My question is will the tool work since the rear plug is threaded into the tube.

    • Q from USA:

      Guess my answer got deleted, sorry for offering real world experience. But anyway, what I said was the NPXL rifles don't need a compressor, once you unscrew the end plug all the preload is taken off before it's fully unscrewed

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, it will work. We've used it on an NP XL here. It's all a matter of knowing how your rifle comes apart in order to properly utilize the Rail Lock. But in short, yes, it will work.

  • Maverick Door Gunner from USA asked:

    Tyler, Jim B. here from MO.... how are ya? Looks like your enjoying your new position, and have fit right in with it. I get to talk to Ruth now.. she's a lot prettier than you, anyway! lol Miss talking with you, you helped talk me out of a lot of money. LOL Question on this new compressor from Vortex - Air Venturi... Your video is pretty "sanitary" Tyler.... how about doing another "real world" video of you removing a spring from one of those "magnum" springers with about 3+ inches of spring pre-load... and utilizing a Dovetail scope rail, instead of that sure fire, Weaver / picatinny rail. I also Have a suggestion for you... there Needs to be some sort of cup, that might screw on to the forward (gun) end of the rod, then after you begin backing the spring Out, you can screw the "cup" forward until it fully covers the end of the spring, this would negate ANY Chance whatsoever of it slipping of that little end piece that is on the tip... I don't like that situation whatsoever, and you know litigious this society is in this country... it would only take one incident... and the lawyers will be all over PA, Air Venturi and Vortex. Need I say more(?). Take Care, Tyler.

    • Matthew from USA:

      I just drilled a hole in a freeze plug.

    • Maverick Door Gunner from USA:

      Hey Tyler, Jim B. here.... Just wanted to say Thank You fro taking time to respond to my previous comment, had I not written it at the LATE Hr. that I did... I should have thought about the fact of Vortek putting it through its paces before putting it in production. I do have another suggestion... that when writing these comments, that something be done about the site requesting a person to have to answer questions regarding whether or not they're a "robot" every 60 seconds or so. I'm sure there's a reason for it, it's just a pain in the derriere. Hi to Ruth for me, Take good care my friend.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Hey Jim. Thanks for the kind words. I'm sure Ruth is taking good care of ya! We actually used the dovetail rail on the Kral for the video. While it does have the weaver rail as well, I opted for the dovetail as it is easier to mount to and provides the most "potential" for problems. As for slippage issues, if the Kral had a fully flat back, there would be no slippage at all to worry about. Because we had to put a washer back there, that was what created that issue. On a full flat back end cap like a R1 for example, it doesn't slip at all. And the only time it would begin to slip is when there is almost no pre-load left on the spring, basically rendering it harmless. When Vortek designed it, they ran it through it's paces very heavily and used it on just about every brand of piston gun you can think of. We've done our fair share of testing with it as well. What you can't see in the video is that the white bumper plug has a hole in it which allows it to hold even rounded end caps (like a TX200...not that you need a spring compressor to take a TX apart) in place very securely.

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