Date: 26/5/2017 7:44

Beeman R1 air rifle - AGR Episode #69

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  • Jonathan from USA asked:

    The picture (changed in early 2016) looks like an HW80 stock that doesn't fully cover the cocking lever joint. Is the original full length R1-style stock no longer offered?

    • Charles from USA asked:

      So all Beeman require scope? Is there any way to mount a front sight?

      • Paul from USA:

        You can get a HW80 with sights

    • Dennis from USA asked:

      Does the current R1 have a different cocking plate?

      • Ray from USA:

        Yes, it does as do all new HW/Beeman German airguns. All the older models can use the new and improved cocking plate which comes in two sizes, depending on model, and they cost about $5.00 each. I'm slowly swapping mine to the new ones as I tune them or if I need to open up the gun for some other reason. It's definitely a better design.

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