Date: 24/5/2017 6:1

Stoeger X20 S air rifle combo - AGR Episode #68

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  • Douglas from USA asked:

    Can you remove the shroud/supressor? How?

    • Kevin from USA asked:

      Trying to decide on either the Stoeger X20S2 or the Benjamin Summit? Need a super stealth rifle since I live in a residential area. Thanks!

      • BackyardPlinker from USA asked:

        Had the X20S2 for a week now. After 200 pellets still smelling oil and seeing smoke in the barrel. How long will this go on? Seems it should be well past the point of burning off excess oils.

        • Chevota from USA:

          It seems Stoeger guns have more grease in them than other brands so it is what it is. Grease doesn't come out/burn off as easily as oil so you have the problem you're experiencing. You can take it apart and clean the excess grease out, which is what I do, or simply shoot it until it stops. I've always thought that extra grease is how they "claim" their guns don't need to be broken in, which is false, but it also creates your problem which many probably consider more annoying. The good news is at least it has grease because most guns these days have very little of a very thin oil which isn't enough. It's common for people to tell me it took 200 shots with a Stoeger, but the smoke/smell tapers slowly so when it "stops" is subjective. Lighter pellets burn more grease so if you have 'em you could see if they speed up the process. Taking the gun apart for a cleaning is really pretty easy. With just a #2 phillips and a small adj wrench I could have your gun apart in <1 min. If you've never done it before then maybe 10? Ideally I think everyone should take their gun apart for a little work, but up to you. If you want details on work they can bennie from (aka a tune) I can send it to you/anyone who asks; chevota at hotmail, just state the make/model/cal and what you want.

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