Episode 13 – Scope sights 101: Scope adjustment

If your scope isn’t properly adjusted to your eye and the distances you shoot, you won’t hit what you’re aiming at. Learn how to properly adjust your scope. Just as important, we tell you what NOT to do.

5 Responses to “Episode 13 – Scope sights 101: Scope adjustment”

  • anon Says:

    Great video… I wish I had that when I started shooting years ago.

  • Tom Gaylord Says:


    Glad to hear it. Let us know if there are any questions we can answer in future videos.

    Tom Gaylord

  • A.R. Tinkerer Says:

    Is there a way to download Airgun Academy videos? Some of us have limited bandwidth or other restrictions (satellite, dial-up, etc.) so we don’t want to have to re-watch on the internet.


    • Edith Gaylord Says:

      A.R. Tinkerer,

      No way of downloading the videos at this time, but we’re creating DVDs with sets of videos on them. As more videos are produced, additional DVDs will be created. The first volume should be out in a month.


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