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    With their advanced design and superior performance, AirForce air rifles are designed for shooters of all ages and skill levels. With three sporting rifle models available, the AirForce Talon, Talon SS and AirForce Condor, AirForce air rifles have become recognized for their quality, accuracy and versatility. The barrels for AirForce air rifles are from Lothar Walther and are interchangeable for adjusting the caliber and the power of the AirForce air rifle. AirForce airguns are versatile and can be mounted with a variety of scopes, sights and other optics and accessories depending on the shooters needs. AirForce Airguns also has a 10-meter competition rifle called the Edge. It's available in red or blue. The TalonP pistol is a relatively new gun added to the AirForce inventory. It's extremely powerful and and accurate.
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