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Air Guns How Olympic 10M Competitions Differ

How Olympic 10M Competitions Differ

Olympic shooting competitions showcase marksmanship at its highest level. Athletes from around the globe compete head to head for the honor of winning the coveted gold medal. With both individual and team events, competitors have multiple opportunities for victory at this summer’s Olympics. They must demonstrate exceptional focus, control, and equipment mastery. 

10 meter Air Rifle vs 10 meter air pistol, how do they differ? top image, womwne's air rifle shooter taking aim at the firing line. bottom image, men's air pistol shooter taking aim at the firing line.

Air Rifle vs. Air Pistol

In the 2024 Olympics, athletes will showcase their precision and skill in competitions like the Air Rifle and Air Pistol events. These contests aren’t just about hitting targets; they’re about focus, control, and the pursuit of excellence on a global stage.

In both competitions, shooters aim for a perfect 10-point score per shot, with total scores depending on the number of shots taken. Achieving a flawless score is tough, but the best shooters come pretty close. In the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, William Shaner from Team USA scored 251.6 out of a possible 272.5 points to win the Gold medal. 

For Air Rifle competitors, it’s all about nailing that tiny .5mm bullseye using specialized aperture sights. On the other hand, Air Pistol competitors must hit 4.5mm bullseyes one-handed, showcasing agility, precision, and mental toughness.

The equipment used in these events is top-notch. Air rifles are precision-engineered for accuracy, while air pistols are designed for speed and ease of handling. Competitors in the Air Rifle event even sport specialized shooting attire to minimize movement and provide support during each shot.

When it comes to technique, Air Rifle athletes focus on a standing position and controlled breathing, while Air Pistol competitors rely on one-handed grips and quick reflexes. Scoring is all about hitting those bullseyes and racking up points to secure victory.

In the end, these Olympic shooting competitions aren’t just about marksmanship; they’re a celebration of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of competitive shooting.

Understanding Competition Air Guns


Crafted with the most meticulous attention to detail, competition air rifles have the most advanced features and technologies tailored to meet the exacting standards of marksmanship at the highest level of competition. From the moment the athlete shoulders one of these rifles, they experience a sense of balance, stability, and control that is essential for achieving optimal performance. 

Willian Shaner, Gold Medal winner in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, holding his Walther LG400
Willian Shaner, Gold Medal winner in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, holding his Walther LG400

The Walther LG400 is known for its reliability, ergonomics, and smooth shooting experience. Its modular design allows for easy customization to suit individual preferences. Features like the adjustable stock, trigger, and sights allow athletes to fine-tune the rifle to their exact specifications. The combination of customizability, precision, and reliability from a proven track record makes Walther a preferred choice for many Olympians and elite shooters around the world. 

Lihao Shenge, Tokyo 2020 Silver Medalist, shooting his Feinwerkbau 800 in the 19th Asian Games on September 25, 2023
Lihao Shenge, Tokyo 2020 Silver Medalist, shooting his Feinwerkbau 800 in the 19th Asian Games on September 25, 2023

The Feinwerkbau 800 ALU is celebrated for its balance, precision, and customizable features. It offers shooters exceptional control and accuracy, making it a top choice for competitive shooting. The stock, buttpad, cheekpiece, trigger, and sights are all adjustable for optimal comfort and control. Like Walther, Feinwerkbau has a proven track record of Olympic wins to bolster its reputation for excellence among competitors.


Competitive air pistols combine advanced technology and ergonomic grip design to deliver superior performance. Every aspect of their design is carefully crafted to provide the utmost comfort and control, allowing athletes to maintain their focus and composure throughout the match. 

Ada Korkin of Team USA holding her Morini 162MI air pistol and her sport pistol.
Ada Korkin of Team USA holding her Morini 162MI air pistol and her sport pistol.

The Morini 162MI is praised for its craftsmanship, smooth trigger, and impeccable accuracy. Its ergonomic grip and adjustable sights make it a favorite among competitive pistol shooters. The muzzle compensator eliminates barrel flip, and the 5.0 mm front sight comes standard. Morini has many years of experience providing air pistols with top-level performance, making them highly sought after for competition. 

The Hammerli AP20 is valued for reliability, consistency, and user-friendly design. Its lightweight construction and crisp trigger enhance control and precision. 

The Air Venturi Comp10 is being introduced this year and is great for beginning a competitive shooting endeavor. Its fully adjustable trigger and palm shelf provide excellent comfort and control. 

Non-Competitive 10M Target Shooting

If you are interested in 10M target shooting but have no interest in competing formally, you can still enjoy the discipline without a massive investment. 

Daisy Match Grade Avanti 753S
Daisy Match Grade Avanti 753S

The Daisy Match Grade Avanti 753S air rifle is a bolt-action, single-stroke pneumatic designed for accuracy and precision. The aperture sights meet competition standards, and the stock adjusts for comfort. Add the National Target NRA 10-Meter Air Rifle Bullseye Target, and you can set up a 10M course and practice as much as you like. You’ll only need to stock up on targets and ammo as needed. 

Air Venturi V10 Match Air Pistol
Air Venturi V10 Match Air Pistol

The Air Venturi V10 match air pistol is a single-stroke pneumatic that offers affordable performance and rugged construction, making it an excellent choice for informal 10M target shooting or for training beginner competitors. You’ll want to get plenty of National Target NRA 10-Meter Air Pistol Bullseye Targets and wadcutter pellets, so you have enough to practice with, and perhaps later, you could set up an informal competition with family and friends. 

You can get the most from your practice time by watching competitive shooting and implementing the techniques you see them use to improve accuracy. One thing many people overlook is breathing techniques. Never hold your breath while shooting. Instead, take the shot at the bottom of your exhale. Timing your shot to your breath helps you build a rhythm and consistency. 

Be sure to watch the shooting events in this year’s Summer Olympics, but in the meantime, enjoy a few shooting sessions of your own. Whatever shooting style you prefer, Pyramyd AIR has the air guns, ammo, and accessories you need. Happy shooting. 

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6 thoughts on “How Olympic 10M Competitions Differ”

  1. The hardest thing I had to learn was getting a proper stance.

    Point one foot in, the other the other foot another way.

    So when you raise the pistol to address the target, with your eyes closed, it should be on the target.

    If you are to the left or right of the target, adjust your stance ever so slightly.

    It’s all about doing the same thing, the same way, every time..

    Consistency is everything.


  2. I am still in awe of the American College lady that won the 2012 Olympic Gold Metal.
    Beating one former 2 time Olympic Champion and one three time World Champion. I understand her winning margin 1/10 mm.


    PS I understand that she only finished third in the NCAA Championship.

    • Yogi, some days you are the windshield, some days you are the bug..

      But a win is a win.
      1/10 of a millimeter is as good as a mile.

      In case Hihihi reads this, it means you cannot win them all…


      • I have had days with airguns and firearms where the target appears to be right up on the muzzle. Sane while playing cricket where the ball comes like a balloon. What you gave to remember on those days is the keep the fundamentals. One miss abd and everything goes away .You then find yourself working hard and then struggling to do everything right. Those good days in sports you referred to be in form.

        • So true DKGeorge.

          It’s hard for beginners to not look back or worry about the shot they just fired.

          We called it quicksand.

          You pull one shot.
          That bothers you, then you pull another.
          And another.

          Soon, you are in over your head (like quicksand) and out of contention.

          Two things that can never be taken back:
          Bullets out of a gun.
          And words out of your mouth.
          (Or written on a page like here.)


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