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Beeman RX-2 Air Rifle, No Sights


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One of the more powerful guns in the Beeman line, the RX-2 isn't a traditional spring gun. Instead of a coiled steel spring, the piston is filled with air. It's like the gas spring that holds up the back door of a minivan or hatchback car. Instead of compressing a steel spring, you're compressing a column of air. You don't have to fill the gas spring because no air ever leaves it.

When you go hunting with a gun that has a gas spring, you never have to worry about the spring taking a "set." When you cock a gun with a metal spring, you're supposed to shoot it right away. If you leave it cocked too long (and do that too many times), the spring loses strength, remains more compressed when it's uncocked and delivers lower power. That won't happen with a gas spring!

In any caliber, the RX-2 makes a great hunting rifle. In .22 cal., it delivers over 20 foot-pounds.

Includes 1" scope rings, medium profile, vertical scope stop in one ring, 2 screws per base & 4 screws per ring cap.

Here are the benefits of a gas-piston over a spring-piston powerplant:
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring

The breakbarrel mechanism of the RX-2 is just like the one you'd find on a gun with a metal spring. Dressed in an ambidextrous laminated Monte Carlo stock with a raised cheekpiece, the rifle has a long forearm, grip cap and white line spacers in the buttpad. The 11mm grooves make it a cinch to install a scope. High-quality workmanship is evident all around, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a gun made as well.

Don't forget to pick up a variety of specially recommended pellets, which are listed in the AMMO link. Our ACCESSORIES link lists scopes that can take the power of the RX-2, as well as some targets, cleaning gear and safety glasses.
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Caliber0.22" (5.5mm)
Max Velocity860 fps
Barrel Length19.63"
Overall Length45.7"
Shot Capacity1
Cocking Effort46 lbs.
Front SightNone
Rear SightNone
Scopeable11mm dovetail
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
Suggested forHunting
Trigger Pull2.0 lbs
Body TypeRifle
Weight9.8 lbs
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By Stephen from USA on 2015-12-16
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Things I liked: Accuracy came on quick. I installed a Leupold VX-III 4.5 to 14 with AO turned down to 25 yards. I used the Beeman one-piece mount with stop pin. I cleaned all the threads with alcohol and used blue loc-tite on the screws. So far so good. It's is shooting dime sized groups at 20 yards and nothing has come loose. However, I have put less than 100 pellets through her. She really likes Crosman Premier Heavy pellets as does my Beeman R9 in 0.177 caliber. She is hold sensitive and like I have heard others say she does like to rest on human flesh. She is a shooter and a keeper. This is my first 0.20 caliber pellet rifle and I have no regrets...

Things I would have changed: The stock had a blemish on it that sort of drove me nuts so I found a metal "Punisher" skull and got out my Dremel and inlayed it over her birthmark. No doubt I can tell she's mine now.

What others should know: The Beeman RX-2 is a very nice rifle. I also considered the Weihrauch HW90 and think I might still get one just for the open sights. I very much like the trigger pull on these German made rifles. They are fun to shoot! Note that Beeman changed the stock to ambidextrous on the new models so this is actually the second RX-2 as I sent the first one back in exchange for a stock with the raised cheek piece that PA just happened to have laying around???

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1.0 1.0

5.0 5.0

By james from USA on 2014-08-09
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Things I liked: Powerful, well made

Things I would have changed: Reduce power to allow scopes to be use with it

What others should know: I put a Bushnell Trophy scope and two Hawk HK5173 scopes on rifle, non went beyond 15 shots before breaking. I love the rifle but am reluctantly returning it for refund. It is too powerful for any scope I have been able to locate.

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By pedro from Canada on 2013-08-14
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Things I liked: Quality! Qualify! Quality! I own a Diana 350 Magnum and Diana 54 Air King as well as a Weihrauch HW 80 which are nice guns but the quality of this is awesome. You have to hold it and cock it to see what I mean! Cocking is butter smooth. Shot cycle very quick and no spring to twang! Trigger is superb also. Accurate gun. Lots of power in .20 cal.

Things I would have changed: Nothing

What others should know: The gun is heavy but I believe it is a hunting gun, not a plinking gun. Like they say, eat your Wheaties before you try cocking it!!! The stock is gorgeous, even my brothers wife said it is "pretty"...not my words :-). Pyramyd Air are great to deal with. I got mine with the ten for ten. Came with a printout of 10 shot velocity string. (very cool). Not cheap but you get what ou pay for.

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  • Robert from USA asked:

    What scopes will handle the RX-2 recoil?

    • Stanley from USA:

      Most scopes now days are rated for breakbarrels , try UTG, Hawk ,Aeon ,Centerpoint , Leapers are just a few.

  • Rudedawg from USA asked:

    Can the gas piston unit in the Beeman RX-2 be rebuilt as needed or does it have to be replaced like lower priced nitro piston units?

    • Stacey from USA:

      It can be rebuilt and aired up through schrader valve with the right equipment and know-how

  • JW from USA asked:

    For you experienced gas piston guys: do these gas pistons lose pressure over a few years like the struts holding my tailgate and hood up?

    • Jonathan from USA:

      My HW90 held pressure perfectly for 2 years of light shooting. Just recently I started shooting about 50 shots per day for one month and it did lose a small amount of pressure. This was verified by chronograph with a variety of pellets. The gun was shooting at 22-23 ft-lbs when I bought it and now it shoots from 20.8 to 21.6 ft-lbs. At lower pressure it is easier to shoot and more accurate. Take my experience with a grain of salt since it's only one data point.

    • Stacey from USA:

      Not typically, but it can happen.

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Item Description

BN-1806A [PY-1896-3883]
The ultimate hunting machine!
Caliber0.22" (5.5mm)
Max Velocity860 fps

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