10 thoughts on “Selecting the Pellet – Episode 43

  1. Hi
    Firstly thank you for the interesting video, however I did have the following points I would like to raise:
    1. Spring Pistons require lighter pellets. This is not my findings as my TX200, TX200HC and Diana 56TH would not work well with light pellets because lighter pellets travelling at a higher velocity tend to be more affected by turbulence and so I needed to use 18gr pellets to obtain better trajectories and reliable accuracy.

    2. .177 pellets are not really favoured for hunting. This subject was investigated thoroughly within “AirGun World” and it was found that the opposite is actually true for longer distances. .177 were less effected by crosswinds and therefore more accurate and also more importantly, the lighter weight of the pellet resulted in a greater dumping of energy into the target that a .22 (which retained more of the energy within the pellet and then through the target).



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