By B.B. Pelletier

Here is a gift from me to you. It’s not a physical thing, just information; though, if you act on my suggestion, it will become very real for you.

My gift is the IZH 61 air rifle. If you already have one, you’re nodding your head in agreement. If you don’t have one yet, you should think about correcting that deficiency real soon.

Why this one over any other? Accuracy! Price! Features out the wazoo include two kinds of rear sights (peep and sporting), a globe front sight with interchangeable elements, adjustable trigger, adjustable stock, EASY cocking and it’s a five-shot repeater! Best of all, it has a super Russian barrel, and the Russians are one people who know how to rifle barrels. By just telling your airgunning buddies about the IZH 61, you could score more points than Shaq on a good night.

Olympic accuracy for under $100?
This little sidelever spring is nearly as accurate as a $2,000 Olympic target rifle. Unfortunately, the 61 is also dog-ugly and could turn you off if looks are important. Several years ago I read an article about a guy who bought a 61 for under a hundred bucks and dolled it up with Olympic rifle sights and a full-featured target-style laminated stock! Those things set him back more than $500, or so the story went. The thing is, the gun was so darned accurate that it was worth it!

It’s like those Hondas that guys soup up to bury muscle cars. Of course, with $20,000 or more invested in the engine and a nitrous oxide injector you would expect them to. And, so it goes with the IZH 61, only you don’t have to do anything beyond buying the gun and shooting it.

Here is a tip for new owners. Just take the gun out of the box and shoot it! You can read a ton of so-called improvements on any of the chat forums, but you don’t need them to shoot like a champ. Simply load the five-shot magazine with good target pellets and shoot, shoot SHOOT!

For my money, the IZH 61 is one of the most value-packed airguns available today.