By B.B. Pelletier

We had a comment TODAY that was bumped off the active list by THIS message! It occurred to me that I should tell you guys how this Blogger software seems to work, so we can talk to each other.

First, at the bottom of THIS MESSAGE there is a comment counter and an icon of an envelope with an arrow in it. If you put your cursor on the comment counter and click on it, a window opens for YOU to leave a message.

You MAY have to open that window larger by clicking on the lower right corner and dragging it down until you see the button marked Login and Publish. Once you are satisfied with your message, click this button to leave your comment.

I will leave a comment at the bottom of THIS message for you to read.

What people have been doing is scrolling down to the LAST MESSAGE that can be seen and leaving their messages THERE. Once I post the next day’s message, it bumps their comment off the active list and you can’t see what they have asked. Bummer!

What prompted this special message was a comment we got TODAY from a reader asking why I haven’t written about the Sheridan Blue Streak. Well, I did write about the Blue Streak in the very first message, but that was on March 1 and it has been bumped off the list.


Look at the BOTTOM of the list of reports at the right side of this message. TODAY ONLY, it says “Synthetic skirts, steel tips and other pellet oddities” Tomorrow, it will say “Become a better shot!” because tomorrow’s posting will bump today’s last posting off the list. Got it, so far?

If you click on the oldest title on the right of this page, you’ll be taken to that posting, and the list on the right OF THAT POSTING will reflect what was current ON THAT DAY!

That’s how you can get back to the first posting on the Sheridan Blue Streak. It’s not straightforward, but right now it’s the only way you can see the posts that have been bumped off the list. Good luck.