By B.B. Pelletier

Okay, these are MY picks. You don’t have to agree. But some people might like to hear what someone else thinks.

Pellet No. 5 – RWS Hobby
Hobby is the German codeword for cheap. RWS Hobbys aren’t cheap, but they are good! I like them for plinking in most airguns. And I like them in either caliber. They come in both .177 and .22. I think RWS makes Hobbys just a little better than their price reflects.

Hobbys are especially good in lower-powered airguns. If you have an air pistol or a weaker spring rifle, this might be the pellet to jazz things up.

Pellet No. 4 – Crosman Premier
That’s ANY Premier in the cardboard box. ANY caliber, and they come in three of the four smallbore calibers, with two weights in .177.

I also like Premiers in round tins. They are less expensive that way. And let’s be honest – Benjamin Sheridan Diabolo pellets are Premiers by another name and just as good. The pellets in the tins don’t get packed by lot, or at least it’s not stamped on the tins, but they still shoot very well.

With Premiers you do need to sort by weight and discard the light ones. And they do lead the bore if shot too fast. Otherwise, this is a wonderful pellet.

Pellet No. 3 – H&N Match
Accurate, accurate! I only have experience with the .177 Finale Match high speed; but with the H&N reputation for quality, I bet the .22 and .25 calibers are just as good. These also make good critter-busters at close range. I like the high speed best, but I don’t have as much experience with the low speed. And, you can choose head size with this brand, though I always go with 4.51 unless I know a good reason to try something else.

Pellet No. 2 – Beeman Kodiak/H&N Baracuda
Beeman Kodiak pellets or H&N Diabolo Baracuda used to be numero uno. They’re heavy in all calibers, so they’ll slow down those overly powerful guns so they can do good things. And, these are pure lead and very uniform.

Pellet No. 1 – the BIG KAHUNA – JSB Diabolo Exact
This is the best hunting and all-around pellet I’ve ever seen. Forget deviation – there seems to be none! I think they must hand-sort them, but what do they do with the tons of rejects? Melt them? I think not. Apparently, Mr. Bohumin has found a better way to make pellets. This pellet in .22 caliber has no equal that I know of.

Them’s my picks. Tell me yours.