By B.B. Pelletier

I promised a reader of the April 11 blog that I would explain why I like my big bore airguns to be single shots.

Big bores can be VERY accurate
And, single-loaded bullets are also VERY accurate. Ask anyone who reloads ammunition for firearms why they do it, and one of the answers is they can make better ammo. Better means more accurate.

Single shots out-perform repeaters
I’m not making this up – check it out. For the best accuracy possible, always use a single-shot. This is very important in pellet guns. By inserting a pellet directly into the bore, rather than letting a mechanism do it for you, you are cutting down the chance for damage to the pellet.

My favorite Pyramyd big bore
I like all the single-shot big bores Pyramyd Air offers, but I do have a favorite. The Big Bore 909S (which used to be called the Big Bore 44) is a .45-caliber single-shot rifle with a sliding breech cover for loading the barrel. It is SO EASY to load this rifle – even with a large scope mounted on top.

The 909S loading port is longer than the loading trough on the Career Dragon .50-caliber bolt-action rifle, so you can load longer, heavier bullets. Take a look at the .45 caliber pellets available on this website.

A single-shot means more ammo possibilities
Consider this: the 909S is a .45-caliber rifle with the SAME bore size as a .45 ACP pistol cartridge. So there are HUNDREDS OF LEAD BULLETS to choose from! Any good gun store should have several styles of cast lead bullets that will fit your rifle. They need to be sized 0.451″ or 0.452″, which is the most common size for the .45 ACP.

The 909S also produces about the same power as the Dragon, even though it shoots a slightly smaller caliber bullet, so you lose nothing by choosing it. Of course, the Dragon ain’t no slouch, either! Pyramyd stocks three .50-caliber pellets for it. Aftermarket bullets are not as common as they are for the .45, but if you cast your own, they can be whatever you want. Just don’t go too far past 275 grains in weight because the rifle won’t stabilize a bullet heavier than that.

The other reason I like single-shot big bores
This reason is simple – AIR. Big bores go through a lot of it. It’s fairly useless to have 10 fast shots if you only have enough air for 4! So big bore repeaters are all in the smaller calibers. When you want to shoot a real bruiser, it will be a single-shot for sure.

Let me know what you think of big bore single-shots!