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by B.B. Pelletier

You’re already on the internet, so I don’t have to tell you how good it is for finding facts. But, several of you have asked research-type questions, so today I thought I’d show you the mother lode of airguns links – AirgunInfo.com, hosted by Pyramyd Air!

Airgun forums and blogs
Last week, I answered a basic question about airgun forums. Well, there a whole section of the main page dedicated to them on this site. It’s on the left margin, and you click on the forum logos to connect. You’ll even find this blog there. Then, there’s a hot link under the General Info heading to lots more forums. It’s called airgun forums, logically enough. The coding has made most links open in a separate page, so you won’t lose your index page on Airgun Info. A few do not, however, so pay attention to what you are doing as you browse.

Classified ads and used guns!
You guys are always wanting to buy the neat collectible guns I show you here. Well, the classified ads are where to begin. I just spent 10 minutes there browsing the links and may have bought a bargain airgun book! Don’t forget, may of these classified sites give you free listings, so when it’s YOUR turn to sell, they are also great for that!

Besides the classifieds, there are also used gun sites. I would have thought Pyramyd would only have linked to their own used guns, but it looks like they got most everybody! I spotted one missing link, which I forwarded to them, but this is the best collection of used gun listings I have seen.

Repairs and parts!
We always need links to repair stations and parts suppliers. The Repairs and Parts page on this website is HUGE! This reference site must rank as one of the best if not THE very best airgun reference site on the internet. One word of caution on the repairs; some of these guys have not been around that long, so check references before sending off a treasured heirloom. If I tell you about someone in this blog, I have already checked out that person’s work. Not that I’m an authority, but I won’t recommend someone I know to be a fruitcake. On the other hand, anyone can hang out their shingle on the internet!

Almost all airgun manufacturers have some kind of website. The links for them are on the Manufacturers page. If you want to know what Baikal IMZ says about the airguns they make (like the all-black Drozd), check out their site! The manufacturers will also announce new products on their website (some of them, at least), so this becomes your window on the world of airguns.

Talk about Macy’s sending customers to Gimbels! Pyramyd Air has a page of Dealers. It worked in Miracle on 34th Street, and it works for Pyramyd Air for the same reason. For those who fly the Maple Leaf, there is an entire page devoted to Canadian Airgun Dealers. Customers know instinctively that when a dealer is willing to tell you about other dealers (to the point of telling you what they specialize in!), they are confident of their own position in the marketplace. Gimbel’s didn’t understand it in the movie and neither do most of the other airgun dealers.

For those who still can’t convert inch-pounds to Newton-meters in their head, there is a great Conversions web page. If you still haven’t found the energy conversion page on the Pyramyd site (despite the tons of bread crumbs I’ve been scattering), perhaps this page will be of some service.

There is so much on the Airgun Info site that I’m going to let you do your own exploring. When a new guy asks a question that you know is answered here, please refer him if you see the comment first. I think Pyramyd Air deserves our thanks for providing this wonderful reference for free. I’ve got it bookmarked on my “hot buttons” bar at the top of my browser. I suggest you do the same

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  1. Hi BB,
    I have an off topic question. I just ordered a Logun Gladi8or from Pyramyd. Do you know if the magazines for the Logun Axsor are the same or at least compatable with the Gladi8tor. Thanks in advance

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