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Education / Training Hunting Master Evanix AR6: Part 1

Hunting Master Evanix AR6: Part 1

by B.B. Pelletier

The Hunting Master AR6 is a much-refined version of the rifle that started the influx of Korean PCP rifles in this country in the 1990s.

One sharp-eyed reader spotted this new Hunting Master AR6 on the Pyramyd website, and I had a chance to test one, so I thought I’d give you an advanced look at a fine new hunting rifle today.

The AR6 has been around a long time
This was the first Korean PCP imported into the U.S. Back in the early 1990s, a much rougher looking AR6 surprised Americans with unheard-of power and accuracy. At a time when British single-shot PCPs developed 20 foot-pounds and Sweden was still years in the future, the AR6 popped on the scene. It offered 50+ foot-pounds and 1″ groups at 50 yards. Overnight, American airgunsmiths began modifying this bag of raw potential.

The early rifles were very raw!
Early AR6s had the traditional Korean two-piece forearm and buttstock with the low comb that made scopes hard to use. The action was as rough as a goat-gnawed can, and the double-action trigger had a pull weight of 40 lbs.! So, the only practical way to shoot the early guns was to cock the hammer for each of the 6 shots.

Still, the early rifles were very accurate, and they had the power to stabilize heavier pellets than American hunters had ever used, plus they were the first PCP repeaters anyone had seen. The AR6 changed the face of airgun hunting in this country. When the Career 707 came along in 1995, it was smoother, even more powerful and had a lever action that could be slicked-up easier than the revolving mechanism of the AR6.

A lack of support killed the AR6
The AR6 was dropped by the larger airgun dealers, leaving sales to the smaller “hobby” dealers (people who are not serious dealers – they come and go overnight). Support for the guns vanished and so did sales, as rifles like the Career and Sam Yang made their grand entrances. By 1996, a few American airgunsmiths had slicked up the AR6 to fire double-action with just 18 lbs. of effort, but by then the days of the Hunting Master were over. I still see these older rifles changing hands for very little money.

This rifle is an entirely new, third-generation rifle. The manufacturer listened carefully to what Pyramyd AIR told them American hunters want in an air rifle. It has a walnut stock that’s been correctly profiled for scope use. A large single-tube reservoir holds enough air for 20 full-power shots with heavy Korean pellets. The double-action trigger-pull is down around 12-14 lbs., which is actually usable for the first time. The single-stage, single-action pull is a crisp 3 lbs. And the power and accuracy seem refined, making the new AR6 an affordable option to the more expensive British and Swedish repeaters.

On Monday, I’ll tell you some things I learned while shooting this new AR6. If you’re in the market for a hunting air rifle, put this one on your list.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

51 thoughts on “Hunting Master Evanix AR6: Part 1”

  1. B.B.

    As I get older, my list of things under the category of “I don’t get it” keeps growing. Airguns that achieve 50ft/lbs of energy are on that list. This level of power is what will eventually cause tighter regulation of airguns(which none of us want). Furthermore, if this level of power is wanted, a .22 cal rimfire rifle can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. Even the .22 shells are less expensive than quality pellets.



  2. well, if there is talk of regulating them, how about joining NRA and helping to defend our 2nd Amendment right to use these fine pieces of equipment ? and BB, what happened to thursday and friday 5-25 and 5-26 ? I’m reading a post from Monday 5-28 but it still says Friday 5-26 on my watch … did I wake up this morning in another dimension LOL ?!

  3. For some reason the Blogger software got the dates screwed up. There is a Wednesday posting on shooting positions. It has no date. The Thursday post is dated the 24th instead of the 25th. I fixed the Friday date, but I’ll have to wait for a quieter time to fix the others.


  4. sorry to be off topic but, i just purchased a leapers 3-9×50 5th generation scope for my gamo hunter 220. with my scope stop, there is hardly half an inch between the objective edge of the scope and the rear sight of the rifle. This makes it impossible to use the lense cover or the sun shade that comes with the scope. Would you recommend trying to remove the rear sight?

  5. I have a gamo 890 with the BSA 3-12×50 that came as a package. I have never been able to hit anything with it in 6 months of working with it on and off. The first thing that happened was that the BSA adjustable mount broke, it never would hold the scope without movement. So I replaced the mount with a one piece from pyramyd. However, this scope is rife with parallax, at any range and at any power.

    I am tempted to just get a 4x, but am hesitant to put any more money into this piece of crap. I have been shooting for years, last week I shot a squirrel in the head at 52 yards offhand with a 10/22 and a 4x, so the problem is not me. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be pleased to hear it before I throw this thing in the trash.

  6. I just bought an old AR6. It did not come with a charge probe. Does ANYONE know if there’s an alternate manufacturers probe that will work with it? Is the Duk Il company contactable? Thanks for any help/suggestions you can provide, I have a like new ar6 but no way to see if it even works!

  7. AR6 owner,

    Please put a handle on any future communication, so I know who you are.

    Does your new/old rifle use a needle-type probe, or does it have a large hole for a quick-disconnect type probe? I know where you might get a needle probe and this site (Pyramyd Air) sells the other type.

    The needle proble attached to the scuba tank that had to lie horizontal. The gun was shoved onto the fill needle and filled in less than three seconds. It’s a bad way to fill and Duk Il changed the fill device early-on.


  8. I can’t make an account every name I enter the site says I can’t use that name (I tried random numbers too)
    Anyway, at the end of the gun, there is a pressure guage which is part of a threaded fitting that unscrews easily enough. Below that is a dust cover/cap that slides off an O-ring equiped protrubence approx. 5/8″ in diameter. The part that is revealed when the dust cover is removed has a 3/8″ (approx) hole drilled perpendicular to the cylinder. At the back side, in the center of this 3/8″ hole is a small pin hole maybe 1/8″ As near as I can tell, there is NO way a “needle” type fitting could be inserted anywhere in this rifle. The only way I could see air getting in is if the charging apparatus had about a 5/8+” diameter female receptacle.

  9. AR6 owner,

    All you have to do to add a handle is sign your message by hitting the return ket twice, then typing your handle. Hitting the return key twice is also the way to make new paragraphs.

    If you also want to post your name at the top of the message instead of Anonymous, hit the “Other” button under Choose as idenity and type the same thing in the Name box.

    You have described the type of filler probe that Pyramyd AIR sells. Contact them and they can probably get you running. The dust cover you describe should rotate around to reveal the filler hole. The early Career 707s had the same type of filler hole.


  10. I think the pricing on the new AR-16 is mistakenly wrong. How can the pistol (one without the Stock) cost the same as the full blown AR-16 Rifle (the one without the thumbhole stock)? Further more, more data is required about its accuracy, effective hunting range etc., before I can make a decision to purchase it. I would appreciacte if such data was posted in the item discription.

  11. Vik,

    The AR6 pistol can EASILY cost as much as the rifle! Look at the Falcon pistols. They cost into the high $700s when some of the rifles sell in the $600s.

    Cost does not relate to materials half as much as it does to labor time and manufactured quantities, plus demand. A low-demand item (pistol) that sits on a dealer’s shelf a long time costs the dealer more than a high-demand rifle that sells quickly.

    As for the performance of the pistol, they give that to you in the description. From the velocity you can easily determine the effective range. Accuracy would be equivalent to the rifle, as the barrels are the same. Barrel length has nothing to do with accuracy.


  12. Dear B.B.,
    For example, The discription for the AR6 with the take down stock is carrried over from the full blown rifles. It says the gun has 23.20″ barrel. But the barrel in the picture is clearly much shorter. What I mean is that it would be helpful to your customers if each item was described seperately and clearly. Just a thought, rest is up to you.

  13. Vik,

    I was looking at the AR6 PISTOL. You were talking about the carbine.

    I will be testing it very soon, but I think it will be in the 30 foot-pound region. That’s what the old AR6 pistol was, and it was about the same size with the same length barrel.

    Anyway, a test soon.


  14. Dear B.B.
    Thanks for a prompt update. How many “above 500FPS (11-12 grain pellet)” shots per fill on both the pistol and the carbine? And how big are the Air cylinders on both of them respectively?
    This information will be greatly appreciated.

  15. Midway05,

    That is interesting. I had heard that the U.S. importer of the FX Revolution was having gross problems with seals blowing out – as in every rifle he imported. I also heard that problem was happening in the UK.

    It’s great that you have a good one.


  16. Hi B.B. Pelletier

    my dad just gave me an evanix AR6. Its in great shape. he barely used it. My question is, what adapters do i need to fill this gun? Dad only gave me the rifle. Thanks in advance.

    Jimbo Jones

  17. Hi, B.B. I am a AR6 owner from Bulgaria. I’ve been waiting you to test the airgun well and now i’m gonna ask you something about the build quality of the airgun! Because it is not made from steel, but from aluminum aloe i’m afraid that there will be some play in the barrel box after some time of use! i am afraid that there will be some lose in the six shot cylinder! And this lose to cause some inaccuracy! Is my worry pertinent or i don’t need to bother myself?

  18. AR 6 owner,

    The AR 6 has been around since the early 1990s and they hold up very well. he barrels do not become loose with use. And the cylinder also does not loosen.

    American shooters have used these rifles for hunting for 10 years with no problems, as have the Korean hunters.

    Shoot your rifle all you like, it will hold up.


  19. Sorry i don’t tell my name! it is anton! Thanks for the information! Now i am not worried about my rifles future :)But i have another problem. I don’t have right pellets for it and i am shooting with light pellets and this leads to great inaccuracy and great air consumption (about 20 shots it goes from 200 to 100 psi with 60 m/s drop)! now i’m gonna cut the valve spring to lower the power of the airgun (now is 390 m/s (80 joules) with beeman kodiak .22 (in bulgaria they are known as H&N Diabolo Baracuda)
    Best Regards Anton

  20. can i leave my AR6 full of air all the time? i occasionally cut my shooting session short and since the PCP is new to me i was not sure. thanks

  21. B.B. i am shooting at about 600-650 fps muzzle velocity down a homemade 85ft range, its informal fun but i would still like good accuracy, should i stick with the crosman wadcutters im using or should i go for a domed pellet? thanks

  22. Hello BB, great blog, Thanks
    My question:
    Among the powerhouse PCP’s could you point me in the right direction to narrow down the choises between ShinSung, Eun Jin and Evanix or even another. There are so many great looking rifle, I just need somewhere to really start looking.

  23. BB,
    Accuracy is most important. I would be using the rifle to hunt, mainly small game but the reason I’m looking at these guys is that I wouldn’t mind having the capability of bagging somewhat larger dinners.


  24. DRT,

    They are very equivalent guns, but Evanix has made more changes and upgrades in the past two years. The others have either stayed the same (Sumatra) or they have evolved into more bizarre styles (Shin Sung).


  25. Just been reading your Career Dragon Slayer review again dhuhhuh (Homer Simson Sound), looks very hot… but that seems exactly what the designers were playing at, is it really that good/worth it?

  26. As far as understand the advantages of the High powered rifles (like the ShinSungs and the Evanix) over ‘regular’ PCP’s (like the BAm50, the Webley Raider and the Air Arms PCP’s)are that they shoot further and they shoot harder (bigger knock-down power=bigger prey).

    But they are ‘nearly’ as accurate and as loud and you get far less shots per full tank…

    Am I missing some crucial piece of understanding, except for the Bam all other pcp’s are much more pricy than the big ones, is this due to European/American labor cost, higher quality(is there greater accuracy difference than the web desciptions make believe?), I’m puzzled, never though choosing a PCP would be this difficult!


  27. DRT,

    Bigger knock-down doesn’t always = bigger prey. Especially when you can’t hit the target.

    Hitting is always assumed, but it shouldn’t be. It’s the first thing to look for in an airgun and yet the last thing most people ask about.

    By lumping the BAM in with the Korean guns and European guns you are all over the board. BAMs are Chinese, and perhaps you didn’t read my review of one, but you should:


    And why have you not mentioned the Benjamin Discovery? I designed it for new shooters like you, who can’t sort out all the subtleties of the pneumatic world. It’s a complete system in a box for a little more than the cost of a chancy Chinese PCP.

    Are you searching through the Korean rifles because they are all you can find?


  28. i'm having problems with charging it. i just goi it today and it doesnt seem like the air is charging it … it looks like i did everything per the instructions and the air does not fill it up. am i missing an extra step? could it be damaged?

  29. Anonymous having problems filling the Hunting Master Evanix AR6,

    A couple suggestions:

    1-Make sure your fill probe is firmly seated. No threading is required, but sometimes using a slight twisting motion while inserting the probe will help.

    2-Make sure the bleeder valve on your pump/scuba tank is closed

    3-If neither of these work, try cocking the gun for its first fill.

    Are you using a pump or a tank to fill?

    Try these 3 things and let us know if it helps.


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