by B.B. Pelletier

Many readers post ads for their airguns on old posts in this blog – where the same gun is reviewed. There’s nothing wrong with that except that most people don’t read those old posts, so your ad isn’t seen by many people.

We also get a lot of inquiries about where to buy old guns and parts for them. Once again, these are placed on the bottom of old posts and don’t get read by anyone except me. So, today, I’m taking the time to explain the resources available to readers.

Airgun shows
These are the best places to buy and sell those old airguns. They happen every year at the same time and are a wonderful resource if you’re serious about airgunning.

Little Rock, Arkansas
Happens on the last weekend in April. This year’s show is past, but there will probably be one next year. Look for collectible Daisys, Sheridans, Benjamins and Crosman guns. Parts, too. This year, a local airgunner unloaded a large collection of modern springers from 1970-2000. Most were like new in the box. He asked what he paid for them, so it was possible to buy a Diana 50 TO1 underlever for what you would have paid in 1988. For show details, contact

Baldwinsville, New York
This is an especially good show for Crosman guns and air canes. Held on the third Friday in July. There’s still time to make it this year! Contact Larry Behling at
315-695-7133 or

Daisy Get-Together in Mason, Michigan
Meet the top Daisy collectors in the world! This is the place to find hard-to-get Daisys and other turn-of-the-century BB guns. Held on August 26 this year. Contact Bill Duimstra at 616-878-0306 or

Roanoke Airgun Expo in Roanoke, Virginia
Held the first Friday and Saturday in November. This is the big one. A genuine Austrian Girandoni military rifle sold for $3,500 at this show. BB gun collections have sold for over $40K! Expect to find ANYTHING at this show. Contact Fred Liady at fax 540-345-4210 or

Internet resources
Go here to Airgun Info and check it out. This site is sponsored by Pyramyd Air and lists dealers, repair stations, free classified ads and more. You really should bookmark this site.

Repair stations and parts
For pneumatic Crosman, Benjamin and Sheridan guns:
George Pena at or 512-863-2951.

For pneumatic and CO2 Crosman, Benjamin and Sheridan guns:
Rick Willnecker at or 717-382-1481.

For spring gun parts, new springs and seals, plus lead shot:
John Groenewold, PO Box 830, Mundelein, IL 60060-0830, or 847-566-2365

For vintage Daisy guns:
Jim Coplen, PO Box 7297, Rochester, MN 55903 or 507-281-2314
Jim Dry, Claremore, OK, 918-341-9104

For CO2 and pneumatic tunes:
Dave Gunter Airguns or 503-556-1439

That’s a pretty exhaustive list of resources. Yes, there are other places, but these are the ones I know and trust.