by B.B. Pelletier

Hello everyone. I have been on the road and will try to catch up on all the back questions; but if not, ask again. I did ask several of you to ask your questions again this week, so now is the time for that.

While on the road, I use a laptop to keep up with the blog. I’m not used to the keyboard, which is why I keep capitalizing whole sentences. I am not shouting at anyone; the caps lock key is too close to the shift and tab keys, and I hit it all the time by mistake.

When I’m on the road, I tend to give shorter answers because of the keyboard thing, plus the fact that my connections are so varied. Believe it or not, on this trip I was in a 700-room hotel in Orlando where there was no wireless internet, except in the lobby! In my room, their “high-speed internet” was a phone cable! And, it was like a fast dial-up service. That makes it difficult to do real work on the internet. I will solve this with a wireless card in the future, but this time I was unprepared for a resort hotel in a major vacation and conference city to be so backward. They located this cable on the night stand, so I had to use that as my computer desk. After answering 25-30 messages each evening, my back was totally out of whack.

Blog security measures
Some of you may not have read my announcement about the new security measures we are using, so here’s the deal. Commercial automatic spams on this blog have increased dramatically. Automated spam postings normally bypass blogs that require entry of characters in a box. We could require that all comments be sent to me before being posted, but that’s full moderation that I want to avoid. Typing in the characters seemed less annoying than full moderation. Another option would be to allow comments only from people who have a Blogger identity. That would force everyone to register. I want to avoid that as long as we can for a variety of reasons. I have to type in the characters, too, so I’m doing it for every answer I give. It still seems to be the best way.

Posting backlog
Below are listed the blog topics I am working on. In some cases, “working” means I’m awaiting the gun, which could take months. In other cases, the topic has only been asked for by one reader, which tends to make it slip down on the list.

Benjamin HB22 pistol
Tau 7 pistol
Big Bore 909 rifle
How to maintain a PCP airgun
BAM B50 test (the B51 is also possible)
Several reports on barrel harmonics and tuning them
Daisy 008 pistol
Gamo P23 pistol
Modifying a 2240 for more power
Round balls vs 28-grain Eun Jin diabolos for penetration
Scope repeatability (8-32 Leapers)
Customizing airguns (stocks, grips, finishes)
Comparison of the CP99 Compact to the PPK/S
Gel pack rifle/pistol rest
Evanix AR6 pistol

There are also several other blogs in the works, but they are either based on new models that haven’t arrived (and no one has asked for them yet), or they’re surprises.

What BB Pelletier CAN’T do!
I get comments and questions all the time that go like this. “I understand the technical points of shooting quite well. I recently purchased a (fill in the blank) airgun that doesn’t suit my needs. I need a rifle that shoots at least 1,200 f.p.s. and can hold a group of five shots to no larger than 1/2″ at 50 yards. Why is this expensive air rifle (it cost him $190) unable to do that? ANSWER: What you bought IS NOT an expensive air rifle. A Walther LG300 Dominator, costing $1,899, is expensive. A rifle for under $200 is in the budget class. A budget Ruger 10/22 doesn’t shoot that well, either, but a custom Volquartsen selling for $1,500 will! The fact that $200 seems like a lot of money to you doesn’t make it so. It seems like a lot to me, too, but it really isn’t. Don’t expect a Chevy Impala to perform like a Dodge Viper, because it won’t.

Now, here is what this blog CAN do. I can show you, through my reports and testing, that you can get more power and nearly all the accuracy of an LG300 Dominator from an AirForce Condor, which costs under $600. The trigger will be heavier and the stock won’t be as adjustable, but the Condor offers a lot of value for less than one-third the price. What I CAN’T do is make the Condor come to you in a wood stock or with a quiet report, any more than I can grow a new arm.