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Education / Training And now, a word from our sponsor The Pyramyd Air moving sale

And now, a word from our sponsor The Pyramyd Air moving sale

by B.B. Pelletier

Last week, I hinted at what’s about to happen, and today I’ll come right out and tell you. Pyramyd AIR is moving! They’ve purchased a building and will move there this year–the exact date is still being determined.

Here’s what the move will mean to you. They plan to have a blow-out sale of odds and ends to lighten their load. Last year’s Garage Sale was just a warm-up for what’s coming this time.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for airgunners to land some buys they’ll be bragging about for decades to come. Pyramyd AIR has more product to put into this excess sale than the entire inventory of many of their competitors.

Before we get into that, though, I’d like to give you a little history of the company.

Joshua Ungier was a dealer of gem stones, plus he owned a marble-importing business operating under the name Pyramyd Stone. Being a shooter and loving airguns in particular, he decided to open a mail-order airgun business in 1993-94. Pyramyd AIR started in 440 square feet of Josh’s basement. But it took off pretty fast and soon had to move into a larger rental space of 2,000 sq. feet. The new space was so large compared to the basement that Josh wondered if he would ever grow into it; inside a couple months, he had. He had to build a second level in that space just to be able to stay there awhile.

But even that space wasn’t enough. So, once again, Pyramyd AIR expanded into a similar space two doors down, doubling their size to 4,000 square feet. That held them for a few years, but then they outgrew that and had to move again–to their current 12,500 square-foot building.

But their current building isn’t suited to their type of business. There are too many garage doors in back, which makes the place hard to heat in the winter. Being in Cleveland, it’s winter for almost half the year. They also have too many passageways between what used to be separate businesses, so it takes forever to go somewhere inside their offices and warehouses. All the businesses that were there before had put in their own unique interior walls and doors. Pyramyd AIR has tried to stay current, but they aren’t about to gut a rental property and do a major remodel on something they don’t own. The current situation is less than ideal. They also now have 43 employees, so their parking lot is maxed out.

They just bought a 20,000 square-foot building. This one they own and can do anything they like. And before they pack up to move, they want to clear out all the excess stuff that’s piled up over the years. Let me tell you about some of that to get your imagination started.

Whenever a manufacturer has a new gun to sell, PA will buy samples to evaluate. This can range from one to as many as 20. It can happen 10-20 times each year. After the evaluation, they have these samples taking up space and getting older.

Then, there are the repair guns customers send in. When they learn how much the repairs will cost, they sometimes ask how much of a trade-in PA will offer on their old gun toward something new. That generates more old guns laying around.

There are also the hopeless basket cases that come from a number of sources. A pallet gets stabbed by a forklift during shipment, or a pallet falls over and smashes a few guns, or a repair job is abandoned by the customer or any of a thousand other things can happen. Now, you have more guns just laying around. Some get refurbished and sold, but many others do not. Some aren’t worth the effort.

And, speaking of refurbished guns, what does that mean? At Pyramyd AIR, they use a specific term to describe each type of condition.

Used guns are those that a customer has taken out of the box and fired at least a single shot. They’re the guns I use to test for this blog. The point is, they have all been used and cannot be sold as new.

Refurbished guns have been gone through and brought back to original specifications. All parts that need to be replaced have been. They may have scratches and marks on them, but they should operate like new, and Pyramyd AIR gives the original factory warranty–whatever it was–on refurbished guns.

Open box guns were sold to a customer who had buyer’s remorse. He never shot the gun, but he did open the box. They are also guns that the Pyramyd AIR staff has had to open the box to obtain some kind of information or take pictures for the website. An examination article, if you will. They are brand-new guns, but for some good reason the box is no longer factory sealed.

Basket cases are just what the name implies. Buy them at your own risk. These are great for hard-to-find parts or for experimentation.

Speaking of parts, PA has a ton of vintage new-old-stock Diana spring rifle parts. There are enough parts to build complete guns in some models. Barrels, stocks, sights, mainsprings–everything the hobby airgunsmith needs to get the job done.

And airsoft
Besides the pellet and BB guns, Pyramyd AIR has a TON of airsoft guns they need to get rid of. There are customer returns, guns that didn’t sell well, guns with known problems that Pyramyd AIR withdrew from sale because they didn’t know how they would last. I’m telling you, there are enough of these guns to start a small store! Unless they’re marked otherwise, they all work when you buy them. Pyramyd AIR estimates at least $60,000 worth of airsoft guns in this sale–not that they’ll be charging that much!

Scope it out
And besides the airsoft guns, they have a huge inventory of used scopes. This sale is perfect for those serious airgunners who want parts, project guns and cheap accessories. It’s also perfect for dealers who want to plus-up their inventory at a fraction of the cost.

Pellets galore
There will be the same pellet offer PA has made at Roanoke and the last garage sale. Four tins of premium pellets will be pre-bundled and sold for $20. It’s a value of up to $40, depending on what you get. If you want to buy specific pellets in dented tins, please bring a written list. A Pyramyd AIR sales associate will take your list into the warehouse and fill it to the extent possible.

As a special offer for this sale only, all dented tins will be repackaged in the new rectangular blue plastic boxes Pyramyd AIR now uses for .25 caliber through 9mm pellets. According to experts in Long Distance Moving, a local moving company, these are rugged boxes with closures that stay closed all the time. Only pellets from dented tins sold at the moving sale will be packed this way.

An estimated $200,000+ worth of inventory is being put into this sale. It will be the biggest airgun sale anyone has ever seen.

Details, details
The details of the sale are still being formulated, but they want to hold it sooner, rather than later. John Goff from Crosman is coming down to flip burgers on the grill, and I will be there to meet everyone as well. There will be food and beverages at the sale. Once you arrive, you can shop ’til you drop. There will also be other attractions, but those details are still being worked out.

They’re thinking that if you want to bring guns that you don’t want to ship, they will have airgunsmiths on site during the show. Some work will be possible while you wait.

They’re also thinking that you might want to bring your own airguns to trade in on new ones. This can be a real carnival if you embrace it.

What do YOU want?
Pyramyd AIR would like some input from you. Is a one-day or two-day sale best for you? If it’s two days, it’ll be a Friday/Saturday. If one day, it’ll be Saturday. What do you expect to see? Give PA some idea of what kind of things you’re hoping to see at their sale by commenting on this blog entry. They carry over 5,000 different items, and all of them, plus things carried in the past, are fair game for the sale.

The only thing I will say about a two-day sale is that the sharp buyers get there on the first day and get the cherries. The second day is often just the dregs. And you can’t ask PA to hold inventory for the second day–they want to get rid of this stuff. That’s just my two cents from years of airgun shows.

Talk it up and get back with me on your thoughts.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

51 thoughts on “And now, a word from our sponsor The Pyramyd Air moving sale”

  1. Great news! I just sent your sales team an email asking about this type of thing (showroom, etc.) so this is perfect. Just name the time and I’ll be there!

    Two day sale is fine, but I’ll be there bright and early on day 1. I’m looking for a nice springer in the HW97K/TX200 class, but if there are some PCP’s available I’ll bite. So far as what would I expect to see, I’d hope to see everything I’d need to kit up on a new rifle/rifles, so rifle, scope, mount, accessories, etc…

    Thanks for doing this!

  2. Will Michaganders be able to purchase .22 caliber rifles at the show? I’m assuming we won’t be able to purchase pistols but I’m hoping long guns would be ok?


  3. Hi, I would be interested in driving from NC for a sale such as this, would be interested in a killer deal on a PCP gun with accessories such as the Talon SS. Also an air pistol in the 500fps range. And a case of pellets.

  4. 489 miles each way – doable but with an overnight stay. Hmmmm. I was waiting for the Crosman Challenger PCP to come out as my next purchase but a Beeman P1, some pellets and perhaps one of the Airforce rifles, such as the SS, might be nice.

    Going to depend on the date – does PA have a month in mind to narrow things down a bit?

  5. BB,
    I would like to see a two day sale, at least, first day individuals only with no retailers allowed. What kind of parking facilities are available? Has John Goff had previous experience cooking burgers?


  6. Personally, a good hotdog is fine with me. You don’t need much talent or experience with those. Just a good grade of dog, Goldens’ Mustard and some decent relish.


  7. pyramid air has built their business on service and honesty. even in these economic times they are expanding. they definately have the right business model that others should follow.

  8. Hey BB
    Speaking of excess, what can I do with all the pelllets I have bought and my gun dislikes?I even have some crossman pellets from the 80s.I don’t want to just throw them out.

    CRM 114

  9. BB, Please ask Josh to load up the truck and come to Little Rock this year. He could sell a lot of stuff and give a lot more people opportunity to get in on the deal.

    David Enoch

  10. B.B.

    From the buyer’s perspective, PA stands out for good quality, good service, and good prices. It doesn’t seem like that much to ask for, but they do it well and others don’t. Afraid I won’t get out to the sale because any money saved would be more than undercut by the price of the trip, not to mention a lack of travel time. However, PA has me for the duration with pellet purchases. My guns are pellet hogs.

    I have wondered what sort of test PA gives to guns to determine whether to sell them. You would think they would have found the poor quality control of the BAM rifles (although I’m glad they offered the B30) as well as the shortcomings of some of the Gamo rifles mentioned in this blog. I guess it’s a matter of appealing to different price ranges which is also something I’m glad they do.


  11. Well if Josh reads this blog, He’s done a good job at bringing us good quality and hard to find merchandise at fair market prices.

    Bedford is nice, but Clevland Rocks!!!! lol…somebody had to say it…

    B.B. have you ever tried a TAC trigger enhancement?

  12. BB,
    I don’t know if I’ll make it, but it would be nice to go up, check out the sale and then go to an Indians game (listened to WWWE growing up). Hot dogs: yellow mustard (about 1/2 cup), onions, kraut:).

  13. As for the sale….everything on sale…

    I see the Discos are up in price d:(

    Is there a list of all the airguns that the air venturi gas ram will fit?

    I wouldn’t mind a .22 cal, wood stocked rifle with a gas ram. A cfx royal or whisper would be cool, but I’m sure the price tag would be near a disco, but anything near a rws 34 would definately bring about some competition in the entry level area.

  14. BB,

    I would vote for a two day sale since there are members of some religions that wouldn’t be able to attend on a Saturday.

    I know I won’t be able to come since it is too far away from California.

    .22 multi-shot

  15. Robh,

    Honestly, neither gun, because they are both breakbarrels. They are short to medium-range hunting guns and neither is suited for target shooting because they are so hard to cock.

    The Walther Talon Magnum is easier to cock than the Benjamin. Accuracy of both is good, but it requires a lot of technique, i.e. the artillery hold. And even so, each is limited to about 35 yards as the range at which a one-inch group is possible.


  16. its a bummer they wont sell those dinged up tins of pellets online. Ide buy the heck out of them. Southern Arizona all the way to Ohio though…. dont think the wife will go for that!


  17. B.B.,

    I was apparently unclear in my explanation re. the P1 and the scopes the other day.

    The reason for the major improvement in accuracy had to do with changing from a pistol scope to an air rifle scope, not with the increase in power.

    The pistol scope has an inherint inability to aim accurately due to the reticles shifting up to 3/4″ at 10 meters. I guess this might be okay at longer distances or where pinpoint accuracy is not too important (viz., hitting large mammals vs. rodents), but I see that air rifle scopes are best for me.

    I doubt that anyone realizes this, but an air rifle scope can be used effectively for target shooting with 10″ eye relief as if it were a pistol scope, as it yields a picture about 2″ in diameter which is just perfect for focusing on the target. It is much easier to acquire the target than you might realize. Give it a try and let me know what you find.

    Using the air rifle scope on the P1 with 10″ approx. of eye relief, rather than within an inch or so from the eye, allows for a much steadier hold and allows for practice as if the pistol were a firearm with recoil.

    – Dr. G.

  18. Rob,

    When you say small-game hunting I automatically think of .22 caliber over .177 The .177 requires extreme placement of the shots, while the .22 is more forgiving.

    Looking at what you want to do and staying within the price range of those two rifles I recommend the RWS Diana 48 in .22 caliber.

    If you can live with a PCP, the Benjamin Discovery in .22 will out-shoot all these guns and has the same power as the RWS Diana 48. It’s also well inside the price range.

    A precharged rifle is much easier to shoot accurately than a spring gun. Read this multi-part report:



  19. Unless something comes up or this falls on an somehow otherwise inconvenient weekend, I’ll try to make it (I’m only a couple hundred miles away). I’d prefer a Saturday/ Sunday show rather than Fri/Sat so I wouldn’t have to miss work. (Want to be there on the first day for the best deals/ don’t want to stay the night) Obviously the sooner Pyramyd can annonce the dates for the sale the easier it becomes for people to work the dates into their schedule as well as time to save some $$.

    I think I’d be most interested in .22 caliber pistols/rifles, scopes, and pellets.

    Just my 2 cents..


  20. Robert Stevens,

    A gun that shoots both .177 and .22 will require two barrels. Although swapping barrels in some guns isn’t difficult it dramatically limits your choices.

    What is your definition of “a great rifle”. Are you planning on hunting with it? Target shooting? What distances? What type of game (if you plan on hunting?

    I don’t understand your telecom question.


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