Great new PCP coming!

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Happy Easter!

Today it is my special pleasure to announce a superior new PCP is about to be released. This is the one we have been waiting for. It combines all the features you have asked for.

It has the following features:

° Figured walnut stock

° 1000cc air reservoir

° 100+ shots on a 2000 psi fill

° Regulated to less than 5 f.p.s. in the power band

° 28 foot pounds in .177 and 45 foot-pounds in .25. Also going to be available in a new 7mm caliber for pointed bullets developing 100 foot pounds.

° Lothar Walther barrel

° Built-in air pump fills the gun with 50 strokes

° Weighs under 6 pounds

° Sale price of under $250

The manufacturer tells me they are getting 5-shot groups of less than an inch at 100 yards. They also mentioned that I should look at the calendar!

Airgun shows

Flag City Toys That Shoot airgun show April 14

Malvern Airgun Extravaganza — Arkansas — April 27 & 28 (For more information email seth.rowland@att.net)

Gene Curtis Memorial Fun Shoot and Airgun Show — This one is not well publicized. It’s at the Tri-County Expo Center in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas May 18-20. I have no phone number or email address link yet.

Texas Airgun Show Saturday, June 23, followed by a field target shoot on Sunday, June 24.

Midwest Airgun Show June 30

Baldwinsville Airgun Show –New York — July (For more information email rh6larry@mac.com)

Kalamazoo Airgun Show August 19

Pyramyd Air Cup September 21-23

North Carolina Airgun show October 19 & 20

31 thoughts on “Great new PCP coming!”

  1. After my first online April fools of the day I immediately wondered, “It is a Sunday, Easter Sunday in fact. Will BB do his April fools joke?”

    NOPE! But he did announce a great new air rifle 😉

  2. B.B.,

    What,… no pics? Cheek riser? Repeater? Match trigger? Shrouded? Too heavy,… I prefer 5# 11 1/2oz. myself. 😉

    Thanks for the show updates and continuing a April 1st tradition, on a Sunday no less!

    May the Easter Bunny visit one and all,…. Chris

  3. B.B.,

    When the manufacturer told you to look at the calendar did he say which April 1st of what year they were delivering?

    Thanks for upholding the tradition! Happy Easter!


  4. B.B.

    If such an airgun were to exist, it would surely have to be delivered by the Easter Bunny.
    Or, if it coming out later this fall, maybe Santa Claus will make the delivery. 😀

    Have a happy and blessed Easter!
    May God continue to blessl


  5. He forgot to mention that it will be American made ! I only found this out when I went to order one. I should be getting the first one off the line.

    Eat your hearts out. 🙂


  6. Happy Easter and also Happy Passover for our Old Testament plinkers!

    Nice April Fool’s gun but I would also need mirror polished metal and Lux Ultra Deep Bluing

    Biathlon Nationals finished up at Soldier Hollow yesterday; on a ribbon of the last of the snow!

    My very best wishes for outstanding health and groups to all.
    And, may you all reap the blessings of God through the year.


  7. B.B.
    Not this time. I still remember you getting me good with the PA .25 break barrel (or was it an even bigger cal) that was lite, easy cocking, not hold sensitive and cheap LOL…you sly old dog.


  8. B.B.
    You left out the best parts about the Pre-Charge Pneumatic hook-up using ANY Carburetor-equipped Diesel engine.
    I don’t understand why nobody ever thought of it before.
    And the absolutely guaranteed delivery date of June 31st, this or any other year…
    A Double-Whamy move, sure to go down in legendary marketing lore…

  9. BB:

    I showed Mrs. Qwerty this blog. Her response was “I guess you want another one.” She never caught the date.

    I told her I wanted to try it at the Texas Air Gun Show first. Not sure she is going to let me go this year. Guns just seem to follow me home.


  10. The only negative is the 47.3# trigger…LOL

    The calendar isn’t my style, but for the girly-guys out there I have good news:

    It’s “hand-delivered.”

    Don’t believe me, look at the shipping cost.

  11. So I’m searching the internet for 1000 cc PCP products as I am fishing an idea together in my head. And of course, I wind up here..and pretty much only here.

    Well done, BB, well done!

    As an aside, have you ever encountered a PCP which used a tank in both its stalk and under its barrel?

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