E-Bikes: Is the Craze Fit for Bowhunters?

Over the last few years, e-bikes built for hunters have been popping up everywhere, with more and more manufacturers jumping on the trend. Are they worth the hype?

Prior to the popularity of e-bikes, most hunters relied on gas-powered vehicles, bicycles, or just their legs to get to their treestand or off-grid honey hole. While they have their haters, e-bikes certainly have a bowhunting application and boast a few benefits over other modes of travel.


While hunting e-bikes carry a hefty price tag typically between $3,000 and $7,000, they’re still significantly more affordable both up front and to operate than an ATV or side-by-side. Of course, a traditional bicycle is the cheapest transportation option.  


Because they run on battery power, e-bikes don’t generate the same smells and sounds as fueled vehicles. And while a bicycle wouldn’t let off fumes or engine noises, riding them uphill for miles could get you sweated and possibly eliminate the stealth factor.


ATVs and side-by-sides might be able to haul more hunters and gear, but e-bikes can still help you transport more weight farther than you could by foot or traditional bicycle. Add an e-bike trailer, and you could easily tow a treestand, tagged animal, or unwieldy bowhunting gear.

Most hunting e-bikes also allow you to switch between fully powered, pedal-assist, and unassisted modes so you can conserve battery and work when you want to.

Portability & Accessibility

Hunting e-bikes are heavier and not quite as easy to transport as a regular bicycle, but they’re still much simpler to move than ATVs or side-by-sides. They can also access more areas without clear, wide trails. E-bikes are allowed in more public places than fuel-powered vehicles too, but check regulations before heading out.

If you have trouble getting around, want some help running and gunning, need to get miles deep to avoid hunting pressure, or would like a more economical alternative to an ATV, consider an e-bike. 

4 thoughts on “E-Bikes: Is the Craze Fit for Bowhunters?”

  1. The Bow Bully,
    There was a parcel of public land on which I used to hunt in Florida that was right down the street from my house; I believe it was 1400 acres of fields, palmetto, and marsh; it was good deer land, but you could not bring motorbikes or ATVs. It was fenced, with a narrow walk-through; but bicycles were permitted. Florida is pretty flat, so, my human-powered bike worked fine to bring in my bow, muzzleloader, or .30-30 (depending on the season), as well as a small portable ladder stand. I don’t recall if E-Bikes were allowed; but this was 20 years ago, so I’m not sure if they were even “a thing” back then. If allowed now, they’d sure be handy there, as pedaling in the hot Florida weather gets old pretty quick. 🙂
    Keep up the good work,

    • I know a lot of successful hunters who bike in away from hunting pressure like that! But I can’t imagine the sweat you’d work up doing that in Florida — good for you!

  2. TBB,

    Used a traditional bike for getting to the hunting grounds for years. Saved a lot of time and the deer didn’t seem to be overly disturbed by cycling by them where being on foot would have spooked them for sure.

    Ebikes? Yeah, sure. Why not. No different than all the electronics I use for fishing.


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