5 Reasons You Should Buy an Axe

There are many reasons to buy an axe and we’ll explore a few today. If you’re new to the world of axes, picking out the right one can be tricky. You can take a look at our lineup of axes to find the best fit for your needs.

An axe is a multi-functional tool


In a survival situation, an axe (or ax) can be used for everything from building a shelter to chopping wood for a fire. An axe is a versatile tool that can help you stay alive in the wilderness. It can also be used as protection against wild animals or for self-defense. If you’re living off the land, it’s worth considering investing in an axe before disaster strikes.

When you’re choosing a survival axe keep these things in mind. A good multi-purpose utility axe is easy to swing, fits well in your hand, and has a thinner head with a medium-length handle. If you try to use a heavy-headed wood axe for utility purposes, you’ll wear yourself out quickly and the job will take longer. When you’re adding staking or spearing points to sticks, a thinner blade allows for more precise carving than a heavy wide blade can.


Camping can be relaxing, but it also requires a lot of work if you’re truly going to enjoy your time. An axe can make these tasks easier. For example, when you’re setting up camp and need to gather firewood, set your tent, and shave a fishing spear, you can either bring a hammer and knives or a good axe. You can drive tent stakes with the back of the ax head, cut dead branches from trees, chop a thin trunk and point it, all with an axe. Eliminating the need for a hammer and several knives, which lightens your toolkit by several pounds.

A good all-around ax for camping has similar characteristics to the survival axe. It should be easy to carry, fit well in your hand and have a thinner head with a medium length handle. The WOOX Forte axe makes the perfect camping axe. It can do everything needed around the campsite, from wood chopping to fine carving. The head is heavy enough to tackle the big jobs without being so heavy you tire before the job is done. You can order it with a 22 or 28-inch handle to suit your needs. It may be the only camping axe you ever need.

Splitting Wood

Splitting wood requires physical strength, endurance, and skill. If you want to avoid back pain from hauling and chopping wood, then buying an axe will be worth your while. It’s also quite the workout. It works the arms, chest, back, and core muscle groups, burning up to 500 calories an hour.

A wood-splitting axe should have a long handle with a heavy wedge-shaped head. The wedged head pushes the wood apart with less effort than a more tapered head would. But if you need an axe to do more than just split wood, the Forte is perfect. The reinforced cutting edge does exactly what a solid wedge axe head would do, but provides greater utility with the other head dimensions. If you’re going to chop wood regularly, you’d probably be better off with the 28-inch handle for better leverage. The longer handle provides a greater striking force with less fatigue.


Similar to practicing survival skills, bushcraft is the art of using outdoor skills to make do with minimal tools, like an axe. The difference is survival is a worst-case scenario thrust upon you, while bushcraft is choosing to be in the wilderness with minimal items. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get away from the bustle of the city. There are many ways you could use an axe in your bushcraft; such as, building a shelter from natural materials, making camp, hunting, and preparing food.

Each one of these skills can take years to master on its own. But putting it all together is the ultimate challenge. The great thing about using the Forte axe is, that it’s easy to carry, is multi-function, won’t weigh you down on your journey, and it’s easy to keep sharp. It’s no wonder this axe is one of the most popular tools among bushcrafters.

Throwing axes are a fun competition
WOOX Throwing Axes


If you’re looking for a new hobby, why not try your hand at axe throwing? It’s a lot of fun and can be quite addictive. Plus, it’s a great way to relieve stress. If you get good at it, you could even compete in tournaments.

The WOOX Volante Throwing Axe & WOOX Thunderbird feature an Appalachian Hickory handle and high-carbon-steel heads to maximize precision and accuracy. And, if you’re interested in competing, they meet the competition requirements of the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF). You can also use one of them for all of the above-mentioned uses if you prefer a lighter axe with a shorter handle. The head will stand up well to all light forest work.

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In Conclusion

An axe is such a versatile tool that there is almost no end to the things you can do with one. Throw it at the perfect target, make DIY furniture, cut your own Christmas tree, or split wood all day with ease – whatever your preference, there’s an axe for that. Investing in an axe can provide decades worth of wood-cutting entertainment without breaking your bank account.

How do you typically use your axe, as a utility, ornament or for a little fun?

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  1. The AX I have for chopping trees is way too heavy but good at destroying almost everything else. Should have read up on them first. A dangerous tool to use.

    We may need to gain more knowledge on survival and equipment in the future.
    IAW the GATEWAY PUNDIT there have been around 750 US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants, Distributors, Destroyed Under the Biden Regime. A lot by fires set in the middle of the night. A lot of chickens and beef killed. On top of that China is buying up our agricultural land. Starting with ones closest to our military bases.
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  2. The safest size axe is a full size axe. The long handle reduces the chance that a miss, glance, over swing will come back at the users body. Over rotation of a shorter axe or hatchet will bring the axe blade towards the body unless there is an obstruction placed between the target and the user.

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