Grunt tubes and other calls can draw in bucks that wouldn’t otherwise walk past your stand, but can you call too much trying to get one within range?

Absolutely — even during peak rut activity.

Strategic, well-spaced series of grunts or bleats can fool mature bucks. But constant calling just doesn’t sound natural, and even an amped-up rutting buck will know something is off. You can get away with more frequent vocalization when bucks are cruising, but it’s still easy to overdo it.

Probably an even bigger issue than the overcalling itself is poor timing of those calls. If a buck can see your decoy or is close enough that he can tell there isn’t another deer where the calls are coming from, you’ll put him on high alert — and likely watch him walk out of your life forever.

Deer have an amazing ability to sense where a sound is coming from, so don’t continue to call when a buck is making a beeline for your stand. If he veers of course, you can cautiously hit the call one more time. But be careful.

Calling when deer are within close range — whether you know they’re there or not — also risks them spotting your movements. So while it’s great to employ a calling strategy, doing it right is critical to success.

You can be more aggressive with your calling during the rut, but sometimes hunting just demands quiet patience. And when Mr. November does walk by, you better be ready.