5 Crossbows Under 7 Pounds

lightweight crossbow held by a crossbow hunter

Lightweight crossbows are becoming increasingly popular. They provide the same power as a traditional crossbow in a more manageable package. Here are 5 crossbows under 7 pounds that could lighten your load and provide more maneuverability in the field.

Micro Mag

The Excalibur Micro Mag 340 is the lightest on this list weighing in at just 6 lbs. While it’s easy to carry, it packs a punch. At 340 fps it’ll take anything you aim it at and its shot consistency is very dependable. Whether you’re hunting big game or small the Micro Mag is an excellent lightweight crossbow choice. For a crossbow that is easy to carry through the woods and provides a smooth, reliable shooting experience, the Micro Mag is top of the list.

Titan M1

The TenPoint Titan M1 offers incredible performance in a small package, making it an ideal choice for those who want a lightweight and powerful crossbow for hunting or target shooting. At 6.4 lbs with an axle width of 14 inches, it’s great for stalking prey on the ground or hauling up a treestand. 


The Ravin R26X is just a hair heavier than the Titan at 6.5 lbs. With 400 fps, there isn’t any prey it won’t take. This crossbow is ready to hunt straight out of the box and has a silent crank and limb-dampening system that won’t give you away in the field. This crossbow packs the most power and features into its small package and is a winning combo for any bowhunter.

Boss 405

The Killer Instinct Boss 405 is a high-speed very maneuverable setup. The 6-position buttstock makes it configurable for people of any size while the aluminum body makes it light enough to carry all day. Great for use in a stand or blind with the Dead Silent Kit that won’t draw any unwanted attention. This top-rated beauty is a great choice.

Coalition Frontier

And at just under our 7-pound limit, the PSE Coalition Frontier has the features and performance to help you shoot your best. It has string stops and limb dampeners for stealthiness, is ready to hunt out of the box, and at 380 fps can take any game with ease. It’s an excellent choice for any hunter looking for a lightweight and powerful crossbow that won’t break the bank. 

That’s it for our 5 crossbows under 7 pounds. Lightweight crossbows are great for all-day hunting and target shooting. All of these crossbows have their own unique features and benefits, so make sure to choose the one that’s right for you.

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  1. The Bow Bully,
    I really like the Excalibur Micro Mag 340. Years ago, when my wife wanted a target crossbow, I got her a 90-pound target model from Excalibur. The archery shop warned me that I would have to wait a bit, and that it would be more costly than some other models they had on hand.
    I said I didn’t care; I wanted a really quality product for my wife. And man, I was not disappointed! Excalibur makes a great crossbow; I called and spoke to a woman in sales there; she said that everyone there, herself included, shoots and hunts with Excalibur crossbows, so they kind of get their own feedback from the field. That’s pretty smart. 🙂
    Blessings to you,

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