How far will a pellet travel?

by B.B. Pelletier

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Today’s blog was written by B.B.

Since the 1970s, airgun retailers in the U.S. have stated the maximum distance pellet rifles and pistols will fire. No doubt, this was brought on by the need for safety specifications.

How far will a pellet travel?
The truth is…nobody knows. I have read references to pellets traveling a max of 400 to 500 yards. The newer references have the further distance. Dr. Robert Beeman wrote in his catalogs in the 1980s that “Most airguns have a maximum range of about 400 yards (366m) and are generally not capable of serious damage over 150 yards (137m).” Without question, 400-500 yards would be with the muzzle firing at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizon, which would give the greatest possible travel. Today’s guns show pretty much the same thing despite vastly improved pellets and power. read more