Airgun triggers, springs, bolts and metallic hardness

by B.B. Pelletier

Brian Saade has delivered another great technical guest blog for us. This time, he’s going to discuss metal hardness and how that affects various airgun parts. I can already see the flurry of questions and comments!

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Brian Saade (aka Brian in Idaho)

Metallic Hardness
Now there’s a catchy topic. Hope you had that extra cup of coffee!
Yes, I’m the same guy who recently wrote about the virtues of modern plastics in airguns, so how is it that I’m now writing about the virtues or properties of metallic parts in those same airguns? Truth is, both materials have their place in modern airgun designs and there are many parts inside and outside of our cherished airguns that (still) require metallic designs, not plastics. read more