By B.B. Pelletier

When you think of CO2 rifles, you probably think of Crosman’s famous 1077. It’s a great rifle with 12 shots and wonderful accuracy. Want somthing a little more substantial for hunting? The Benjamin AS392T with AirSource might be just the gun for you.

The AirSource bulk CO2 tank was created by Crosman a few years back. The first rifle adapted for it was .177 caliber, which is great for plinking but hardly what’s needed for hunting. A year after they introduced the 1077 AS, they adapted it to the Benjamin 392, giving us our subject rifle. So, for the first time since the late 1940s, we have a .22-caliber CO2 rifle that uses a bulk tank.

How many shots you get depend on which power level you pick
The AS392T has dual-power control that delivers two levels of power. When the bolt is pulled back, you’ll get a click – and then a second one. Stop pulling the bolt after the first click, and you’ll be shooting at low power. At this level, Beeman Silver Bear hollowpoints shoot an average of 506 f.p.s. On high power, which is one more click back on the bolt, they average 580 f.p.s. The AS392T is rated at 610 f.p.s., which I got when using RWS Hobby wadcutters (they’re lighter than most .22 pellets). That was on high power, of course.

If you want to conserve CO2 and get more shots, then shoot on the lower power. Need more power? Click the bolt a second time, but remember that you’ll get fewer shots and should carry a spare AirSource tank.

Add pellets & a scope and you’re ready to shoot!
Benjamin Sheridan Diabolos feed the best because a slope at the front of the feed trough flips up the tails of many other types of pellets (they stop on it and tip their noses down). I found that round nose or domed pellets feed well.

Mount a scope with the Crosman intermount. It clamps onto the barrel and provides a base to attach scope rings. If you choose Crosman’s 410, 410S or 4032 scopes, you don’t have to buy anything else because they all come with the correct rings to attach to the intermount. I recommend the Crosman 4032, because it’s brighter and more powerful. More important, the potential accuracy of this airgun warrants the extra expense.

The AS392T is a great CO2 rifle for the hunter who wants substance and power. As a .22, it is one of the few CO2 airguns with enough power to make hunting a genuine possibility.

Before I sign off today, there is one more thing I want you to consider. Five years ago, Benjamin Sheridan offered several CO2 rifles in either .20 or .22 caliber. Today, this is the only one left standing. If a .22 CO2 Benjamin has ever been a secret desire of yours, it’s time to get the lead out!