By B.B. Pelletier

Power, power power! That’s all you hear airgunners talking abou. Are you one of them? If so, you may be overlooking one of the greatest advantages airguns have: accuracy!

While not the most powerful air rifle around, the R7 is a favorite of many!
The Beeman R7 is a classic spring air rifle and based on Weihrauch’s HW50, which has been around for several decades. The R7 has an American-style stock that fits in with the rest of the R-series rifles. Underneath, it is a wonderful intermediate-powered gun with a lot going for it.

“Only accurate guns are interesting”
Townsend Whelen hit the ten-ring when he said that accurate guns are the only interesting ones! And, accuracy is the R7’s strong suit, which is common with lower-powered spring-piston rifles. You don’t fight the recoil characteristics nearly as much. Oh, accuracy still requires a good technique, but the lower-powered guns are much more forgiving of how you hold them. As a result, you hit your target more often. That’s what it’s all about!

When you can hit your target, hunting with an airgun becomes more practical and a smart choice. Instead of flying away as though your shots never touched them, birds will now fall where they are hit! I’m not kidding – you’ll experience remarkably good shot placement. The R7 is good to about 30 yards. It’ll stretch farther than that, but 30 yards or less is where it’s strongest.

Besides accuracy that will earn you bragging rights, the R7 has a wonderful, crisp trigger. An added bonus is its light recoil – and, yet, it hits as hard as the biggest 1960-era magnum spring rifle! If you need another good reason to buy this nifty rifle, here it is: it’s not even expensive!

Scoping an R7 is a no-brainer in my book
The best way to get every last bit of accuracy from the R7 is to install a Leapers Bug Buster scope. The Bug Buster is bright, focuses closer than any scope on the market, has a mil-dot reticle and BOTH red and green illuminated reticle, which makes it PERFECT FOR HUNTING. The Bug Buster is so bright you’ll have ample light in the early morning or twilight hours.

Good scope rings are essential, and B-Square’s two-piece rings are just the ticket. Positioning won’t be a problem, and they have a recoil stop pin, which you’ll need for the R7. It’s a perfect match.

How to match the right caliber with the right job
Use .20 caliber if critter control is your main task. If you generally prefer .177-caliber air rifles, use heavy pellets. If you stay with my suggestion of keeping the range under 30 yards, you’ll discover that Beeman Crow-Magnum pellets are accurate enough, and they’ll certainly do the job if they connect! Otherwise, try Beeman Kodiaks or JSB Predator pellets – a new type of hollowpoint. Before using them on a hunting trip, test them in your gun to see if you like their performance. If you can reliably hit a quarter at 30 yards, use them.

Power to the people – and the crows, squirrels & other marauding critters!
Now, crows that tear open your garbage bags, gophers and chipmunks that love to dig up your property and squirrels that dominate your bird feeder will answer to a higher power…make that a lower power! The Beeman R7 is more than capable of doing its part. All that’s left is for you to do yours.