Caspian M1911A1 airsoft gas gun – a 6mm treat!

By B.B. Pelletier

If you’re an action-pistol devotee, today’s airsoft gun is for you! The KWC Caspian .45 gas pistol is a lot of fun in an inexpensive package.

For real action, it’s hard to beat gas pistols
This pistol functions just like the prototype firearm. It recoils on every shot. The slide comes back and goes forward again, just like a genuine Colt pistol. The trigger is always crisp because it’s always in the single-action mode (the blowback slide cocks the hammer). Firing is semiautomatic, meaning one shot per trigger pull with no cocking in between.

The pistol is powered by green gas, which is stored in the same magazine that also carries the 14 BBs of this gun’s basic load. Each gas-up is enough to shoot two magazines of BBs. Though green gas is relatively low pressure, it’s enough to send a light BB (0.12 grams) up to 300 f.p.s. For better accuracy, however, stick to 0.20-gram BBs that go about 235 f.p.s. The Hop Up is non-adjustable and has been regulated for 0.20-gram BBs.

You will find the synthetic wood grips appear quite authentic, though they are less expensive. They sport the licensed Caspian trademark and the Caspian name is also on the slide. Most of the gun is synthetic, though a very high grade that feels gun-like to the touch. There are enough metal parts, including the heavy magazine, to give a realistic feel to the gun. If anything, it feels like a titanium lightweight.

The rear sight is adjustable in both directions, and it supports the extra accuracy this pistol has to offer. Coupled with the good trigger and the correct M1911A1 grip, the sights make this more than just a plinker. You can do some serious shooting with this Caspian, and it will help you hone your skills for any other pistol – air or firearm.

At the price, this is a real bargain!
What you get for the money with the Caspian is amazing. The functionality and operation of this gun compares favorably with the more expensive Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1. Yes, the Marui does have a few more features, but both are powerful, accurate blowback gas pistols. If you’re on a budget, the Caspian is a great value in a fully functional gas pistol.

2 thoughts on “Caspian M1911A1 airsoft gas gun – a 6mm treat!”

  1. I have a crosman air pistol that seems to be a replica of a colt peacemaker with grey grips. the air powerlet mounts ubder the barrel, where the extracter is on a real colt. It’s six shot and shoots .22 cal pellets. Is this gun worth anything as an antique?

  2. You own a Crosman Single Action Six, or SA-6. Since you asked, I’m going to put it into this week’s postings, so watch for it.

    According to the Blue Book of Airguns, your gun is worth about $55 in average condition and $95 is brand-new condition. Realisticly, I would say if you have the original box and owner’s manual and the gun is pristine, it will bring $100.


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