by B.B. Pelletier

While browsing through the site yesterday, I noticed some features that I’ve never taken the time to fully explore. I’ve used them once or twice; but, beyond what was needed at the moment, I didn’t pay further attention to them. Today, I’m going to change that.

This site is loaded with owner’s manuals!
Many of the guns from the larger manufacturers have good owner’s manuals, and Pyramyd Air has taken the time to scan them for you and link them to the models they represent. Let’s take a look.

Marksman 1010
For some reason, I have always been fascinated by the Marksman 1010 pistol. It’s a low-powered smoothbore BB gun and not the type I’m normally interested in, but I own one and I’m thinking of starting a collection of the different types. They’ve been around since 1955 (from the Blue Book of Airguns, Fifth edition). Today, I noticed in the “Model Assistant” window to the left of the gun that there is an owner’s manual for this gun. So, I went there.

Not only is there an owner’s manual for the Marksman 1010 – Pyramyd has gone to the trouble of animating parts of it! Look at some of the pictures under the “Operating” and “Loading” headlines! Seeing that got me wondering what else they might have done.

Crosman 1008B
Next, I went to the Crosman 1008B and took a look at the manual for it. The section on operating the pistol shows detailed parts and how they operate. I can understand this gun from the manual, without ever holding the actual pistol in my hand!

Sumatra 2500
Many buyers balk at spending a lot of money on an airgun they haven’t seen, so Pyramyd gives you BOTH the owner’s manual and an article about the Eun Jin Sumatra 2500! This owner’s manual has photos that show certain operations better than a line drawing. And, the article shows you the accuracy the tester got at 50 yards. That’s the sort of information we need to help us make decisions.

Or, just try the manuals link
Before everyone jumps on me for not mentioning this, there is a link at the bottom of many pages to the “Manuals” page, where all online manuals are listed. The names of each are direct links to the manuals. So, you can go there if you just want to see everything they have available.

Not every gun has a manual, so there are some guns that don’t have manuals on this site. However, most of the top Beeman rifles are made by Weihrauch, so look at those manuals instead. Compared to other websites, this site has a lot more of what we need and what we’re looking for!