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Important news!

by B.B. Pelletier

I’m using today’s blog to update you on a couple of important things that have come up.

Remington Genesis adjustable cheekpiece
The Remington Genesis comes to you with an adjustable cheekpiece. Crosman made the decision to mention it after the box art was finalized, so they are putting stickers on the box. The stickers say the following:


Your airgun is equipped with an adjustable cheek piece to accommodate standard sights (lower position) or a scope (higher position).

To adjust the cheek piece from one position to the other, drive the pins out of the cheek piece starting from the right side. With the pins removed move the cheek piece to the desired position, lining up the holes in the cheek piece with the holes in the stock. Drive the pins back into the cheek piece.

There is nothing on the Crosman website about this yet. They will be rewriting the manual to include the procedure in the future, but all of you know it now!

This sticker on the genesis box alerts buyers to the adjustable cheekpiece. Thanks to Crosman for providing this image.

My thanks to Crosman for clearing up this mystery for me.

Remington Genesis accuracy
As you know, I am breaking-in the Genesis for an additional test before I tell you the final accuracy. However, a friend of one of our readers made an important observation. After the rifle is cocked, the barrel can be pushed downward slightly at the muzzle. That affects accuracy. The cause of this can be any of a number of things, but I think the solution will be simple.

When I shoot the rifle for record after the break-in, I’ll intentionally push the barrel up and shoot groups, then I’ll do the same after pushing it down. One of those two methods should give us more consistent groups. I’m thinking that pushing down is the answer, but we’ll see.

You HAVE to laugh…
…to keep from crying! The airsoft community has just announced a fin-stabilized “BB” that is more accurate! MORE ACCURATE! For what? To hit players at a greater distance, of course! What’s so funny about that?

What’s funny is that airsoft was conceived as a way to allow collectors in countries having no gun rights to own gun-like things they can hold in their hands. The SOFT part was to appease the affected society – to keep such “guns” safe! And, now, after 26 years, the airsoft community wants a more accurate projectile to shoot people with!

It’s called the RAP4 Airfin, and it’s expected to launch this September.

Oh, look! Another person has discovered the immutable laws of aerodynamics! The RAP4 Airfin is poised to take the world of airsoft players back to school!

But that’s not what’s so funny. To make the new projectile work, it has to be loaded into a “shell casing” (if airsoft designers knew anything about firearms they would have called it a cartridge) to function in the gun!

Here’s what’s going to happen. All the boys and girls who are not content hosing their friends with 1,000 plastic BBs a minute from their $800 highly modified M4s are going to buy one of the new RAP4 guns, only to discover that a cartridge is involved and the ability to spray and pray goes away! They will have to load magazines manually, rather than pouring plastic balls into a hopper. They will also have to load the “shell casings” manually after every use. They’ll even have to pick them up off the ground after they are ejected. Oh, my gosh – will THAT suck the fun out!

Tomorrow I’ll get to part 2 of the air canes.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

33 thoughts on “Important news!”

  1. B.B.
    I think that the Air fin is a bad idea for airsoft. It won’t stick until they find a better way of loading it.

    I have heard of regular round airsoft guns using shells, but only for asthetic purposes (a sniper rifle or revolver) it will not make players happy to have to pick up all of their shells, unless they sell the new Airfins preloaded into shells. anyway thats my 2 cents

    A guide to tuning a springer would be awesome. PLease do one. Although, would it still be possible to tune it myself without any specialized tools?


  2. I’m not a big fan of ejectable shells in airsoft but as long as they don’t eject, its not too bad. Some shell using revolvers hold a 24 shot capacity before needing a reload which is comparable with a lowcap airsoft SMG. I might be interested but it all depends on how big a performance gain there is, how expensive the finned BBs are, whether the shells are ejected or not and what kind of weapons they’re offering.

  3. Dear BB. I own a Condor in .22 and would like to “tune it down” for backyard use and still have some range of adjustment. Would using the MM tank and an 18 inch barrel get me at least part way there. It’s funny. You say the MM tank works well on the Condor ,and AirForce says it won’t. The girls that answer the phone will never let you talk to the techs.I am really glad you are there to give us the straight scoop. Thanks P.S. Finned air soft ammo ????? I shoot air soft and do appricate accurcy. but putting in special barrels and adjusting the HOP UP get you all the accureacy you realy need w/o sacrifising full auto. You want accuracy, get a Pellet Gun.

  4. The MicroMeter valve will work on the Condor, but there isn’t a lot of adjustability. That’s due to the striker weight, not the barrel length, so an 18-inch barrel would be a waste of money.

    Did you read my report on June 5?

    You can get low velocities from your Condor by dialing it all the way down. Isn’t that good enough? If noit, try running it at low pressure on a low power setting.


  5. Hello there, I am thinking of getting another airgun, here in Mexico they sell the Gamo CFX Royal, and I have read a lot of good comments about the rifle, but also some that complain about durability (mainspring broken after a few thousand shots and stuff like that. I would like to know if anybody could give me some feedback. As an alternative, I have the Diana RWS 46 on my list, but there again, there were comments on durability, I would also appreciate any comments on that gun. Your preference BB?

  6. HA I TOLD YOU IT WAS ADJUSTABLE!!! Nah I’m just kidding with you B.B. Great article, per usual. And B.B., have you found any info on if there is a new izh-61?


  7. I believe the RAP series are mainly used by military or police for training purposes. Maybe some serious hobbyist use it for realistic training/games. But I doubt the average airsofters use the RAP series in their games. I think the RAP series guns are different than airsoft (different caliber ammunition).

  8. i think the rap4 was intended as a smaller caliber paintball marker, but then a few guys got smart and designed different barrels, allowing foer the use of bbs/ammo/pellets. (perhaps they make an airsoft barrel, but i;m not aware). the shells add to the realism, and in the time it would take to ppump up a PCP, i would think you could have hundreds of shells loaded, ready to fire. i like the rap4, but i only wish i could afford it/buy it here

  9. BB,
    one thing you forgot to mention about RAP4 is that they came out with the first semi and full auto bb/pellet rifle.It is the same as the paintball gun with the cartridge and all except it is 17 cal and shoots pellets or bbs in the semi or full auto mode. Looks like my idea was a little to late.


  10. ahh! mainspring failure! i had a feeling i got a dud from the tear in the transfer port seal. when i first got it i thought something was strange, because everytime i cocked it the spring would click and make strange noises. i figured it would grind itself out, but instead, its gone suicidal! i’ll be exchanging it today for a second 631. beware, if mine failed so soon, a used gun is most likely failed as well! curse you, quality control! i hope my second one dosent fail so soon- its been less than 500, count em, 500 shots!

  11. cz631,

    Maybe I’m getting confused but didn’t we decide that the breech seal “tear” in your gun is supposed to be there? Many breech seals have what I would call a small “nick” in the O-ring to give the high-pressure air a path behind the O-ring, so it can push it forward to do its job.

    And remember, this is all just TALK. Until we see the offending mainspring, nobody knows nothin’ for certain. This is the internet, where words take on a life of their own, if you let them.


  12. I like the idea of fin stabilized BBs. Give it a biodegradable sabot, and you have a nice sniper / DMR tool.

    If you don’t mind, BB, I’d also like to rant a bit. The other day, I put in an order for a Crosman Nightstalker and accesories from Pyramyd. The next day, I received an email that some of the credit card information was invalid. I then responded to the email wishing to clear it up, and called their number and left a message. It’s 4 days later, I’ve left 3 messages on their phone, called numorous times during business hours, and all they’ve done in attempt to respond were two automated emails. Do they want to sell me the gun, or would they rather I buy from elsewhere?

  13. closer inspection revealed not a “nick”, but a jagged edge where the piece parted with the original block of rubber. and, i’m quite sure it is a spring problem, as the cocking effort is much easier, and a wadcutter will no longer fully penetrate one side of a megablok. i hope they have others in stock. at the counter, when i asked to see the diana model 20, and 631, there was only the 20 630 for display. it was only by chance i got the 631, because he had a sharp eye and spotted it resting on a shelf. seems like it’s true, bb. perhaps they really have stopped making 631’s

  14. Oh gee wow cheap shots at airsoft. Is there some hidden anger towards our sport in the shooting world or is it just me?

    Sheesh, Airsoft tried this once before. Asahi a very well known airsoft manufacurer in the early 80s made a M40A1 sniper rifle that used a “blade bullet” it was loaded into the cart just as this one is and pumped up.

    However, they soon discovered that this could too easily converted to fire .223 remington rounds and thus were taken off the market forcefully by the japenese goverment. Very few of these rifles made it out of japan and today run 3000-4000 dollars for a decent condition rifle.

    will it fly? just depends really. will a polotician want to gain noterioity by banning such a thing? probably..

  15. OOPS also forgot to mention that YES they do make shell ejecting airsoft guns and YES some do choose to skirmish with them with shell catchers of corse.

    Just do a seach on the Maruzen M870 BV or m1100 shotgun line. you’ll find a ton of information about them. both of which use shells with the bbs stored in them. their internals are so close to the real m870/1100 that most parts can be interchanged save firing pin sear extractor and shell tube.

  16. To the person who forwarded the link for the 1985 Maruzen submachinegun that used cartridges – thank you. I find it interesting that Maruzen was using some of the same cartridge technology that was in use with the Parker-Hale air cartridge for the Ensign rifle at the time. Or perhaps it was vice-versa?


  17. BB, thank you for forwarding my situation to Pyramyd AIR. It seems to have helped, because we finally got in contact with them this morning.

    I’m not sure why there is just dislike of airsoft among air gunners. Both are great sports, and there is a fairly large market of airsofters who play with only lo-cap mags for realism.

  18. Kiwi,

    I’m glad Pyramyd has been able to help you. I buy from them, too, and I’ve found them to be one of the most responsive, customer-oriented airgun dealers in the world.

    As far as airsoft realism is concerned, I am behind it 100 percent! If the RAP4 is used, as one commentor suggested, to promote realism on the playing field, then bravo.


  19. Tokyo marui also made a shell ejecting Walther MPL and Mp-5A5. Daisy back in the 80s imported marushin guns and rebranded them, they were also shell ejecting. Maruzen made atleast a dozen diffrent shell ejecting guns including a C17, Uzi, and more recently a UMP and Mp-7 (yet to be released). These guns were ment for the ISPC crowd in japan thus most are underpowered (for 10m shooting) and can’t be used in a “skirmish” effectively.

    Personally I’d love to see more realistic guns with flying brass and the such, but the majority of players arn’t a fan of bulky shell catchers or keeping track of each and every shell. so the chance we will ever see a skirmishable affordable shell ejecting airsoft gun besides the Maruzen 870/1100 or Tanaka Trench gun is next to none.

  20. HI BB

    I want a air rifle for pest control and small game hunting and look the Beeman GS-950.
    Pyramy have the rifle and i want to know your opinion about this before ordered .
    Thank you for your time and interest.

  21. AMRD,

    Beeman’s GS950 is a Spanish-made spring piston gun. It should be roughly the equivalent of the Gamo Shadow 1,000.

    It should be a good gun for pest control as long as you don’t push the distances at which you shoot. These guns have a range of 25-30 yards at which they can hit a one-inch target if you use the proper shooting technique.

    Spring piston guns are all more or less sensitive to how they are held, and Spanish breakbarrels are usually very sensitive. They require a very soft hold to maximize their accuracy potential.

    Use medium-weight pellets to keep the muzzle velocity below 900 f.p.s. for best accuracy.


  22. I wish someone the paintball industry would discover the immutable laws of aerodynamics.

    You wouldn’t believe the snake oil they were selling in the 90’s.

    The more expensive/ more aluminum guns shot farther and with a “flatter trajectory” than the entry level valve bangers. Having a stainless steel barrel also extended your range. Magic.

    The RAP thing was originally for 45 cal paintballs. What is “enhanced realism” anyway when you have to lob shots into the sky to reach beyond 250 ft.

    Spray and pray is the only way for long range in paintball, and airsoft has made that a cheaper proposition.

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