by B.B. Pelletier

I’m using today’s blog to update you on a couple of important things that have come up.

Remington Genesis adjustable cheekpiece
The Remington Genesis comes to you with an adjustable cheekpiece. Crosman made the decision to mention it after the box art was finalized, so they are putting stickers on the box. The stickers say the following:


Your airgun is equipped with an adjustable cheek piece to accommodate standard sights (lower position) or a scope (higher position).

To adjust the cheek piece from one position to the other, drive the pins out of the cheek piece starting from the right side. With the pins removed move the cheek piece to the desired position, lining up the holes in the cheek piece with the holes in the stock. Drive the pins back into the cheek piece.

There is nothing on the Crosman website about this yet. They will be rewriting the manual to include the procedure in the future, but all of you know it now!

This sticker on the genesis box alerts buyers to the adjustable cheekpiece. Thanks to Crosman for providing this image.

My thanks to Crosman for clearing up this mystery for me.

Remington Genesis accuracy
As you know, I am breaking-in the Genesis for an additional test before I tell you the final accuracy. However, a friend of one of our readers made an important observation. After the rifle is cocked, the barrel can be pushed downward slightly at the muzzle. That affects accuracy. The cause of this can be any of a number of things, but I think the solution will be simple.

When I shoot the rifle for record after the break-in, I’ll intentionally push the barrel up and shoot groups, then I’ll do the same after pushing it down. One of those two methods should give us more consistent groups. I’m thinking that pushing down is the answer, but we’ll see.

You HAVE to laugh…
…to keep from crying! The airsoft community has just announced a fin-stabilized “BB” that is more accurate! MORE ACCURATE! For what? To hit players at a greater distance, of course! What’s so funny about that?

What’s funny is that airsoft was conceived as a way to allow collectors in countries having no gun rights to own gun-like things they can hold in their hands. The SOFT part was to appease the affected society – to keep such “guns” safe! And, now, after 26 years, the airsoft community wants a more accurate projectile to shoot people with!

It’s called the RAP4 Airfin, and it’s expected to launch this September.

Oh, look! Another person has discovered the immutable laws of aerodynamics! The RAP4 Airfin is poised to take the world of airsoft players back to school!

But that’s not what’s so funny. To make the new projectile work, it has to be loaded into a “shell casing” (if airsoft designers knew anything about firearms they would have called it a cartridge) to function in the gun!

Here’s what’s going to happen. All the boys and girls who are not content hosing their friends with 1,000 plastic BBs a minute from their $800 highly modified M4s are going to buy one of the new RAP4 guns, only to discover that a cartridge is involved and the ability to spray and pray goes away! They will have to load magazines manually, rather than pouring plastic balls into a hopper. They will also have to load the “shell casings” manually after every use. They’ll even have to pick them up off the ground after they are ejected. Oh, my gosh – will THAT suck the fun out!

Tomorrow I’ll get to part 2 of the air canes.