by B.B. Pelletier

This request came in a couple of months ago, and I’d like to address it today. The Crosman 2240 is the latest in a long line of similar CO2 pistols Crosman has made since the mid-1950s. The model 150 was the first. These guns are modular, while the bulk-fill CO2 models (111/112/115/116) that preceded them were not. A modular gun lets owners make changes easily.

For greater power, lengthen the barrel
CO2 responds well to a long barrel, so just adding a longer barrel will dramatically increase the power of any CO2 gun – the 2240 included! In the past, shooters have used Crosman rifle barrels to bump up the power of their handguns. The old model 180 barrel was popular for this, as were some of the pneumatic barrels. If you closely examine a 2260 rifle, you will note that it uses the same short plastic breech as the 2240, so the barrel can be swapped. Of course, you’ll end up with an ungainly pistol, but it will be more powerful! You can cut the barrel shorter if you like, but don’t forget to dress and crown the cut.

You can also adapt almost any airgun barrel to the gun if you are able to machine the profile and make the cuts required. Other airgun barrels are not easy to come by. Crosman barrels are usually very accurate, so they’re a good place to start.

Smooth the flow of gas
The gas that exits the valve has two 90-degree turns to make before getting behind the pellet. A little work with a Dremel tool can radius the transition area to let the gas flow easier, which translates to quicker. Quicker gas means more power that will be seen most readily in a longer barrel.

More gas!
To really step up performance, look into a new valve with an enlarged gas passage. A good home lathe can modify an existing valve, or you may find one available from one of many custom shops on the internet. Fire up your Google, and you’ll see what I mean. I did and found plans for several modified valves on the first search. Remember…caveat emptor!

Steel breech
If you plan on making any sighting upgrades, the short plastic breech of the 2240 needs to be replaced with a long steel breech. Crosman sells one for $30 that is ideal. The long 11mm dovetail rail will hold most rifle scopes on 2-piece mounts.

Shoulder stock
Many owners want to turn their 2240 into a small carbine, and a shoulder stock makes this easy. Crosman lists these on their website, but I’ve heard they might not be around much longer. If you mount a rifle scope, a shoulder stock is pretty handy.

Custom grips
I’ve received numerous questions about a source for wood grips for Crosman pistols. Last year, they teamed up with Ralph Brown, the grip maker, and now they offer several exotic wood grips for the 2240.

Don’t forget the 2260 rifle!
What a shame it would be to pour a bundle of money into a 2240, only to wind up with 2260 performance for twice the price! Customizing a pistol to make it your own special gun is a laudable goal, but reinventing the wheel and paying heavily for it is not something to strive for.