by B.B. Pelletier

Today was supposed to be a third report on the Mendoza RM-200, but we have a problem that needs attention before I get to that. So, that report will now be postponed until next week. I have to tell you that we’re receiving a LOT of comments and questions about this model and Mendozas in general, but I will wait until the final segment of the report before taking any questions.

This blog has been a very pleasant place to discuss airguns for more than two years. However, last week, members of the Talon Owner’s Group (TOG) started posting comments with a vengeance in response to two postings about Condors written by Tom Gaylord. Their comments began in a confrontational vein and quickly degenerated to name-calling. Before long, they were fighting among themselves and arguing with our longtime readers. I have removed all of the personal attacks that I’ve seen, and today I want to tell everyone about the rules of this blog.

Not a forum
This blog is not a forum. It’s a blog about airguns. When the discussion is about airguns, it’s in safe territory; when it degenerates into name-calling, personal attacks and attacks against dealers, manufacturers, and other entities, I will cut it off and start erasing the comments. I did not have to say that for over two years, and now, with just one week of attention from a few members of one airgun forum, this blog is becoming an armed camp.

There are members of the TOG who are long-time contributors to this blog. They have behaved like everyone else here, and many have been helpful to you newer airgunners when I didn’t know the answer or was unavailable. I thank them for that. I know that on the TOG, they speak with a different voice and make much harsher and more personal comments, but that is their business. This blog is my business, and I invite anyone who wants to ask questions or just talk about airguns to stay and participate. If you cannot do that, please don’t feel the need to comment at all.

Do not throw the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in my face over this policy until you actually read it and see that it does not apply. This blog does not belong to the Congress of the United States. We do have freedom of expression here, but I am now defining the limits for those who don’t seem to possess a social conscience of their own.

If you want to show disfavor with a product, explain your reasons and your position. No wild arm-waving, innuendo or damning with faint praise is required. This blog will not degenerate into the snake pits that many airgun forums have become. If you don’t know how to do what I am talking about, read the postings and the comments of others but do not feel compelled to make comments of your own.

Some time ago, I had to put a security measure into effect to remove the automatic spammers who posted to this blog. I hate it more than you, because I also have to type in those letters no one can read for every answer I give. I can also make registration mandatory for everyone. I haven’t had to even think about doing that until last week, but I will do it if it is the only way to preserve the pleasant atmosphere of this blog.

I can also turn off the ability to make comments altogether.

This blog belongs to Pyramyd Air. They have put a lot of time, money and effort into making it what it is…as have I. Think of it as your home, and keep the antisocial activity out of here. I want a nice place for new airgunners to come to ask their questions and experienced airgunners to answer them. This will be a place for airgunning to grow. If you absolutely HAVE to spray-paint nasty words on the overpass, find somewhere else to do it.

I am not interested in discussing this policy, so go vent your anger on one of the forums. I have disabled comments on this posting and will not answer any questions about behavior. Let your conscience be your guide.