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Education / Training Anti-airgun gun dealer exposed!

Anti-airgun gun dealer exposed!

by B.B. Pelletier

American readers, our rights are under attack FROM A FIREARM DEALER! Chris McAninch of PrimeGun has a patented method of placing a primer behind a pellet to provide propulsion. The fact that this has already been done for 167 years (since Flobert began ca. 1840) has apparently eluded the “inventor.” Here is his website, if you want to see for yourself.

In Europe, people shot target matches with such guns for roughly 40 years (zimmerstutzens 1880-1920), but this guy says his way (209 shotgun primer) is best.

I’ve tested primer-powered guns (which are classified as firearms by law – something Mr. McAninch knows but doesn’t think is fair to his invention), and they are horribly inadequate. That means both inaccurate and underpowered.

He shows a 50-yard target with four holes so far apart that I would have condemned the gun had it been an airgun. But, he thinks it’s great. I have to agree that to connect with anything at 50 yards using a primer-powered gun is pretty amazing, but that doesn’t make the open group any better.

This isn’t the first time someone has “invented” a primer-powered gun. I even blogged them for you. Curiously enough, that report was also prompted by Mr. McAninch. Don’t forget my earlier report on the Convert-A-Pell. Mr McAninch has come to the party very late and either hasn’t done his homework or else he chooses to ignore the long history of primer-powered guns. All of this would be laughable, except for the form letters he wants you to send to U.S. senators and congressmen supporting his gun. In the letter to senators, he wants you to argue against the current definition of a firearm, so his primer-powered gun can be reclassified as an airgun. I don’t know what part of “explosion” he doesn’t understand…maybe because it would be just a teeny-weeny lie and not a REAL BIG lie, it’s okay.

If you use his form letter, you’ll be complaining about the airguns that are over 60 foot-pounds that he thinks ought to be reclassified as firearms. Where 60 foot-pounds came from only he knows, because it’s not in any law. In his eyes, 60 foot-pounds must be a REAL POWERFUL force instead of just a powerful force. He even provides tables comparing firearms to powerful airguns – just so the technically inept can have something to put into their sound bites. Sarah Brady should cut this guy a check for doing her job!

Read the “testimonials.” They sound painful to me.

Once they have 60 foot-pounds on the books, the feds will start salami-slicing our airgun power limits until we become another United Kingdom. Then, if the UK is any guide, they will go to work on our pocket knives, our tableware and finally what we’re allowed to say and do. Forget the castle doctrine! Are you ready to pay reparations to the survivors of the hoodlum who breaks into your home at night and dies when you defend your family?

The BATF&E is prohibited by law from making rulings about airguns, just as all federal, state and local municipalities are prohibited from making any law that declares an airgun to be a firearm. If Mr. McAninch gets his changes to the law, this separation and protection would be muddied and far more difficult to enforce.

As long as Chris McAninch is allowed to make his invention without worries, though, I guess it’s worth it for the rest of us to just shut up and lose our rights. After all, they’ll eventually get around to him, too, but hopefully by then he will have had a good life. And, you and I can take up stamp collecting or cross stitch.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

55 thoughts on “Anti-airgun gun dealer exposed!”

  1. So, what would be the best course of action to shut down this guy’s illogic? Perhaps get the “form” from him, do some homework, and write to the same people he wants you to and tell them what we think? Maybe we should contact the NRA and see if they would like to go to bat for us? (Not a FIREARM doesn’t mean not a RIFLE: perhaps they would consider us a brother worthy of help). Let us know how to help. JP

  2. BB,

    I’ve been looking over the new NcStar scopes on Pyramid’s websight. The info claims that the scopes can focus down to 50 feet (a few say 30 feet) yet none of the scopes that make that claim have adjustable objectives. Am I missing something, or are they perhaps claiming that with the power on it’s lowest setting, targets at 50 feet will “appear” to be in focus?

    Michael in Florida

  3. JP,

    Usually the best thing to do with people like this is to watch them and do nothing. Part of this guy’s gambit is to create a buzz, so we don’t want to do that. I don’t know that the NRA would want to get involved with him for the same reason.

    I just wanted all my readers to be aware there are people like this in the world.


  4. Hell, I played with a primer powered .22 pistol in the early ’60’s. On indoor ranges at 25 ft. it shot ok. Not great but ok. In the end though, that same .22 pistol did much better with .22 CB’s.
    I used a .22 revolver and pulled the bullets from L.R. cases. A .22 airgun pellet, sized down until it could be pushed into the LR case, was my load.
    That guy ain’t thinking right nor is he on our side.

  5. I was thinking of “advising” our representatives of the dangers this guy poses to our rights. Most likely, it won’t go anywhere, but let us know if it starts to snowball. JP

  6. It appears that he is trying to get major corporate sponsors (those who make firearm related products i.e Brownells) on board with his “invention”. One way is to contact these companies and tell them you will boycott them and their products, and why. Explain to them that he intends to open Pandora’s Box by trying to change the 1968 Gun Control Act (for his finacial gain)and the potential ramifications to gun owners, both powder and air alike. Explain how their business sales (and profits) could be hurt by more restrictive gun laws. I believe that if he gets his way and the 1968 Act is re-written, it will be more restrictive, not less so. When was the last time Congress RELAXED gun ownership laws! That law (if and when properly enforced) has served it’s purpose just fine for almost 40 years. If he loses any big Corporate (money) backing, his ideas will more than likely die quietly. Bad news and ideas are not like wine. They do not get better with age.

  7. Wasn’t the Daisy VL rifle using some kind of propellant without a case? Didn’t they classify this as a firearm and wouldn’t this guy’s rifle also classify as a firearm using a chemical propellant? They made Daisy stop manufacturing that particular model.

  8. I believe that you can still order primer powered pistols from Cabela’s latest master catalog. But obviously this individual doesn’t get out much.

    B.B. normally I try to follow your advice but I’m not sure that I’d be very good at cross-stich. ;o)


  9. BB,first whent the hand guns, 10 years on, no one thought they would ban fox hunting with hounds in the uk, fishing is next, our air gun laws in the uk are tight enough but ther is support growing to make things worse like in october you can no longer mail order any air guns,fellow airgunners around the world should not sit back and think this will not happen to you, but when you have someone like this guy who is out for his own cause, and stiring up unecessary problems, watch out!air guns are air guns not firearms and should be kept that way,but beware thease kind of people can start the roote to destruction and you wil be shocked that how meny supporters who will come out of the wood work, thease anties are the sort of people who up and comeing candidates will love to get on board to get them into goverment its happend in the uk could you be next,dont sit back act now ! be warned

  10. David,

    Thank you for responding. I was concerned that my UK readers would take offense at my wording, but you understood perfectly what I was saying.

    I have watched the gradual confiscation of sporting arms in the UK and, as I have acquaintences who live there, I’ve been told more of the goings-on.

    American gun owners and airgunners need to be cautioned by what has happened in the United Kingdom in the past two decades, because the same forces are at work in this country. And this man I blogged today is playing right into their hands.


  11. I don’t know whether to laugh or get upset! Hopefully the patent office will reject his request, but I’ve seen too many patents granted that already exist or which are obvious to someone in that area of expertise to trust them.

    I tried the web site and the first page barely came up and none of the links would open for me.

    Please keep us up-to-date.

    .22 multi-shot

  12. 60 foot-pounds making an airgun to be classified as being a firearm? This guy MUST be off his rocker! A .22 LR gets 162 foot-pounds on SUBSONIC loads. Anyway, this guy sounds like he’s trying to rail the legislation against aigunning, just to get more customers. I would hope that this guy won’t get past the congresspeoples’ and Senators’ “Junk” box. If people like him can win over segments of the U.S government, this world is going down the dirty, rust-crusted drain.

    If nothing else, if he starts to actually have a suitable case, let’s all set up our own form letters, just in case.

    14 in Fla

  13. If there is ever a 12 foot pound law i’m out. I cant kill anything with 12 foot pounds. I think there will be a law at some time but not because of this fool. The last straw will be when there is an airgun death.

    A 60 foot pound condor shooting kodiaks is not the same as a 60 foot pound .22. The kodiaks only go 500 yards and the 22 goes 2 miles! You could put bullet-pellets in the condor and shoot 2 miles. Still only 1 shot! The 10/22 has 50 with the big clip.

  14. Gee,

    I used cb caps in my old Winchester. It went bang nicely, but not too loud. Still got my neighbors upset though.

    Also, the gun needed cleaning after shooting. I use plastic bullets in my 38 S&W powered by just a primer. That gun seem much harder to clean after using the primers then the normal 38 loads do.

    Now I use my air and co2 guns more. Life is good.

    In automotive terms, this guy just reinvented the Model T Ford. I’ll take the 08 Mustang convert thank you.

  15. Boy, thanks to this guy I now realize how dangerous my airguns are to me, the shooter! Pinched fingers! Hard to cock! Hazardous compressed gasses just waiting to… well, to do something hazardous! Not to mention ominous!

  16. BTW – it appears that he is using the .177 barrel/breach block assembly and both the front and rear sights from the Crosman Quest.

    This is not surprising since Crosman has good parts availability, and anyone can buy the barrel assembly for about $15.

    I wonder if Crosman knows about this…

    Do ya think someone oughta tell ’em?

  17. Also, it appears that he’s using the front part of the Quest stock and compression tube.

    Oddly enough, I’d have thought that the Quest was capable of better groups than he’s getting at that range…

  18. BB:

    On July 19th 2007 you mentioned that PyramydAir is now a direct importer of ALL Air Arms guns, but I cant find the S200Target nor the MultiPurposeRifle.

    Thankyou for you answer.


  19. This is absolutely ridiculous and possibly subversive. I sincerely hope this fellow quickly goes broke or invents some way to fire a knitting needle with his primer. I suspect he would then be carted off to some mental “rehab” unit to spend the remaining days of his obviously progressive dementia! He is one dangerous critter!

  20. BB.

    im intersted in the best of those two for 10 meter shooting. Judging by some information found in the internet, the MPR in the precision model, seems nicer. Do you have any experience with any of those? your opinion will be apreciated.
    Im guessing this guns will cost around $500 – 700. And thats what I want to pay for a 10 meter rifle either CO2 or PCP. If you know of any other guns with theese characteristics, feel free to mention them, since i will have a look at them.

    thanks in advance

  21. The original goal of the MPR was to break into NRA sporter class, but the price escalated above the $500 cutoff. If I had to choose I’d pick the MPR.

    I have held the prototype and was very impressed by its quality. And I think Air Arms knows PCPs.


  22. BB
    Could you find out for sure if Air Arms knows PCPs. I would like to know how their S410 compares to your Talon. I think the ERB is about the same power. If/when I make the PCP leap I need an option to the “Rambo” look (Daystate is too $$) Thanks for all your help.

  23. Hey BB!

    I posted on your last blog entry about the return of the IZH-60 and MP651K and now I check the product line on Pyramyd and they now have the MP-512 in wood and synthetic also the MP-514K.

    Do you have any inside on what else they are getting from Russia? And where they are being imported from?

    I am going nuts because I like the way the Russians make there guns! I even love the smell of the “fresh from the factory!”

  24. BB.
    I will get the Air Arms MPR Presicion if its available. thankyou very much for checking its availability.
    One more question:
    I know you probably dont know this.
    How does the MPR compare to a more expensive rifle like a FWB for accuracy?

    Thanks for everything. I really apreciate your effort for helpinf fellow airgunners make desicions and improve their skills.


  25. Shooter here, BB. I can’t believe your blog I just read, BB! This guy is seriously disturbed. I’d say contact everyone on his list plus his “sponsors”. Even send him a letter informing him that his shop will be picketed, and that you wouldn’t take one of his “inventions” if it were given to you. I, for one, will boycott Brownell’s, Knight and anyone else who backs his nonsense. This includes companies that I have enjoyed doing business with so far. I still don’t buy Weyerhauser products or Conoco gasoline after they fired employees for having legal guns locked in their cars on company property (neither should anyone else who believes in the 2nd amendment shop them). This idiot needs to be shut down right away. With friends like this who needs enemies. BB, Please forward your blog to Chris Cox of the NRA-ILA to see what he thinks of it.

    Shooter- Another /Dave

  26. Hello all!

    He said…”THE BANG!!! It just seems right!!!” on the feature/ benefit page. if you have neighbors it would seem awkward when the cops show up. NOT “right”.


  27. This post resurrected memories of the convert-a-pell kit I purchased many years ago for an H&K P7M13. The pellet heads were nearly always ripped apart from the skirt when fired. Intriguing idea, miserably poor experience in practice.

    I had better results using 357 cases with drilled out flash holes and wax bullets launched by primer only, fired in various revolvers.

    Then I discovered “adult airguns” thanks to Dr. Robert Beeman’s advertising. First a Webly Tempest, then a FWB 90 which I still treasure. Primer powered home shooting was quickly forgotten.

    In my opinion, primer powered pellet guns should be relegated to the dump heap along with gyrojets and trounds.

  28. Hmmm,
    How about a post recounting Dr. Beeman’s contributions to today’s “Golden Age” of airguns here in the US? I’m sure others deserve great credit as well, but Beemans first made me aware that the Daisy Red Rider and the Crosman 760 were not the apex of air gun potential!

  29. Hi BB,

    jj here.

    It’s not yet 5:30, so I can sneak this in before your next article/post.

    I often wonder if folks like this one are REALLY trying to sell their new inventions, or simply trying to kill airguns and gasguns,
    which they view as unfair competition for their firearms.

    If you check out the rest of this person’s website, every last link, which I took the time to do, [curiosity and all], he’s really a firearms seller, not an airgun/gasgun promoter.



  30. Hi BB,

    jj again.

    Typos in emails, posts, and readers’ comments happen, because we want to respond while the ideas are fresh in our heads — and sometimes we don’t edit/proofread as well as we might otherwise do.

    Typos in websites, done by supposedly professional typers, are simply inexcusable.

    This person’s site, and most of its links, are abominable examples of typing.

    Just something else that makes me question his intent….



  31. MCA,

    No need for me to test the S410. It has a sterling reputation among PCPs. As far as accuracy goes, the S410 gives nothing away to any of the AirForce rifles.

    The S410ERB looks quite interesting to me. Adjustable power without disassembly just like AirForce and a Lothar Walther barrel.


  32. Alex,

    I’ll be honest – I haven’t tested the Air Arms MPR Precision, so I really don’t know how accurate it is. But I do know that it’s built to a price. That means the barrel is probably Czech instead of Lothar Walther.

    A Czech barrel should group all its shots into a group measuring 0.09″ or so, while an FWB should group in 0.04″ to 0.06″. That is a GUESS on the Air Arms barrel, not a fact.


  33. Golden days,

    Instead of the Beeman golden days, how about just the golden days? In my opinion we are still IN the golden days, but I know what you want. You are interested in the awakening of the U.S. buyer to the full potential of airguns. That happened from the mid-1960s to the mid ’90s.


  34. *chuckle*

    It looks as if Chris “Primegun” McAnich has already gotten his tail twisted by angry shooters.


    Someone so desperately concerned about the likes of pinched fingers, dangers of loading airguns, recoil, and pumping effort probably is not cut out for the shooting sports at ALL.
    If he is so concerned about young or weak shooters being unable to use an airgun, I am guessing he has never heard of single pump pneumatics or CO2 guns.
    Come to think of it, perhaps he has never heard of AirSoft guns.


  35. BB,

    Sorry to be off-topic with this comment, but I was wondering if you knew of anywhere either online or Illinois local where I could sell some of my air rifles and/or ammo. Everything is in very-good-to-excellent condition (I’m only selling because I simply have too much as of now). The only place I found online (an eBay-ish auction place) seemed to have zero traffic, and I’m reluctant to use craigslist, as I don’t want to be selling air rifles out of the trunk of my car in some random public parking lot!

    Any advice you have would be appreciated. FYI, I have the following available:

    * 1 Gamo Delta .177 525 FPS
    * 1 Gamo Shadow Sport .177 1000 FPS
    * 1 Gamo CF-X .177 1000 FPS
    * 1 Gamo LC 4×32 WR Scope
    * 1 Gamo 3-9×40 Scope
    * 1 Leapers TrueStrength 3-9×40 AO Mil-Dot Red/Green Scope
    * Several 1-piece mounts (mostly Accushot)
    * Beeman Crow-Magnum .177 cal: 1 tin ~250 ct.
    * Beeman Kodiak MATCH extra heavy .177 cal: 1 new 500 ct, 1 tin ~100 ct.
    * Beeman H&N Match wadcutter .177 cal: 1 new 500 ct, 1 tin ~475 ct.
    * Gamo Raptor PBA .177 cal: 1 tube ~20 ct.
    * Gamo Rocket .177 cal: 1 tin ~130 ct.
    * RWS Superdome .177 cal: 3 new 500 ct, 1 tin ~475 ct.
    * RWS Superpoint .177 cal: 1 tin ~475 ct.
    * Crosman Premier Domed Light .177 cal: 1 box ~900 ct.
    * JSB Predator .177 cal: 1 tin ~190 ct.
    * Beeman quick cleaning pellets .177 cal: 1 box ~80 ct.


  36. Here’s a copy of the e-mail I sent him:

    Your “patent pending” idea is nothing new. The first cartridges were based off of this idea.

    I also don’t agree with your argument on why you should be allowed to get it classified as an “Air Gun” or anything else other then a firearm.

    The GCA, 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(3), defines the term “firearm” to include the following:
    “…(A) any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may be readily
    converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive: (B) the frame or receiver of any
    such weapon; (C) any firearm muffler or silencer; or (D) any destructive device. Such term does
    not include an antique firearm.”

    Since a primer cap uses an explosive chemical reaction to ignite gun powder, your “invention” can not be considered anything but a firearm.

    Plus, as I mentioned before, it’s been done before, both in the development of the self contained cartridge and also for “pellet” guns that have been around for 40+ years.

    Here’s an example that a quick web search would have found: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.22_CB
    “.22 CB Cap (Conical Ball Cap) is a variety of .22 caliber rimfire ammunition which has a very small propellant charge (usually no gunpowder, just the primer),”

    The CB Cap round has been around since 1888. As I said, nothing new.

    I also feel that attempting to get a ruling change on the 1968 Gun Control Act will be of more harm, in todays gun scared society, that nothing good would come about and we would lose more rights then we already have.

    Good day.

    I wonder if he’ll finally get a clue?


  37. Hysteria,

    Would you have considered the hyperbole over so-called “cop killer bullets” hysteria as well?
    See, there was exactly one cop killed by the KTW aka “cop killer bullet,” and that was from a head shot, so so much for bullet proof vest penetration being a factor.
    And yet, the anti-gunners managed to get that brand of ammo taken off the market, while trying (unsuccessfully) to use the same legislation to ban ALL ammo capable of penetrating a bullet proof vest, which anyone who knows anything about centerfire rifles can tell you that even the lowly .22 hornet will penetrate the most common vests out there.
    Even the producers of 60 Minutes tried to drum up fear over the non-existent rash of shootings with what they called “The Big Gun,” which is the Barrett .50 BMG sniper rifle; as if someone could just walk around randomly killing people with a rifle that weigns somewhere around 40 pounds.
    See, it’s bad enough when the self-identified antigunners go after us, but it is doubly so when someone who claims to be on our side enables them.


  38. I must quietly predict that high power level airguns pose a far greater risk of incurring further restrictive legislation against all airguns than any primer powered gizmo ever can.

    The primer guns are not likely to proliferate, while the market for Korean guns and their progeny seem to be growing exponentially.

    Just my observation, not what I hope for.

  39. hi bb
    sory for being off the topip. i accidently came across you and have not stoped reading for about 3 weeks now and thanx for what u are doing you have given me a diff perspective on what is realy going on. i have a fixed barrel gamo cfx and heard something that i should not clean the barrel because it scratches the barrel and i will have to clean it reg after that.
    what is ur take on this and after how many shots should i lube the gun.

    thanx for your time.

  40. this mans rife sounds like a small cal. muzzle loader
    loaded a bit differently
    but still falls under the defintion of firearm

    some food for thought
    to sell firearms you require a federal firearm lisens (ffl)
    no dout some one from the ATF
    stops by to make sure you keep up with goverment standards to keep your ffl
    the reason he could be so destprate
    to reclassify his primer powered invention as an airgun
    is he is going to losse his ffl and
    airguns dont reqire a ffl to sell

  41. At the end of your blog you state that no state can classify airguns as firearms and I'm just wondering if you can provide me info as to where to find that and read more into it. Currently, Illinois requires people to obtain a FOID(FIREARMS Owner Identiticatin card) to puchase any airgun under these guidelines: .177 over 700fps and any caliber over .18 require foid and 24 hour wait period high is the same regulations as firearms. Just trying to gather information to possibly look into getting this law changed since a firearm uses explosive charge to propel projectile and airguns are being put to the same scrutiny.

  42. This report was written in 2007, when the Dole Act of 1986 was still in effect. Since then the administration has changed and today they support many laws that are quasi legal and perhaps illegal.

    So There may no longer be a federal law that prohibits this, or if there is, the current administration may be willing to ignore it.


  43. Mark Arthur posted this comment that did not make it.

    Under federal law, except for while committing criminal acts of vviolence maybe, a muzzle loader or a cap fired weapon like this one are not considered “firearms” in federal statutes. This gun requires NO Federal Firearms License to sell and is about the same as an airgun as per federal regulation and law.

    Mark Arthur

    • Mark,

      Welcome to the blog. You have posted a comment to a report that is 7 years old. Almost no one will see your comment.

      I did put your other comment in the trash because you referred to people as idiots. We don’t allow that on this blog. This blog is read by children with their parents and we want to keep inflammatory comments down. But you are welcome to speak your mind.

      The current page is located here:


      Come to the current page where over 50,000 readers worldwide will read what you have to say.


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