by B.B. Pelletier

American readers, our rights are under attack FROM A FIREARM DEALER! Chris McAninch of PrimeGun has a patented method of placing a primer behind a pellet to provide propulsion. The fact that this has already been done for 167 years (since Flobert began ca. 1840) has apparently eluded the “inventor.” Here is his website, if you want to see for yourself.

In Europe, people shot target matches with such guns for roughly 40 years (zimmerstutzens 1880-1920), but this guy says his way (209 shotgun primer) is best.

I’ve tested primer-powered guns (which are classified as firearms by law – something Mr. McAninch knows but doesn’t think is fair to his invention), and they are horribly inadequate. That means both inaccurate and underpowered.

He shows a 50-yard target with four holes so far apart that I would have condemned the gun had it been an airgun. But, he thinks it’s great. I have to agree that to connect with anything at 50 yards using a primer-powered gun is pretty amazing, but that doesn’t make the open group any better.

This isn’t the first time someone has “invented” a primer-powered gun. I even blogged them for you. Curiously enough, that report was also prompted by Mr. McAninch. Don’t forget my earlier report on the Convert-A-Pell. Mr McAninch has come to the party very late and either hasn’t done his homework or else he chooses to ignore the long history of primer-powered guns. All of this would be laughable, except for the form letters he wants you to send to U.S. senators and congressmen supporting his gun. In the letter to senators, he wants you to argue against the current definition of a firearm, so his primer-powered gun can be reclassified as an airgun. I don’t know what part of “explosion” he doesn’t understand…maybe because it would be just a teeny-weeny lie and not a REAL BIG lie, it’s okay.

If you use his form letter, you’ll be complaining about the airguns that are over 60 foot-pounds that he thinks ought to be reclassified as firearms. Where 60 foot-pounds came from only he knows, because it’s not in any law. In his eyes, 60 foot-pounds must be a REAL POWERFUL force instead of just a powerful force. He even provides tables comparing firearms to powerful airguns – just so the technically inept can have something to put into their sound bites. Sarah Brady should cut this guy a check for doing her job!

Read the “testimonials.” They sound painful to me.

Once they have 60 foot-pounds on the books, the feds will start salami-slicing our airgun power limits until we become another United Kingdom. Then, if the UK is any guide, they will go to work on our pocket knives, our tableware and finally what we’re allowed to say and do. Forget the castle doctrine! Are you ready to pay reparations to the survivors of the hoodlum who breaks into your home at night and dies when you defend your family?

The BATF&E is prohibited by law from making rulings about airguns, just as all federal, state and local municipalities are prohibited from making any law that declares an airgun to be a firearm. If Mr. McAninch gets his changes to the law, this separation and protection would be muddied and far more difficult to enforce.

As long as Chris McAninch is allowed to make his invention without worries, though, I guess it’s worth it for the rest of us to just shut up and lose our rights. After all, they’ll eventually get around to him, too, but hopefully by then he will have had a good life. And, you and I can take up stamp collecting or cross stitch.